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The journey begins... by BaldBearded

*This is a true story, about going from being totally bald to getting "hair", for the first time in more than 23 years.

After balding since the age of 16, shaved since the age of 30, and now a N6 for who knows how many years, I have decided that I am going to give myself a gift for my 54th birthday!

I am going to give myself the gift of hair!

No, I am not trying to look like I never went bald. No one is going to suddenly say, wow, you grew your hair back.

That being said, I DO want it to look somewhat natural.

Since my side and back hair is very sparse, and strangely colored (grey near the front, and dark in the back), I am going for a style that will allow me to buzz my hair down to 00.

I have been doing much research online and talking with people who have had a system made.

I found a place in Spain, OneHead Hair, a new company on the scene that is based in Canada and is VERY willing to work with me to achieve the look I want.

Of all the places that I have contacted, with pics of me, and my intended style, they are the only ones that made an effort to talk to me and ask me about what I really wanted, and what they could deliver.

Many places I contacted either refused to do a video consult or basically ignored the actual contents of my email, and explained how I can just "order online".

I am sure that some of these places are quite reputable, but for me, not giving me the level of comfort that I need for doing this alone.

Right now, we have a basic idea of length (I am going for long hair), color and style. I will be making arrangements to fly to Madrid for a consult with their stylist and finalize the order.

I am very excited. I have been thinking about this for about a year or so. I really miss having hair. No, I don't think that there is anything wrong with being bald. I don't think that being bald or balding is anything that someone should be ashamed of.

I am not about to make believe that this is not an artifice, unlike makeup, or lifts in shoes. I am doing this to have some fun, hence the Viking style that I am going for.

I will be posting pics as I go along. I wish I had someone to share my excitement with. I am a bit nervous about how I will be received by my friends and coworkers. This is not something that is really "done" here in Israel. Most balding guys either buzz or shave, with very few doing the SMP thing. The only places that do hair systems are insanely expensive and do terrible work.

What I do like about OneHead, is that they are willing to video chat with me for EVERY step of the way. I could have even done the template with them, (and a friend) via video chat, but decided to fly in, instead.

The system is totally bespoke, and custom made to my exact specifications, including color, density, hairline shape (and hair density), so it's going to take a while to receive it, but I believe it will be worth the wait.

I am excited, this is so cool, I can't wait, to start.


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