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David's Flattop Tale - part 1 by Wulf

David’s Flattop Tale " part 1

(Written from David’s point of view)

My name is David and I am 42. I have been in real estate since I was 18. I started off just as an office assistant at 18, but I have worked my way up to the point where I own my own real estate development company with a massive staff. In fact, that is where I met my wife. She was recently hired on as an office assistant when we met.

She was the most stunning person I had ever met. Once I met her, I asked her out on a date and she accepted. We got to know each other. I was shocked that a business major from Yale took this job. She told me it was all that she could get and she had bills to pay. On our third date I decided to come clean and make things right with her, so I told her who I really was. At first she was dumbfounded to know she was really dating her boss, but instead of being angry about not knowing, she was happy. She said it was because she was getting to know the real me.

I made her a VP and she was impressive in what she did to help us grow. She was even the one who did the research in Tallton Tower and got the project rolling. She ran the numbers and did all the ground work and research to make it happen. So I went out and got investors on board. I bought up every property we needed, but the last one standing. It was this old time barber called Ed’s. He refused to sell. He told me flat out, this area needed a good barbershop to keep men looking good.

A few months after I first approached Ed about buying his shop, with investors breathing down my neck, he called me up and told me to make him an offer on his place. My wife was in the room at the time and even she was surprised at the large offer I made. She was overjoyed to learn I was going to close the deal on the final property we needed to get rolling on our biggest project yet. I also told her he was offering me a free haircut when I went in to get him to sign the papers. She said to do what it takes. She also said that even if the haircut sucks, hair grows back, but a great building can stand for the ages.

The day came for me to meet Ed at his shop to sign the papers to get the ball rolling on this project. I was there at 830, even though he did not open until 9. I was all smiles as he opened the door and I got the be the first there. No one else was waiting yet, so he locked the door again. We talked business and he signed off on the paperwork so we could get started. He surprised me when he got me into his barber’s chair. I was so shocked that I did not know what to say or think.

I made a rash decision and left it up to him. He wasted no time in grabbing his clippers and getting to work. I could see his son watching with eager anticipation as to what his dad had in mind. When I saw out of the corner of my eye at one point that he had this look that he knew what was going on, I started to relax. Ed went to work and started sending hair flying everywhere. I was wondering if I was going to have any left. Little did I know how close I was coming to the truth. I was so nervous as Ed went about with his clippers and he would occasionally say things under his breathe, like he was has a good chat with himself.

It seemed like eternity before Ed was finally finished, but when he turned me around I was shocked. I never imagined having a flattop, let alone such a short extreme one. I was impressed at how good it looked on me. Ed’s son, Trent, even made it better when he gave me a pair of sunglasses to go with my new look. I thanked Ed for the wonderful haircut he gave me. I left his place and went back to the office. On the way I removed my tie and opened the top button on my shirt. Oh that felt so good. I looked great and felt even better.

I made it back to the office, where everyone stopped and starred. "Holy s**t, David. What did you do?" my wife said when she saw me for the first time. Then a smile formed on her face.

"It is called a haircut dear. Do you like it? I think this is the new me." I said as I smiled at her.

"It is a shock, but I really do like it. Wait until we get home tonight." My wife said as she sundered back to her office seductively.

Ed’s shop inspired me to do some research so I spent the rest of the morning, when I was not in meetings, looking up Ed’s neighbourhood as it was in the past and printed out a ton of pictures. After lunch, I called a meeting with my architects.

"Ok everyone. I have a new idea for a design change to Tallton Tower. I want to change the lower 2 levels from offices to a shopping centre. I want it to be open plan centred around a large fountain. The thing is I want it to be different. I have a ton of pictures of the area from the 40s and 50s, during the areas heyday. I want the new shopping centre to reflect it. I have a meeting tomorrow morning at 9 with all the investors and I want to surprise them with it then. I want layouts and concept drawings. I am authorising as much overtime as you guys will need to get it done and I know you all can do it. Any questions?"

"Do you want shops all the same size or a variety of them?" One of the architects asked.

"I want a variety of them. I have plans to make it all mom and pop type stores. No chains or big box companies will be allowed in."

"This sounds like fun. So who is springing for the takeaway tonight?" Another one spoke up.

"That would be me. Now let’s get to work." I said.

The architects headed back to their office and jumped right into it. My wife made sure to let me know we were leaving on time today. As I headed out for the day, I handed the lead architect, Tom, a company card and told him dinner was on me.
When we got home, I barely had time to close the door before my wife started ripping my clothes off. I have never seen her so turned on. For the next 4 hours we went at it in every room of the house. The entire time she was rubbing my flattop. Eventually we were worn out and needing food, so we ordered some Asian food for delivery. She had such a glow about her. That night we both slept like logs.

The next morning I went in to the office and headed straight to the architects and was shocked at what I saw. Everyone was curled up some place, sound asleep. On the table was everything I asked for and it was completed. I gently woke up Tom and he was startled.

"Did you guys work all night?"

Tom yawned and then said "No, we finished about 3am, but we were so tired that we dropped like flies. I don’t think you will get much work out of us today."

"No I am going to send you all home to sleep. I already looked over the designs and concept art. I love it. Now, I am going to wake the rest up and send you all home."

"No arguments here, Boss."

I quickly got everyone woken up and sent home for the day. I then prepared for the investors meeting I had scheduled for 9. I was ready to go and had not felt this great in ages. I even made sure my wife was in on the meeting as well.

"Thank you gentlemen and ladies for coming today. I have some great news to report. I secured the last building we need to build the tower. We close in 30 days. Demolition starts tomorrow on the other properties and as soon as the last one comes down, we will start breaking ground. We anticipate 24 months from ground breaking until final completion. There has been one major change to the original design you saw. The 2 lower levels are now going to be shopping centre and a food court. With these buildings coming down, there is little shopping left in the area. I feel if we have a drawcard of great shopping then it will be more enticing to buyers and could even help drive up property values. I have run the numbers and by converting from office space to shopping, we will be getting 30 percent more rent for the same floor space. The plan is to only allow Mom and Pop stores. No chains or big boxes allowed. I have floor plans and concept art to show you all." I quickly passed them around.

Everyone was silent for some time until one of our biggest investors, Malcolm spoke up.

"I grew up in that area as a kid. My parents ran a fruit and vegetable stand on the corner. Looking at these drawings really brings me back to my childhood. I know I would love to live there with that kind of shopping. In fact, I do. Mark the top floor penthouse as sold."

My wife then spoke up. "Mark the next one sold as well. Dear, we will be moving."

I then started laughing. "Yes dear."

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