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Hairless And Going Into A New Life by NotAVeryGoodWriter

When I was about twenty-five I was working an office job which sounds good for someone of such a young age, but I HATED it. The pay was good, but there was one man in my office who didn't bore me to tears, but we'll get onto him later. It's fair to say I was pretty miserable at this job.
As for my appearance at the time, other than the formal stuff I'd wear to work, my clothes weren't "trendy" as such but certainly not completely out of fashion, I also wore contacts. I fashioned my hair everyday into an undercut style and my body hair wasn't out of control but certainly somewhat pronounced.
This other guy in my office who didn't completely bore me was a man called Mark. His chosen style was the geek look, dress shirts with button-down collars, winged dress shoes, the lot. But the most striking thing about his appearance was his hair (or lack there of).
Mark didn't have any hair on his body, where my hair was long and wavy, he had only pale skin and a round dome. He also didn't have any eyebrows, but this was mostly covered by the thick, black rims of his glasses. He insisted constantly that this was due to alopecia he'd suffered as a child, he even showed us pictures of him as a teen with patches of scalp showing among at his hair. Also, he was thin, not severely underweight but he was definitely the sort of guy who looked like you could pick him up and throw him. But despite all this, he was hands down one of the most confident men I'd ever seen in my entire life.
Mark would never miss an excuse to go the pub with the his colleagues and would always bring life to what was going on, he was never shy, always with a story to tell. He truly was fascinating.
After about two months at this office, I started to become a little more interested in Mark's appearance than I was at first. I'd always look away from my work to have a peek at him, and he noticed. It took a while for me to come to the realisation that should've been obvious, I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to be the hairless guy with the thick glasses, the nerd clothes and the skinny body who managed to be so confident.

I worked at that office for a year (which felt like an eternity) before finally I found something somewhere else, and I leapt at the chance. It also required me to move across the country but I didn't care, I had no special attachment to where I was living.
Mark was actually the first I told, he was standing next to the water cooler when I strutted in with a grin on my face.
"Well well, someone's certainly happy." He said in his deep, calming voice.
"I've found a great job up in the north."
"Oh, well this is a surprise, would a goodbye be too early."
"Certainly, I'll be working here for at least another few months whilst I get everything arranged up there." A strange look seemed to come over Mark's face when I said that, a look I'd never seen him make before, he didn't look particularly happy or particularly sad either.
"Could you possibly come with me into the back room please?" He calmly asked, and I obliged thinking it was some business issue.
He beckoned me into an empty conference room, shut the door and spoke, not even bothering to turn on the light.
"Do you, like the way I look?" He purred these words in a very relaxing way. I was unsure what was going on, but I went along with it.
"Well, it's certainly interesting."
"Oh don't lie to me, I've seen you darting glimpses of me from the day you got here."
"Well, I mean, I suppose yes I have been fascinated by your choice of appearance."
"Do you want to look like me?" I stuttered and fumbled, unsure whether to tell him I did or lie again. "Don't worry, I won't shame you." he continued to purr.
"Yes, I didn't really feel this way until-" I began to tell my story but he gestured for me to be quiet.
"Here's what I want you to do in the next two months, lose as much weight as you possibly can." From that one sentence I already had a tidal wave of questions but Mark quickly darted out the room, so I just took his orders.
I've always had a great metabolism and the only reason I wasn't so thin back then was because I basically ate like crap (hey, I was young) so when I started to lose weight the pounds just fell off. I kept to a strict diet, I never starved myself, just made many substitutions (which was much easier than I'd thought) and before I knew it the two months were up and I had a body resembling that of Mark's. I couldn't have been happier with it.

