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New Life in Newtown - Chapter 11 by Wulf

New Life in Newtown - Chapter 11

In the year that followed Greg coming to town; he and Dad worked nonstop at the barbershop, but they still made time for "special clients". Come to find out there was many men out there that wanted to be male pattern bald or fully bald. They were always willing to accommodate. In that time; Greg and I got married. It was the event of the season and shut the entire town down.

One day a blast from the past came to town. Dad and Greg were working away at the shop when David walked in, looking as handsome as ever in his flattop and sunglasses. This time when he came in, he was with a petite blond and had two little babies in a stroller.

"Hey Ed. How is my favourite barber?"

"Oh my goodness. Is it really you David? I have not seen you in ages. How are you doing?"

"I am doing great. I wanted you to meet the family. This is my wife and our two sons. Honey, this is the man that gave me my first flattop."

"So this is the man I get to thank. It is a pleasure to finally meet you."

"What brings you to our lovely town?"

"The wife convinced me to take a week off for a vacation, so we came here. We are headed down to the inn. We are staying there for the week, but I had to make your place the first stop."

"Oh that is great to hear. Trent will look after you. He owns and runs the pub and inn."

"Damn, this gets even better. I did not know he ran the place."

"David, I also want you to meet Greg who works here, but he is also now my son-in-law. He and Trent got married a few months back."

"It is a pleasure to meet you Greg. Trent is a lucky man. I see bald still runs in the family."

"I just got lucky that way I guess." Greg said as he flashed a 100 watt grin at David.

"Well we are going to go and get settled in, but before I leave to go back home Ed you will be taking care of my flattop. I miss having you do it." David and his family left.

That night David and his family joined Dad and the rest of our family for dinner. He was in heaven having a table full of people in our home.

"Oh Ed, I have not told you the names of our sons yet. This one is Trent Maxwell and this little guy is Edward Antonio."

The look on dad’s face was priceless. "That is the most wonderful thing I have ever heard. I am honoured and I know my son is as well."

"Definitely" I quickly piped up.

"Also the development is going ahead at full steam. We already have the shopping levels completed and open to the public. The rest of the tower should be done within the next 6 months. My favourite shop would be the barbershop, which I might add is located next to the cigar and Tobacco shop. Then next to that one is a merchant that sells fine wines and top quality spirits. The shopping area has now become the go to place in the area. I have already gotten lots of angry calls from the chains and big box stores. Mainly because they are not allowed in and also we are now taking business away from them and putting money back into the Mom and Pop type stores that the neighbourhood was founded on."

"That is wonderful to hear that you have done that. I can’t wait to see the place when it is complete."

"It gets even better. Now around the area for some reason you see a lot more flattops and super short haircuts on the men. I can’t explain it. One day I was in the shopping area and it looked like a platoon of marines in there with all those flattops running around."

Dad instantly lost it laughing and then we all joined in the laughing. When we all finally stopped laughing, David’s wife spoke up.

"Ed, that flattop is out of this world and I love it. I also have an announcement; I found out yesterday that I am now pregnant with our next baby." David’s jaw hit the floor and then he was all smiles. The rest of us were cheering for them.

"Never underestimate the power of a good haircut." Dad said as he grinned.

"That is so true." I replied.


To be continued with

"Dad’s Barbershop" Series
David’s Flattop Tale

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