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His Friends Begged Him Not To Cut It by Griffin Valentine

During my midnight stroll through a hookup site looking for someone willing to satiate my fetish. I stumble upon a guy in his mid twenties interested in sucking someone off ASAP, so I messaged him and asked to cut his hair.
When I got to his house he had an overgrown undercut with a man bun made of silky black hair. It was soft and he was great at oral pleasure. I ran my fingers through his locks contemplating how I would cut it. He said I could do what ever I want. When I got him in the chair, I started chopping off big hunks of hair leaving about an inch. He kept sucking while I made my way to the front, at which point I I clipped the sheet of silk from the top of his head and chopped the whole thing off in a thick flat line that showed his dreams of having bangs any more we’re gone. I released in his mouth as the locks dropped with heavy wet thuds on the ground. I sensed no fear in him as I got scissor happy and chopped off all the rest of the remnants of his man bun. I left it at 1-1/2 inches on top and an inch on the sides. He wasn’t very good looking so I mercifully left him enough of that beautiful hair to show off. I almost came again as I swept up his shorn tresses rebelling in my destruction.
At the end of the encounter he ended up looking ten years older and happy his bangs weren’t flopping in his face anymore. Fortunately it also turns out he had a fetish for getting his haircut and offered to grow his hair back so I can chop it off again.
Next time I might shave him bald!

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