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Dad’s Barbershop – Bruno - part 2 by Wulf

Dad’s Barbershop " Bruno - part 2

(Written from Dad’s point of view)

"I was working for the accounting firm that handled the books for your shops. I remember the case because I was called into court to testify. Your lawyer was nicknamed Bulldog Mullen. Even the judge was scared of that man." Trent said.

You could see all of the colour drain from Bruno’s face. I quickly put my arm around him for comfort. I could feel him start to tremble and then he started crying. I let him bury his head in my shoulder and he let out all the pain he held inside.

"I am sorry if I said something wrong Bruno. I did not mean to upset you." Trent said with a worried and sorrowful look in his eyes. Even Greg let a few tears slip out. After a few minutes Bruno pulled himself together.

"You did not upset me Trent. It was just 5 years of pain came flooding out. My ex hurt me bad. I did what I could with Bulldog’s help to hurt him back. In the years since it happened no one has gotten close to me, only my wonderful pup Jack. I am sorry I do not remember you from the trial and I remember everything from that day."

"That is because I have changed a lot since then. Here let me show you a picture that might jog your memory." Trent said as he pulled out the picture he kept in his wallet. Trent handed him the picture and a look of confusion crossed Bruno’s face then suddenly all the pieces fell into place.

"It’s you! You are the accountant that saved my ass that day. It is because of your testimony and the evidence you gave the court that got him convicted of his crimes and also a win for me. You look so different, I don’t understand."

"I will make it easy on you Bruno. Fast forward about 3 years from that court date " I was tired of the rat race and decided to follow my dreams. So I sold off everything and left my job to pursue my dream: to own a pub in a small town and just live a quiet life. Ed had been my barber for 15 years at that point and one day I told him what I was planning. I also wanted to make another major change and that was to my hairline. I wanted to be as bald as him, so he helped me out. That day we adopted each other as family and the rest as they say is history."

"So you mean to say your hairline isn’t natural? It looks so real."

"You can thank Dad for that. In fact, he did Greg’s as well the first day he came to town for his interview."

"You really are impressive." Bruno said as he leaned in and kissed me deeply. I did not fight back, but I embraced it.

After a few moments we broke loose and I saw the look in his eyes " a look I have only ever seen once before and I smiled. We starred into each other’s eyes for some time. Trent finally broke the awkward silence.

"Ok. So who is ready for desert? I have some fresh apple pie and ice cream." Trent said as he went off to start dishing us all up some desert.

After dinner, Trent and Greg wanted to watch a movie and relax so I invited Bruno up to my room so we could be alone. When we were finally alone, I felt like I was a teenager on a first date. Bruno somehow sensed it and came up to me and held me close. Bruno then reached up and kissed me, unlocking my heart.

The next morning we were woken by Trent at 7. "Hey you two, breakfast in 30 minutes. Rise and shine."

When we both woke, I was cuddled up to Bruno with my arm over him and him smiling like a madman. Truthfully, I think I must have been smiling the same way.

"Good morning, my love." Bruno looked at me and smiled.

"Good morning, fuzzy." I said as I took a few moments to pet his sexy hairy body that was covered in thick ginger fur.

We eventually got up and got ready for the day. Both of us arrived at the table just as Trent was plating up breakfast.

"So Dad, anything you care to tell us?" Trent said as he was bringing us our plates of food.

"Hey, you leave my boyfriend alone or I will take a razor strap to your backside." Bruno said with a sadistic grin on his face. Everyone broke up laughing at that point. I don’t think any other words needed to be said.
Over breakfast I explained to Bruno about our "special clients" because we had 3 scheduled for that day.

"Bruno, we have special clients we take care of. The apartment above the barbershop is actually been turned into a private barbershop. These clients pay big money for our services and get the best treatment. You know what I have done for Trent and Greg; well there are many out there that want stuff like that done. Some want to go male pattern baldness, some want to be fully bald and others want permanent body waxing. We are discrete and professional. With the special wax we use no hair ever grows back. I handle everything thru emails and it is all prepaid before they arrive."

