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forced headshave by Daniel Glazergorv

I am a tattoo artist now but when i beggined my carrer 18 yrs old i used to go to houses or bring people to mine to tattoo for free or not much money to learn. I had one friend who shaved his head every week and he always said to me that on day he gonna shave mine. i taught he was just kidding with me because he wanted me to be bald and i often taught about that subject aither but i never had the nerve to do it. so one day he said that he wants a tattoo by me because i had amazing work (and i still have) so i got over his house and tattooed him with a pretty cool tatto . i said that it was free because he is my friend but i stayed in his house for hangig out and stuff. one time i fell asleep and when i woke up i found myself in chair, my hands were taped togetgher and my legs to the chair legs and i asked him that wtf hes doin and he just said "my time has came" so he grabbed the clippers and i immedaitly knew what hes gonna do so i asked him to do it with a number 2 first than anumber 1 and if a like a longer version leave it that way so he cut my hair with number 2 i liked it but he immedaitly cut it with number 1 and i liked it even better so i said to him that i like it leave it that way and he was like "alright but im gonna fix the ends with a 0 and i trusted him but i shouldnt because the first thing he did with the 0 clippers is to shave my head in the middle so i cannot schange my ideas and after he was done with that (i was still tied up btw) i dont like that and i said it to him that i hate it so he grabbed f***ing shaveing cream and razors at that point i yelled at him to stop but he didnt so he glued my muthe with duck tape and shaved it completly. at the end of the day we were still friends and he said that i always wanted one but always changed my mind so he done it anyways. i liked it shaved so i kept it like that for a while and after thinking about it i enjoyed that kinky stuff but it was defently weird and i wasnt ready for a bald head. i have shoulder length hair now but im thinkig of shaveing it again . if you wanna help me my instagram is danielglazergorv if you write me i could send you pictures of me bald and you can helo decide :)

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