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Shaved For Summer - Surprise by KJ

It was the first day of summer holidays and mom told me: "Guddu, come with me to the market". I looked at my sister and mom said "Let her read her books. you and i will finish some important work and get back". I dutifully accompanied my mother to the nearby market area.
She stopped at Madam's parlour just as we were nearing the market and said "You wait here while i shop and come". She led me inside.
I knew that this was the place where mom and sis visited for their haircut. I was a bit shy but thought that the cool shop was better than the summer sun and agreed. Since i was a kid, they probably would not mind.
As we entered,there was another lady sitting there. She saw both of us and smiled. The owner of the parlour was Ruby aunty. She welcomed my mom and after hearing her request, said : "This handsome guy, why not, let him sit here. Why be tortured by the hot sun?". My mom said "Great. Hope you can help him look like a film hero" she said with a wink. I did not attribute much to the wink. The other lady sitting there added: "I came here with my 2 sons yesterday after school and they too were handsome movie heroes when we stepped out of here".Then all the ladies had a hearty laugh and some banter followed and my mom said: "I'll be back.Do as auntie says and don't be mischievious. Your hair has grown real big- maybe you can ask aunty to cut it". I agreed. She stepped out.
Then Ruby aunty gave me a glass of water to drink and after i had gulped that, said : "So, you really want to look like a film hero?" She asked. I nodded."Come sit on this chair, i'll tell you how" She said. I thought she'll comb my hair and style it and sat. She put water and started gently massaging my head while making small talk. She asked me about my school,my favorite actor. "Akshay Kumar" i said - not quite concentrating on her action. She then said: "My assistant Fauzia here can help make you look like a movie actor. Will you listen to her patiently?" She asked. I nodded.
Fauzia took over. She was a younger girl and had a ready smile.She shook hands with me and made friends with me. Ruby aunty moved away. Fauzia then removed the light cloth over her shoulders to reveal sleeveless kurta.
She moved my chair into an area without a mirror - i presumed that this was because i was not a customer. She then told me "Mr. Akshay, your hair will be very thick in a few weeks time. Then will you fight with the villains?" This caught my imagination and i was drafting a reply in my mind. "Yes, i will fly in helicopters, fight with my bare hands..."I went on. But i faintly registered a buzz sound of an electric razor and by the time i replied, it had run over my head. Fauzia had chopped my long hair off and i could not imagine why - i thought mom had asked for my hair cut and dismissed it. I was lost in our conversation which went in interesting directions - She had good knowledge of movies and compared Akshay's actions in different movies.
After many runs with the razor, i could swear that my head felt a lot lighter and cooler too.
She then moved my chair back in front of the mirror.
I noticed with a shock that i had literally no hair. What was left was a stubble.
I yelled out in anguish saying "This is not the way actors look" and proceeded to scold Ruby and Fauzia.
Fauzia then said "Baba-why are you angry?" I said "Do i need to tell you? I have been screaming. Wait till my mommy comes". Fauzia said :"What did you lose? your hair - right? What will you gain?" This made me more angry : "What is the use of this talk? I will gain nothing. Every one will laugh at me".
She said "In a few weeks when you have thick looking hair, nobody will. They will infact want to imitate you. Besides, it will be a change for your head. In this summer heat, the breeze will make you feel cool. You can play without worrying too much about sweating soon. You can apply healthy oils and herbs to nourish your hair follicles and in the long run it will not only yield good hair but may also help the various nerves and muscles and increase brain power"
I digested this information. The customer lady then interjected : " This is true, i brought my 2 sons here yesterday for the same purpose. My niece who is a doctor advised me about the positive benefits of shaving kids head" She said. "Your mom probably will appreciate this too".
Fauzia said: "See this is something only boys can do, girls are not that lucky. At least not all. So cheer up".
Just then, my mom entered and i was about to wail when she said "Wah! you look better than all the movie heroes.". This calmed me down. She then sat there. Fauzia jocularly hinted that i was not convinced about looking like a hero and how she was making efforts to convince me.
My mom smiled and said "Ok it's natural. Today i did not tell him, so he's upset". She looked at me and said "Guddu, i intended to shave your head for summer and combined it with my shopping trip. I know you're a cool boy and understand reason so did not make a big deal out of it".
This calmed me down. Fauzia siezed the opportunity and put shaving cream over my head and spread it evenly. Then she brought out a razor. I felt her scrape at the back of my head.She tilted my head sidewards and with a few strokes was done on the right side. As the white cream went, it revealed skin and also felt very cool. Then she tilted my head on the left and scraped on the left. She moved in front of me and bent my head and shaved the hair off the scalp. "Look up" She instructed. I looked up to see her warm smile.
She moved away to let me see my shaved bald head. She then ran her hand all over my head - detecting any small remaining pieces. She used a smooth machine and for the next 7 minutes, ran over all the spots in many directions. All the while making conversation with my mom. Many boys had their head shaved in Ruby aunty's parlour as their mom's were her customers.
She then dusted my head off using a towel and asked my mom to inspect. My mom ran her hand all over and said "perfect. Now our hero looks more handsome" and all the ladies burst into affectionate laughter. As a final ritual, she applied lotion on my head.It felt very good and cool. A nice tingling sensation as the hidden hair follicles introduced themselves to the atmosphere.
Mom then said "Ruby, i can't thank you enough. Thank you so much. I could have taken him elsewhere but i know that you & Fauzia will appreciate his sensitivities and i was right" As we paid her and set out to leave, Ruby aunty asked :"Did you shave his head when he was small?" My mom said "We were always planning.Nothing came through. This is the first". Ruby aunty said: " In that case, take this hair as a souvenir and preserve it. That is good". She then instructed Fauzia to collect my fallen hair and pack it. Which Fauzia dutifully did.

I have enjoyed having a shaved head and the happy sensation that comes with it. My mom has nourished my hair regularly as Fauzia aunty suggested. In the coming months, i'm sure my hair will be better than a movie actors. I also appreciate Fauzia and Ruby aunty explaining to me the various benefits of shaving one's head.
I encourage all of you to also shave your sons hairs regularly to help make them look like movie actors.

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