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New Life in Newtown - Chapter 4 by Wulf

New Life in Newtown - Chapter 4

After the shop closed for the day, Dad took me upstairs to his apartment to relax and have a drink. "So, how are you feeling about your choice, Son?"

"I am thrilled, Dad. I have always wanted this and now to have it feels amazing."

"I can tell, Son. You gave the mirrors a good workout today, but I am happy to know you are enjoying it. I will need to do some touch up work over the next few weeks. I want it to look as natural as possible."

We had a few beers while we talked. Dad decided since I was not working that I could come down and help out at the shop. I think he figured out fast I had a love for all of this. We also decided that if I had not found my pub by the time my apartment got sold, he would let me stay with him. It was one of the best days I had ever had and he took every chance he had that night to rub my now bald head, which he assured me would stay that way.

It was wonderful. In one day I got to be as bald as I always wanted and Ed even adopted me as his son. We now looked so much alike no one gave it a second thought. The next few weeks went by so fast. When I was not working on finding my pub I dreamed of, I was helping out at the barbershop. Thank goodness for jockstraps during those times, that’s all I can say about that.

When the time came for me to sign the papers on my apartment I still had not found my pub, even though I had a few leads so with Dad’s help I put everything into storage and he let me move into a spare bedroom he had in his apartment above his barbershop.

After about a week after I moved into Dad’s place, I found a great lead on a pub in a small town in Vermont called Newtown. I spoke with Dad about it that night over dinner and he decided to join me in travelling up to Newtown to see the place. He would take a few days off from the barbershop and we were going to have a road trip together. He told me the last time he had a vacation of any sort was the last time he had to go away for a funeral.

We planned to set out on Saturday to arrive that afternoon and spend a few days relaxing and on Monday meet with the real estate agent. We booked a room at the inn that was attached to the pub. It was about an 8 hour drive, but we had a blast.

We had no problem finding the inn; the entire building was one of the largest in the small town. We checked in, but kept our real reason a secret. I just said I was treating my Dad to a short getaway to give him a much needed break (which really was true). After getting settled in we went down to the pub to get some beers and some food.

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