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David's Flattop Tale - part 2 by Wulf

David’s Flattop Tale " part 2

(Written from David’s point of view)

It has been 3 weeks since my haircut at Ed’s that has now changed my life. Since the design change to the tower, we have gotten all 48 spots filled and 20 people on the waiting list. Also the tower is now 75 percent sold and more happening every day. We have even made several newspapers. At this rate within a few weeks we will be completely sold. My love life could not be better. The passion has been renewed between my wife and me.

"Hey honey. I am going to be in the office a bit late today. I have an appointment I need to go to." My wife said as we were both getting ready for work.

"Ok sweetie. That’s not a problem. Let me know how it goes."

A few hours later my wife came in the office with the biggest smile on her face. She walked right into my office and closed the door.

"My appointment went better than planned. It was a doctor’s appointment. How would you feel about 2 little ones running around yelling Dad all the time?"


"I am pregnant and the doctor says it looks like there are 2 of them in there."

I suddenly let out the loudest cheer ever. The entire office stopped what they were doing, only to watch me dance around and hugging my wife. I quickly called an office meeting.

"My wife and I have some news and decided to share it with all of you first. Would you like to do the honours my love?"

"I just found out I am pregnant with twins."

The entire office erupted in cheers. I sent out one of the office assistants to go to the store and buy a case of a good quality Champagne to celebrate. Not much work was going to get done that day, but I did not care. I was on top of the world. The assistant came back in record time with a case of Dom Perignon and plenty of glasses for everyone. We quickly got glasses filled and I made a toast.

"To my wonderful and beautiful wife who is also going to be the mother of my children." The entire office was in great spirits, more so considering we all were having Champagne for breakfast. As I expected little work got done that day. After work I took my wife out for a romantic dinner of steak and lobster.

"I think you look so beautiful, my love."

"Thank you. I am so thrilled. After 5 years we finally are going to have a family. I think it must have something to do with your flattop. Something about it drives me wild."

"Yes, I remember the first night after I got it. Seeing you so happy is all I could ask for. I have had to cancel all of my chiropractor appointments. Since that night, there is nothing left to adjust." We both laughed at that joke.

A few days later I kept my promise to Ed. I left work early and got there at 4 just to make sure I could be the last one. His face lit up when he saw me come in. Even Trent was happy to see me. As I got into the chair, I broke the news to him.
"Well you old fart. There must be some magic in this haircut."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because after 5 years of trying, my wife is now pregnant with twins and I really think it has something to do with this haircut."

"Oh with news like that I am going to make your flattop even better." He said as he went to work.

I also took time to update him on the changes to the building and he was pleased to know that this neighbourhood will still have a barbershop in it.

Damn, I love how it feels when the clippers are running over my head. It feel so good, it borders on erotic. It felt so good I was even getting hard, but I did not care. I was a bit shocked when Ed put shaving cream on the sides and back. When he was finished and turned me around, I was surprised.

"Oh my goodness. Damn you are a miracle man. Just when I thought this could not get better, it does." I said gleefully as I got out of the chair. I happily paid Ed and even gave him a big tip as well knowing this was the last haircut of this shop. I was as happy, if not happier, than the first time I got my flattop. When I got home my wife was excited and decided then and there I was not allowed to get any other haircut, but that one from now on.

The next day at work several guys from my office asked me where I got my haircut at. I told them to go to George’s place over on 42nd street. Believe it or not, within a week about 1/3 of the men in my office were sporting flattops and I was also seeing a lot more buzzcuts as well. It also seemed to affect moral around the office. Everyone always seemed to be cheerful and in good spirits.

When it was time to tear down Ed’s building, I got a window company to come in and take the glass off of his front door in order to preserve his hand painted sign. I just could not let it get destroyed. I had to save a little bit of the place. Then I had them trim the glass so only the sign was left, then I had a special custom frame made for it. Even my wife was pleased with the idea, even more so when she found out why I did it. Life was wonderful and a lot of that had to do with an old barber and one hell of a flattop haircut.

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