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Haircut chronicles 1: THE BET by Alvaro Beltrán

Hi, my name is Alvaro and I must confess that I always had an attraction to haircuts, I remember sitting in front of the computer in the middle of the night, watching videos of haircuts and feeling excited watching the process. This is the preamble to a series of stories in which I was involved with haircuts ...


In school I preferred not to stand out too much, I liked to go unnoticed so my friends thought I was a student below average.

One day one of them called Sebastian wanted to show off his knowledge by challenging me to have a better score on an exam, he said: "I bet I can get twice as much as you", I had no intention of showing him otherwise but I had the opportunity that I always wanted to bet with someone so I accepted with the condition: "If I can overreach your grade in the exam, you will have to shave your head", Sebastian was sure of himself and accepted the deal.

For that exam I had to study a lot, not because I did not understand but because I needed to overcome it and it was not easy to do that.

A week after presenting the test the teacher started the class by giving the test scores, I was nervous, not for losing, just because I wanted to fulfill the dream of forcing someone to cut their hair, I wanted to be able to see a forced haircut in person and not for videos on YouTube.

The teacher delivered my note first, I had taken 7.8 it was not a bad note but I was afraid I would not have reached Sebastian's grade; When he received his, he made a gesture of happiness and kept the note in his notebook, my friends knew of the bet so they asked each of us the note we had received, Sebastian said he had taken 8.

I had lost the bet and the opportunity to shave the thick black hair of Sebastian, even more, I was afraid that he would force me to shave my hair, a side of me wanted to do it but on the other, I was afraid that they would make fun of me.

At recess, my friends touched the issue of the bet I was scared when Sebastian said: I won, so the one who has to shave his head is Alvaro at the end of the day. I could not say anything, he had won and should accept my punishment.

Back to class, I was thinking all the time that at the end of the day I would be buzzed because of a bet I made myself. While I was thinking about that, a paper came to my desk from Juan, one of my friends, who wrote in the paper: "I saw Sebastian's note, he did not have 8 on the exam, he had 7.5.

Sebastian never showed the exam like I had done, but we all believed him when he gave the note except for Juan who took the test secretly from Sebastian's suitcase and confirmed that he had lied.

When the class ended, Sebastian was the first to leave the room, but my friends chased him, I think I was not the only one who wanted to see a shaved that day. They managed to grab Sebastian before he could escape and we took him to the first hairdresser we saw

It was like the videos I had seen on the Internet, Sebastian finally accepted that he had lost and sat in the hairdresser's chair but before the hairdresser asked what he would do, Sebastian asked for a short haircut with a bit on top to be able to comb his hair. We did not let him do what he wanted and we told the hairdresser that he had lost a bet and had to shave, the hairdresser felt sorry for Sebastian said he would shave the whole head except a lock that could comb. At the end we accepted.

Juan took out the camera and recorded the whole process, Sebastian's black hair was reduced to half a centimeter long, I wanted him to be shorter but he was so excited that I did not even care that he left a lock to comb his hair. When he finished, the hairdresser had made a deplorable haircut, literally left a lock on Sebastian's forehead that made him look ridiculous.

Sebastian looked in the mirror and could not believe what he saw, he paid and each one went to their home, Sebastian and I lived nearby so we went walking togethe.

on the way I told him that it had been very bad, that he looked like a kindergartner, he told me that he thought the same thing, that he had to accept being buzzed completely. At that moment it occurred to me to suggest that if he wanted i could cut the lock so that everything was the same length, he accepted it so we went to his house to finish the job.

When I finished cutting the lock I felt the satisfaction of not only fulfilling my dream of seeing someone shaved but also of having cut someone's hair, it was only a lock but it was a preamble to more similar stories.

Every time I want to remember the event, I only play the video that Juan recorded that he gave me the next day. Remembering me my first haircut story.

(sorry for my grammar mistakes this is my first time telling the story in other language)

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