"There is one that does concern me, so I was wondering if you would be willing to handle that one. The first 2 will be easy " an MPB and the other is a full head wax. It is the third that I am concerned about; something doesn’t feel right. He says his boy wants a full body wax."

"Just leave it to me Boss. Nothing gets by me." Bruno said with firm determination.

After breakfast we all headed down to the shop early to show Bruno the special shop and setup to get the day started. I showed Bruno the layout and even how to work the expresso machine. I kept the fridge stocked with drinks for the customers. I figure since they are spending big money, then they should get the royal treatment.

The schedule had the MPB arriving at 10, the scalp wax at 12 and the body waxing at 2. I took the MPB, Greg got the scalp wax, and Bruno got the body wax. Everything went wonderful in the morning. The locals took to Bruno and Jack quickly.

They treated them like old friends. He had one heck of a laugh on him; when he laughed it could rumble the floor.

At 1:45 Bruno was headed upstairs and ready for the client to arrive. Around 2:10 I heard something smash and then nothing. 30 minutes later I could hear footsteps going up the back stairs and got concerned, so I called the upstairs line to see if everything was ok. Bruno assured me everything was fine and would explain when he came downstairs. Around 4 Bruno finally came back downstairs and resumed working as if nothing was wrong. We closed the shop up at 5 and when I locked the door, I finally had a chance to ask him what had happened.

"You were right to be suspicious of that client. I knew him from the biker circuit. He is bad news. It is well known in bike circles that he abducts people, male or female, and transforms them as his buyers want and then sell them off into slavery. The boy he had with him as his latest victim, kidnapped only 2 weeks ago."

"That would have been about the time he contacted me. So why did I hear a smash at one point?"

"That is because I smacked him unconscious with a beer bottle."

"So then what did you do?" Greg asked inquisitively.

"I told the boy to take a seat and watch, while I got the guy into a chair and made fast work on giving him severe male pattern baldness before I called the cops. I told the cops where to enter, to keep it off the radio, to not use sirens, and to bring a set of bolt cutters. It turns out that he had 11 warrants out for his arrest and 3 of them were issued by the FBI, so they also got called in. The cops had to use the bolt cutters to cut off the young man’s collar and cuffs." Bruno said as he lit up a cigarette to ease his hidden nerves that looked slightly frayed.

"The poor kid was so traumatized that it took 10 minutes for him to stop hugging the police chief’s leg and even longer for him to stop crying. The cops took him to the station to get a report and then he was going to be sent to a safe house for a while. They are deeply worried about the connections the guy had in the underworld. Everyone involved, including us are banned from speaking about it at all."

"Holy crap! I can’t believe that happened." Greg said with a look of shock on his face.

"I left out the best part " the young man’s family put out a $10,000 reward for his safe return that I am going to be getting. When I do get it, I plan to split it with you 2 since we are a team here."

"I think this calls for dinner at the steakhouse tonight. Greg, you call Trent and tell him not to worry about dinner. Just say we are celebrating Bruno and you are not lying to him because it is true. Meanwhile, I will call the steakhouse and make reservations for us at 6:30."

After we made the calls, we all headed home. We decided to tell Trent about what happened, since it was a family affair and we knew he could keep secrets. When we made it home, Trent had a pitcher of cold beer waiting for us. As we had a drink, I let Bruno tell him what had happened. Trent was speechless the whole time and when Bruno was done, all Trent could say was "Holy crap".

We had a great dinner at the steakhouse. Bruno loved the food and ate as much as 2 men. The staff was even nice enough to send us home with a doggie bag of leftovers and bones for Jack so he would not be left out. We all got a laugh when Bruno pointed out that he only saw flattops on all the male staff in the place. The only thing I could say was "At least we don’t have to worry about hair in our food." That just got us laughing even harder.

Several days later we were all relaxing at home on a quiet Sunday, when we got a knock at the door " it was the local police chief and with him was a man in a suit that looked like he meant business.

"Hey Ed, can we come in?" the Chief said.

"Sure come on in gents. Can I get you two anything?"

"No thanks Ed, we are here on business. Does he know anything?" the Chief asked pointing at Trent.


"Good that will make it easier. Let’s go sit down. We have a lot to talk about." the man in the suit said.

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