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It’s all in the eyes by GP

It was around 4.45pm and after dropping off some paperwork to a friend I found myself in an area a few miles from home and somewhere I used to work twenty five years ago.

As someone who has always enjoyed having my hair cut by women I remembered a place that I used to go to from time to time to get my hair cut, there was a woman who worked there who I had a keen interest on but it never went any further than that.

I drove towards the place where the barber shop used to be.....it was still there. I slowed down to take a look inside, the chairs were all empty and a woman in her late twenties was sitting in the waiting area reading a magazine, that was all I needed to convince me to pull over and go in for a trim.

I entered the shop and was greeted by a warm smile from the lady inside, she guided me to the barbers chair and wrapped a red cape around me, she asked me how I wanted my hair cut to which I replied ‘give it a trim all over’, my hair was rather shaggy and had been for a few years, I always had a trim and even though I often thought about s short cut I always stuck to the usual.

The lady replied ‘ok’ and was about to reach for the scissors when the phone rang, she apologised and took the call. I sat there in the chair staring into the mirror for what seemed ages but really it was no more than a minute, the lady returned and said ‘ok so it’s an all over trim then?’......it was then that for whatever reason I said ‘no....give me a short back & sides’

She looked at me in the mirror for a couple of seconds and then said ‘good choice......I’m going to look forward to dumping all this hair of yours on the floor’......to say I was aroused was the understatement of the year. She combed my hair and then reached for the clippers, ‘number one back & sides good for you?’......I just nodded.

She pushed my head down into my chest and started to push the clippers slowly up the back of my head....it felt amazing, time and time again she clipped me shorter & shorter, I could see the masses of hair tumbling down as she continued to clip me higher & shorter. She moved round to the side and stopped for a second, she looked down at my lap under the cape and said.....’my my you are enjoying this aren’t you?’

I blushed a little but she said ‘don’t worry.....you’re not the first, you won’t be the last’.....she gently folded my ear down and clipped me over & over again until all I could see was stubble at the side of my head, she repeated the process on my other side before cropping the top short, this was quite possibly the most aroused I had been in a long time, I had been single for a couple of years, which had been my decision but I wanted this woman more than I had wanted anyone in a very long time.

She uncaped me and I followed her to the cash register......I handed over the money and added a generous tip, I thanked her and turned to leave but suddenly stopped and without thinking I said ‘would you like to meet me for a drink later?......without hesitation she replied ‘I would love to.....I’ve not been out with anyone for a few months, I needed some time out after a bad break up’

We made an arrangement to meet later that evening, and I can happily say the evening went well and so have all the evening’s since as we are still together, I don’t always keep my hair as short as she took it that day but when I do I turn up at the shop late in the day and we recreate that first meeting.

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