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Town wide annuals by Sal

This is a 100% true story. I hope I can remember all of it. Thanks for reading.From Mark.

It was 1976 and I was 13. I got good grades and was high on the social ladder. I still live in California which is where the story takes place. I was really happy to be going to visit my cousins cabin up in North California. There were 5 in total all boys. Their ages ranged from 9- 14.
My dad left before the door opened and my Cousins dad opened it up. I could hear all of them running around inside. Like a zoo. We played board games and on the Atari which was brand new to us. After a long day we all went to sleep. And I slept like a baby.

I was woken up by my youngest cousin Peter shaking me. Wake up! Wake up! he said. It's time for buzzies. What is a buzzies I asked him. You'll see he said. They're awesome. He pulled me outside in my PJs and into the shed where all the cousins were lined up. Not only was it cousins but about 15 other boys. They all looked about my age. My cousins dad stood on a rock and said Now Im guessing your here for your annual buzz downs. Everyone nodded and whooped. I was getting nervous. What is he talking about I asked. Every summer on the second day he takes out clippers and buzzes all of our heads down to stubs. If it is your first Tim you get razored. Most of the boys at our school get our heads shaved. I watched as boys took off their shirts and sat on a stool. One boy who looked younger than me sat down. He waited for the question. What guard. He asked for a #2. I watched as the clippers were placed on his forehead. Then they were dragged across his head.

His hair seemed to get lighter. There were little bristles of light brown hair left behind. Then the clippers were switched out for one with no guard. The boy smiled as his dark brown hair was instantly reduced down to little stubs of hair. He asked for a #1 on top and the clippers were switched out once again. This time his hair looked like sand. It was shaved down so short I could see his scalp. He hopped down and put his shirt on. It was my turn on the stool. I sat down and waited.

My cousins dad said, usually newbies get razored but since your a cousin you can pick. I mumbled. #4. He took out the #1 guard and replaced it with a #4. My hair was long and beautiful. He tried to put them through but they got tangled nd stuck. We've run into a problem he said. I'm gonna need to chop off a little. Without words he took out a pair of scissors and chopped off my bangs. He went around my head chopping off inches at a time. Then he took out the clippers again. This time they went easily. He started at my nape pushing up. It felt as if a sudden wind had swept over me. He continued pushing them up and leaving behind a grass looking hair. I reached up and felt it. I pushed up and let the bristles go up and down. It was Soo soothing. Then he put them on my forehead and pushed them through leaving even shorter looking bristles at the top. Finally I thought I was done. But I wasn't.

All of the sheared boys started chanting razor! razor! razor! The clippers weilding cousin asked for a vote. All in favor of razor raise your hand. Everybody did. He then took the guard off the clippers and pushed through my scalp leaving me with brown stubs. Like the other kid. I reached up again and felt them. They felt so good when I pushed them in different directions. Finally after he had completely covered my head with the tiny burrs he took a cream of some sort and covered my head. Then he dragged a razor through shaving off whatever tiny stubs still remained. I thought I would cry. The razor pushed around my head taking off hair and cream. Finally it was over. We all went inside touching each other's freshly shorn heads. I had a really good time. I wonder what will happen next summer?

If enough people like this I will write what happened next...☺☺☺

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