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New Life in Newtown - Chapter 7 by Wulf

New Life in Newtown - Chapter 7

Word spread fast that dad was closing shop. In no time at all, the place was packed and stayed that way all day. Long-time customers and people he had not seen in ages came by for their last haircut. You would swear it was a funeral or a landmark closing down. Some people were in tears about losing the shop. Ed made sure to refer then to a few different shops in the area that would suit them.

By closing time we both were beat. "I have a feeling that it will be like this until closing day, son. We are both in for long days. I can’t do this without you, my boy." Ed said as he rubbed his son’s bald head.

"I am enjoying this Dad. This is more than I dreamed of when I decided to make the change."

"Best thing you ever did, son. You make your old dad proud. Now I say we celebrate, let’s go out for some nice steak dinners tonight, my treat."

"Sounds good to me, Dad"

The next morning right as we opened, David came back and was the first in the door. "Hey Ed, I just wanted to come by and thank you for the awesome haircut. My wife was shocked to say the least, but she loved it. In fact it turned her on so much we kind of went at for 4 hours. I had never seen her that way. We didn’t even have dinner until 9 at night when we were both worn out. This morning she threatened me with divorce if I get rid of it."

"See, I knew exactly what you needed. Glad to hear it turned out so good for you." Dad said as he started laughing.

"In fact Ed, on closing day, I want to be the last haircut you give." David said as he shook Dad’s hand and left smiling like a mad man, wearing his new sunglasses.

The next few weeks were nonstop for us. Every day, the shop was packed and we never had down time. When we were not at the shop, we were both working to sort thru our stuff for the move. We turned his living room into our storage area. I know Dad was sad about leaving his shop, but was also excited about a new adventure. The last day at the shop finally came and it was a sad, but busy day. Sure enough, David held true to his promise and made sure he was the last person to get a haircut in the shop. When David got in the chair, Dad had me lock the door and close the shades for the last time.

"You know Ed, I am happy you sold this to me so I can get my high-rise built, but this neighbourhood will not be the same without you. Which is why I have some news for you " I have made some changes to the original design plan of the building. I went thru old pictures of the area back in the 40s and 50s and now, instead of just having the lower 2 levels be just offices, they will now be all shops. Here is the best part, no chain stores allowed, only mom and pop shops allowed. We already have every spot filled, but the pride and joy of the new shopping district will be an old time men’s barbershop with windows facing out onto the sidewalk like it should. I spoke with George on 42nd street about it and he did not want to move but his 2 sons jumped at the chance. There was only one catch; I had to be their first customer on opening day."

"That is wonderful to hear. Now let me tidy you up really good. So, how is the haircut working out with your wife?"

"Well better than planned. We have been trying for 5 years to have kids with no luck. This flattop has some magic to it. We found out a few days ago that we are now expecting twins in roughly 8 months."

"That calls for something special. Leave it to me." Dad said as he went to work on David’s flattop, only this time he took the sides and back down to nothing and then when the top was perfect, Dad applied shaving cream to the sides and back. This caught David off guard a bit, but he trusted Dad. I was thankful for my jockstrap right about now. When Dad was finished he turned David around and David looked like he blew a load in his pants.

"Damn Ed. You are a man of surprises, just when I thought it could not get any better, you go and out do yourself." David said as he starred at himself with a short recon style flattop with the sides and back shaved smooth. He looked so handsome with it. I don’t think he will have a different hairstyle for a very long time to come. I guessed at that because you could see a bulge in his pants as he got up out of the chair.

Within a week, we had everything packed up and headed out for our new lives and new adventures in Newtown.

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