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Jacob by baldK

"Well bud that is it the final exam done and dusted so no more school until we hit sixth form" Jacob said to Jared as they walked out of the school grounds.
"Yeah man eight weeks of no classes just our work at the supermarket." Jared replied. "Fancy coming back to my place after you finish your shift tomorrow?"
"Sounds good to me mate." Jacob said. "You off back home anytime soon?"
"Yeah mate we jet of a week Tuesday morning for a couple of weeks." Jared told Jacob.
"Gonna miss my American buddy while you are away mate." Jacob sighed. "Bet dad has a go at my hair needing cutting for next Saturday at my grandparents golden wedding party."
"Does look like a birds nest on top bud." Jared laughed.
"Yeah I know I just do it to keep dad wound up." Jacob laughed.
"Getting my haircut next Saturday if you fancy tagging along to the base barbers." Jared suggested.
"Getting your flattop tidied up mate?" Jacob inquired.
"May be going a bit more drastic bud." Jared laughed. "See you tomorrow."
"Yeah see you in the afternoon mate." Jacob replied as he made his way home.

Jacob arrived back from his gym session and prepared himself for his shift in the supermarket as his father walked in.
"Morning dad there is coffee in the pot." Jacob said as he tied his shoelaces.
"Thank you Jacob and I hope you have not forgotten what is happening next Saturday." Jacob’s dad replied.
"It is the golden wedding anniversary party and family photo shoot in the afternoon." Jacob told his dad.
"So you will be getting your haircut so you look decent in the photographs then young man." Jacob’s dad told Jacob.
"I am off next Saturday so I will go into town and get it cut especially for it." Jacob sighed as he slipped his jacket on. "I am meeting up with Jared after my shift so I will not be in for tea."
"So we will see you tomorrow for church then Jacob do not be late." Jacob’s dad told Jacob.
"I will be home for nine so I can get ready for church." Jacob replied. "See you later."
"Church, I hate going to church." Jacob thought to himself as he made his way down the street to work.
"Morning Jacob." Mr Austin said as Jacob walked into the supermarket.
"Morning Mr Austin where do you want me to start?" Jacob replied as he logged in.
"Could you go on the checkouts to start with please Jacob?" Mr Austen told Jacob.
"Yeah sure no worries." Jacob replied as he made his way to the checkout.
"Hey Jacob still got the birds nest on your head then." Carl laughed as he walked into the supermarket.
"Piss off Carl." Jacob replied. "You are late as usual."
"Yeah the old man forgot I was working today." Carl replied.
"Nice of you to turn up Carl." Mr Austen said as he saw Carl walk in.
"Chill man I am sorry but it is only a couple of minutes." Carl laughed as he logged on.
"It is becoming a bit of a habit young man." Mr Austen told Carl.
"Yeah yeah like I said I am sorry ok?" Carl told Mr Austen.
"You can start by stocking up the fruit and vegetables then." Mr Austen told Carl.
"Sure thing sir." Carl replied. "Hey birds nest we got the same lunch as usual?"
"Yeah I guess so." Jacob replied.
"Cool fancy a quick game of pool over the pub?" Carl inquired.
"Loser pays a pound a ball as usual?" Jacob laughed. "So that will be a bit of extra cash for me."
"Got a better idea mate loser gets a haircut of the winners’ choice after the shift." Carl replied grinning.
"Got to get mine cut next Saturday regardless." Jacob sighed.
"So your blue tit and robin are going to be homeless then." Carl laughed as he walked off.
"Very funny." Jacob replied. "But if I lose I get a free haircut." Jacob thought to himself.

