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New Life in Newtown - Chapter 10 by Wulf

New Life in Newtown - Chapter 10

A few hours later, Dad and Greg returned with bags of stuff from their shopping adventure.

"Hey son, let’s go to the house for a bit so I can tell you all about our trip."

"Ok Dad, that sounds good to me." I said as I looked over at Greg and smiled, with him smiling back at me.

We got back to the house, then Dad and Greg started sorting thru their shopping to show me what all they got.

"We found the perfect capes and jackets for the shop. We both have 2 new jackets " 1 in red and 1 in black. We also got new black capes for the shop as well."

"I decided to get some new clippers and everything else I will need since all of my stuff is at home. I forgot to pack them."

"Dad, for dinner tonight I was thinking we should take Greg to the steakhouse on the highway. Steaks always make for a great celebration meal."

"That is a wonderful idea son." I hopped on the phone and made reservations for the 3 of us. We had some time to kill so we all just sat around having a few beers while we chatted, getting to know each other better.

"So what first got you interested in haircutting, Greg?" Dad asked.

"It was the opening sequence from Full Metal Jacket. I never watched the rest of the movie, just the beginning. It was around the time I hit puberty and that night I laid in bed and that had me hard all night just thinking of all those guys getting sheered like sheep. In fact I had to take care of things a few times just so I could sleep. It was then and there I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be the guy giving those kinds of haircuts, so I saved my extra money and bought my own set of clippers. It was at the start of summer so a lot of my friends let me practice on them. For months half the kids in the neighbourhood had little to no hair. The parents didn’t mind, it saved them money. My parents were very supportive of it. Dad helped me transform the garage into my own private barbershop. So what about you Ed? What got you into haircutting?"

"Well I met my wife in high school. Prettiest girl you ever met. During high school we were talking about the future and I could not decide. She was the one that pointed out that I always loved to see well styled men and really had disgust for guys that were unkept. So after high school, I went to barber college. When I graduated I started off renting a chair in a shop. It was my old shop in fact. A few years later the owner decided to retire, so I bought the shop and building. Best thing I ever did."

"Now I am curious to know your story Trent."

"I was an accountant for years in a big city. I finally had enough of the 80 hour work weeks so I sold everything to fulfil my dream and have my own pub. While I was at it I decided to also fulfil a few other dreams. The first was to grow a beard; the next was to be as bald as Patrick Stewart. I was lucky that Dad supported the idea and was willing to help. In fact it was when he was stripping my scalp that we sort of adopted each other as family. That was about 5 months ago now. Best change of life I could have asked for. The best part of moving here is that no one here knows me any other way, but bald and also Ed’s son."

"I never would have guessed that you two weren’t biological family, but I will never say a word about it. Family is family and that is all that counts."

The three of us eventually set out and had a wonderful dinner at the steakhouse. The three of us were laughing like we had known each other all our lives. Needless to say, that night Greg never made it to his room and I could not have been happier.

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