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Through the barbers eyes: Forcing Jasper by BarberBruce

Following on from last weeks story, today I am sharing with you a story about a boy called Jasper who’s dad forced him to come to me and get a pretty severe trim. Once again this story is seen through my eyes as I am the barber....

"Cheers, Tim" I shouted as I finished one of my regulars hair and he left the shop.
"Next" I called over to the waiting area.

As I said this up shot a boy and his father. The boy had kind of medium length, thick and messy hair which didn’t appear to have seen any clippers in years. The father was clinching the boys arm tightly and was dragging him up to me. He flung his son into the chair and then held him down.

"Alrighty, what can I do for you then" I asked the boy and his father.

"Just a good trim please" answered the boy.

But the dad quickly shut the boy off and said
"No, sort his hair out properly. It’s too long he needs a proper haircut!"

"Ok, what kind of haircut" I asked

"Short, and shaven closely" said the dad

"Ok I’ll see what I can do" I responded

The dad was basically telling me to give his son any haircut I though was appropriate, he then left the shop and said he’d be back in a half hour after getting some shopping done. Meanwhile I was in the barbershop dressing my client in a barbers cape.

Before and haircut I always like to introduce myself and get to know my client. The boy told me he was called Jasper, so that’s what I’ll refer to him as from now on. Jasper seemed to be quite a nice young man and he appeared to be about 15. As I knew that he would hate the haircut I apologised to him before I began. He seemed to understand that his father was making him get the haircut as a punishment and he didn’t seem to annoyed. I was feeling a bit bad for Jasper, but honestly I really couldn’t wait to get my clippers running through his mop.

His dad had asked for a short haircut so I thought the best place to start was on his long and messy sides. I proceeded to fit my clippers with the #1 razor guard to achieve the closest cut possible.

"Head down, Jasper" I requested

His head quickly dropped forward and I could see the extend of his hair. Clippers on and away I went. I placed the metal blades down at the back of his neck before slowly pulling them up and running them through his hair. The clippers were pulling up massive hunks off his skater hair and dropping them off on the floor. I continued shaving the sides going over the same areas again and again to make them progressively shorter. The sides were being transformed from a golden blond- yellow colour into white from the pale skin that could be seen through the hair which remained. Jasper had to endure the ordeal of the sides being shaven for a full 10 minutes before to could finally turn the clippers off. I stood back and saw his super short closely shaven sides. Next a began to run my comb through the top of his hair.

The top was really thick and long and he had a messy fringe, I wasn’t sure weather to go ahead and give him a buzz cut or weather to just trim the top. A buzz cut was tempting but I decided to go with a good old fashioned gentleman’s haircut. I sprayed water on his beloved hair before brushing it out and proceeded to cut it. I started by simply cutting his bang off in a straight line above Jasper’s eyes to remove the bulk of it. Next using the thinning shears I kept on cutting thickness and layers from his hair until realising that it was taking me too long. I decided to just buzz his hair off. I decided to go ahead with the #2 razor guard up top and I placed my clipper on his forehead and pulled them back towards his crow. Great hunks of his bang were being shaved off and he was quickly loosing most of his hair. You all know what a buzz cut is so there’s no need in be explaining what I did but essentially I just kept on shaving his head until all that remained was stubble.

Next came the final part of any haircut, the sideburns and neckline. Seeing as though this was a punishment I decided to really go for it on these areas. I used my razor blade to cut Jasper’s neck in a good square shape before shaving the hairs down to skin length. I continued the same theme for his ear arches and cut them nice and high. Upon arrival Jasper’s sideburns were mid ear length but I decided to be harsh and cut them high above the ear. Hey presto. Jasper had been transformed. He was no longer the long haired boy but now a properly groomed young man. His hair was short and rough like sandpaper and no longer long, wavy and soft. He clearly hated it so his dad was happy with the punishment and he had learned not to go overdue his haircuts. Seeing as though so much hair had been cut my cape hadn’t done a great job of protecting him so he took his top off and had his chest brushed down. When he removed his top I though that the new haircut really went well with his body. The ‘rough/ tough’ man haircut suited a boy with abs and a chest like his! He had mad toned abs and the old haircut just wouldn’t have done him justice in all of those shirtless pics that he was probably taking!

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