"Ok man get the balls set up for a thrashing." Carl said to Jacob as they walked into the pub.
"Two coke please mate." Carl told the barman.
Carl walked over to the pool table and put the drinks on a table before picking up a cue and chalking it.
"Best of three then mate and the loser gets the haircut of the winner’s choice." Jacob said to Carl.
"Yeah mate straight after work we go into the unisex salon next door." Carl replied as he started the game.
After the first two frames both Carl and Jacob had won a game of pool so Carl set up the balls for the decider.
"Heads." Carl told Jacob as Jacob tossed a coin in the air to see who would start the final frame.
"Tails mate so I will break." Jacob grinned as he started the game.
"Oh well Jacob tough luck." Carl grinned as he went to pocket the black ball to win the game. "Say goodbye to the birds nest."
"Save me money as I got to get it cut for next Saturday anyway." Jacob replied as Carl took his shot.
"How the f*** did I miss that!" Carl exclaimed as the black ball hit the side of the pocket and rolled back out.
"Never mind mate." Jacob laughed as he pocketed the black. "Enjoy your haircut after work."
"S**t." Carl sighed. "Be gentle with me mate."
"Aww poor Carl scared what I am going to do with him?" Jacob laughed as they went back to the supermarket.

"After you mate." Jacob said as he opened the door to the hair salon. "Oh great Baz is working so we can wait for him."
"Please mate if u give you twenty quid can we just go please?" Carl pleaded with Jacob,
"Nah mate after all it was your idea as a bet." Jacob replied as he walked to the reception desk. "Is Baz free any time today?" Jacob asked the receptionist,
"You are in luck he had a cancellation so will be free in ten minutes." The receptionist replied.
"Excellent." Jacob replied. "Enjoy your last ten minutes mate." Jacob laughed as he turned to Carl.
"Look mate please I will make it thirty quid so I don’t lose the hair." Carl pleaded.
"No chance." Jacob replied as he took a seat in the reception area.
"Right which one of you is for a haircut?" Barry inquired as he walked over.
"Bazza we had a bet at pool that the loser would get the haircut of the winner’s choice." Jacob told Barry. "I won so I decide on Carl’s haircut."
"And your choice is?" Barry asked Jacob.
"Skinhead take it all off make him smooth." Jacob replied.
"No Jacob please I beg you to let me keep some hair." Carl cried. "I will do anything to keep some hair."
"Nah mate I know you had the same plan of execution for my hair so get in the chair." Jacob told Carl.
Carl looked at Jacob and Barry before slowly making his way to the condemned man’s chair for his haircut and sat down. Barry picked up the black cape and secured it round Carl’s neck and picked up the balding clippers he had just got.
"Please Jacob I promise I will not take the piss out of your hair again just be lenient with me." Carl begged.
"Bazza could I ask a favour?" Jacob asked. "Can I do the first cut?"
"Yeah of course you can mate." Bazza replied as he handed Jacob the clippers.
"Say goodbye to your pathetic undercut mate." Jacob laughed as he placed the clippers at the centre of Carl’s forehead and pushed them back to the crown leaving a path of minute stubble.
"It took ages for me to do the undercut." Carl cried as he looked in the mirror at the strip of stubble on his head.
"And it will take ages to grow back." Jacob told Carl as he dropped the ten inches of black hair into the cape. Jacob continued to clear the hair off the top of Carl’s head before handing the clippers back to Barry to continue shaving Carl’s head.
"Nice feel mate." Jacob laughed as he rubbed Carl’s head.
"Shut it bird’s nest I will get you for this." Carl hissed as Barry wrapped a hot towel round Carl’s head,
"Soften the stubble for the razor Carl." Barry said as he massaged Carl’s head with the towel before removing it and spreading a thick layer of shaving gel over Carl’s stubble.
Carl watched as Barry slowly shaved the stubble from his head leaving just pink skin before Barry wiped Carls’ bald head and put a lotion on it before buffing it with a towel to get it shiny.
"One hell of a haircut you got there mate." Jacob laughed as he rubbed Carl’s bald head.
"It looks and feels so weird not having hair but I guess I will not need a haircut for a while." Carl said as he rubbed his head.
Jacob paid Barry for the haircut and walked out of the shop with Carl and started walking down the road.
"Come on mate don’t deny it you had the same planned for me if I had lost." Jacob said to Carl.
"Yeah I did mate and to be honest I have wanted to try a shaved head since last summer." Carl replied. "I deliberately mucked up that final black hoping you would select this for me."
"Well you had me and Bazza fooled mate see you at the next shift." Jacob laughed as he turned down his road.
"See you mate." Carl replied.

"Right dad I will see you tomorrow after I get my haircut." Jacob told his dad as he picked his bag up from the back seat of the car. "I will be home by midday so we can get to the family lunch before the photo shoot and party."
"Hey dude everything ok bud?" Jared asked Jacob as he opened the door..
"Yeah man I have to get my haircut tomorrow." Jacob replied as Jared’s dad walked past.
"Got some bad news for you mate, I am moving back to live with my olds and go to school there." Jared sighed.
"What? You can’t mate I thought you were staying here to study." Jacob shouted.
"I have only a year left here Jacob and then I am posted back home so we decided it would be best to send Jared ahead to start there." Jared’s dad told Jacob. "But I am sure we can arrange a visit during your summer break from college."
"Sorry dude but we can still skype each other." Jacob sighed. "Anyway let’s enjoy tonight as it will be our last before I am shipped home."
"You could always get your haircut at the base barber Jacob he does other cuts apart from military." Jared’s dad laughed. "And there are some cans of bud for you both in the fridge."
"Cheers dad you off to the pub now?" Jared inquired.
"Yeah and I will bring back Chinese food for us." Jared’s dad replied.
"Your dad is one hell of a cool dude mate." Jacob said as he flopped into a chair.
"Yeah and I will miss him for the time I am at college back home." Jared sighed. "My olds are ok but no so lenient."
"Get the beers mate and let’s get GTA going so I can thrash you. Jacob laughed.
Jacob set up the GTA as Jared went to the kitchen and got the beer.

"Right son you still want me to take you to the base barbers?" Jared’s dad inquired as they ate breakfast.
"Yeah please dad and I have decided on a different cut." Jared replied. "You coming along mate?"
"Yeah why not mate." Jacob replied as he ate a pancake.
"Give me ten and we will make a move then. Jared’s dad grinned.
"I have to get a haircut mate and my dad has said it has to be decent or he will do it himself." Jacob told Jared.
"You might want it cut like I am getting then bud." Jared laughed as he slipped his shoes on.
"Ok guys you ready to hit the road?" Jared’s dad inquired.
"Sure am dad let’s get to the base barber." Jared replied.
After a short ten minute drive Jared’s dad showed his pass to the security guards and drove into the base and parked up outside a small parade of shops. The three of them got out of the car and Jacob saw a sign saying Frank’s barbers shop and followed Jared to the door.
"OK guys I will be about an hour getting stuff sorted for our trip back." Jared’s dad said as he walked off.
"See ya later dad." Jared replied as he opened the door to the barbers and walked in followed by Jacob.
"Hey bud hear you are back off home to study." Frank said to Jared.
"Yeah and I guess it is for the best." Jared sighed. "This is my best buddy Jacob from school.
"You here for a haircut Jacob?" Frank inquired.
"I don’t know mate." Jacob replied as Jared climbed into the barber’s chair.
"What is it to be then Jared?" Frank asked Jared as he caped him up.
"Going drastic bud." Jared replied. "Horseshoe high and tight with a quarter inch of hair for the shoe.
"Wow that is bit drastic for you mate." Frank replied. "Razor shaved high and tight?"
"Yep take it right to the wood please Frankie boy." Jared replied.
Jacob watched on as Frank picked up his Oster clippers and changed to the 00000 blade.
"One high tight horseshoe coming right up then bud." Frank said to Jared as he ran the clippers up the side of Jared’s head depositing about an inch of ginger hair in the cape.
"S**t that is bloody short." Jacob thought to himself as he watched Frank removing more hair from the back of Jared’s head. "There is hardly anything left."
Frank changed the clippers and placed the #2 guard on it and ran it over the top of Jared’s head before picking up the Oster clippers again and removed most of the hair from the top of Jared’s head leaving a perfect horseshoe. Jacob watched spellbound as Frank spread hot lather over the back and sides of Jared’s head and also the top where he had gone over with the Oster’s. Frank placed a new blade in his straight razor and started to shave the side of Jared’s head before doing the back and other side before shaving the horseshoe on Jared’s head.
"There you go bud one horseshoe high and tight." Frank said as he removed the cape and showed Jared the back of his head in the mirror.
"Cheers Frank it looks and feels awesome." Jared told Frank as he rubbed the back of his head.
"You up for a haircut Jacob? Frank inquired "Do you a freebie if you get the same as Jared."
"Go on bud do it for me please you said you got to get a decent cut today." Jared told Jacob.
Jacob stood up and walked over to Jared and rubbed his head before walking over to the barber chair and sat down.
"Same as my buddy please Frank if the offer of a freebie is still on." Jacob told Frank.
"Yay go for it bud you will love it." Jared said as he sat down in a waiting chair.
"Time for the birds nest to go Frank." Jacob said as Frank picked up the Oster clippers and placed them by the side of Jacob’s ear.
Jacob watched in the mirror as Frank quickly and expertly started to remove his dark brown hair leaving a mere hint of stubble as the Oster clippers made light work of his couple pf inches of hair. Placing the Oster’s down Frank picked up the other clippers and sheared the birds nest as Jared called it down to a quarter of an inch.
"You have a perfect head for this young man." Frank told Jacob as he created the horseshoe with the Oster clippers.
Jacob bent his head forward and saw the horseshoe with the hint of stubble before feeling the hot lather being spread over the back and sides of his head and the top where his hair was just stubble.
"Wow this feels awesome." Jacob thought to himself as he felt the razor start scraping away the minute stubble that had been left on his head.
Frank placed the razor down and wiped the residue lather off Jacob’s head before rubbing a lotion on his head and made it shine.
"There you go bud you look like twins now." Frank said to Jacob as he showed him the now shaved back of his head seeing just the end of the horseshoe.
"Thank you Frank I love it." Jacob said as he got out of the chair rubbing his head.
"Means a lot to me bud you getting the same cut as me." Jared told Jacob as he went to pay for his haircut.
"On the house son call it a goodbye haircut from me." Frank told Jared.
"Cheers bud." Jared said just as his dad walked in.
"Wow sharp haircuts boys bet you dad will not be able to say anything now." Jared’s dad smiled as he ribbed their heads. "Let’s get you home."

Jared’s dad pulled up outside Jacob’s home and the three of them got out and walked up the path. Jacob put the key in the door and opened it and walked in.
"Hey dad I am home and I got a haircut!" Jacob shouted out.
"Now that is what I call a bloody short haircut Jacob." Jacob’s dad said as he walked out of the kitchen.
"Yeah dad it is called a high and tight horseshoe." Jacob told his dad. "Hope you like it."
"It is certainly different Jacob but it looks good on you and Jared." Jacob’s dad said.
"Jared is leaving for school in America Mr Warren." Jared’s dad said. "I was hoping we could arrange for Jacob to visit next summer during the holidays."
"I can see no problem there Mr Mayfield." Jacob’s dad replied. "But if you would excuse us we have to get ready for this afternoon."
"No problem here is my card sir." Jared’s dad said as he handed over the card.
"Gonna miss you bud." Jared said as he left with his dad.
"Skype me mate as soon as you get over to America." Jacob told Jared.
"I will bud." Jared sighed.
"Do you seriously like my haircut dad?" Jacob inquired as he shut the front door.
"It is different son and miles better than it was." Jacob’s dad replied.

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