I was constantly wondering what Mark was planning, other than the ordeal in the conference room and him every so often glancing down at my physique to see how I was developing, he gave me very few instructions. But on my last day at the the office and a few days before I was set to leave, he brushed past my desk and plopped a piece of paper down on it. It simply have an address and a time on it, I was incredibly confused but my heart was racing.
So, when my hours had finished, I gladly left the office for the last time and made my way down to this address, I didn't recognise it. In the end, it was a shop tucked away in the city centre, the blinds where closed and the only thing on the outside was a sign that read "Turkish Barbers". It looked pretty standard, but my only issue was the closed sign on the door, but I was certain it was the right address and I was eager to get out of the rain so I tapped loudly on the door. At first I couldn't hear anything but soon the door flung open, casting rays of yellow light out onto the street, and Mark stood in the doorway.
"Thank god you've come, come on in quickly before the barber gets impatient." Mark vanished inside and I quickly followed.
The inside of the barbers was pretty empty apart from the standard barber's equipment, chairs, tools, mirrors and so on. But Mark quickly rushed over to the corner and ushered me over to where another man was standing, his clothes were certainly what you'd call "trendy" and his hair was tall and clearly very well-kept.
"Simon, this is the friend I was telling you about." Mark gestured over to where I was standing, the barber spoke next.
"So, you're the one who wants to be just like your old pal." He chuckled, I simply nodded, still confused as to what was going on.
"Well, let's get started, take off your clothes." I was startled and hesitated, hoping it was a joke but you could tell from the eyes behind Mark's thick glasses that he was deadly serious.
I slid off my wet coat and (not knowing where else to put it) placed it on the ground, then I kicked off my shoes and socks. I unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off my skinny shoulders, then I slid my trousers down to my ankles and off my legs. I paused with my hands at the elastic of my boxers, but the two men's expressions never flinched so I slid them down and off, leaving me completely naked in the barbers. I never realised how cool it was in that room until my naked body was in front of my friend and this new stranger.
"You've been making good progress, there's not a scrap of fat on you." Mark marvelled, it was satisfying hearing my guide praise me, but he wasn't finished. "But, we'll need to do something about all these hairs." The barber nodded vigorously and walked to a back room without a word. "I think it's time, hop into the barber's chair."
I sat in the barber's chair more excited than I think I'd ever had been, the leather felt so strange against my bare legs and back. The two men behind me never said a work until the barber emerged with a pot in his hands, I tried to look round to see what was in it but he placed it to the side and walked over to my chair.
"So, just to be sure, you want all this hair to come off?" It was such a thrill to hear it described, I nodded eagerly. The barber reached for his clippers and in seconds had ploughed through my hair, my undercut was soon collapsing. My blonde hair cascaded down my face and I could barely see the white strips of scalp in my reflection behind all the hair that was going in my eyes. It was incredible how much hair I actually had, it all flowed down like a river and tumbled down to the floor. But the barber was skilled and it only took seconds before the whirring clippers stopped, I tried to take a look at myself in the mirror but the barber had other ideas, in seconds he produced a hot towel from behind his station and placed it on my head. It was so warm and refreshing, I could just feel my follicles opening. The barber whipped the towel off, brought a straight razor out of his pocket and began scraping away the remains of my hair, it was so relaxing as each stroke took the hair further and further down. When he was finally done he replaced the warm towel with a cold one, my follicles like they were folding into themselves it was so cold.
The hair was gone, but I knew we weren't finished. And sure enough the barber grabbed his clippers once again and repeated the same process with my eyebrows, the clippers taking them down most of the way and the razor leaving only smooth skin where rough sandpaper had been before. When the eyebrows were cleared up I got up from my seat, having only a few seconds to pause before Mark chimed in.
"Now for stage two, the waxing. It's time you completed your alopecia look." I stopped dead as I was in the middle of getting up from the chair, I thought they were going to shave my body but sure enough the barber walked over with the pan he'd brought out earlier and inside sat a pool of pale wax.
The barber wheeled out a massage table and Mark handed me a pill which he said was a minor sedative to ease the pain. While my heart still raced, fear began to return as my shivering legs mounted the table and I laid with my stomach in the air. "Now don't worry, this guy's a professional, he'll wax you properly, those hairs won't even think of growing back for some time."
I considered stopping the whole thing, but the barber took seconds to layer some wax onto my chest and yank it off, it hurt like hell but soon the sedative kicked in. It was surprisingly effective, the shop seemed to feel like something I was watching close-up on a TV screen, I could feel the waxing but it now felt like a hand pressing on my body. I could still hear Mark's voice loud and clear.
"You'll thank me for this in a while, I was just like you, wanting to be the confident weirdo, or at least when my hair fell out I did. Since you're moving to a new place, nobody will know you, you can become the person you want to be." After some amount of time, I was asked to flip over and I immediately obeyed, but soon I drifted off as the sedative took its toll.
When I woke up I was still on my stomach on the massage table, I flipped over to see Mark and the Barber standing over me. I managed to croak out a few words.
"How long was I asleep."
"Not too long, ten minutes or so, but enough for us to finish the waxing, come and look"
I leapt from the table and rushed over to the mirror to study my hairless body, it was incredible. My chest, arms, legs, all completely smooth, and I was amazed by my head as well, since my hair was blonde it all seemed to blend into my skin. I glided my hands over my body and I felt so rejuvenated, but this state was quickly broken by Mark.
"Don't admire yourself too long, we've still got step three to go. The clothes." Mark walked over to the pile of my clothes that still remained in the same spot, he picked them up, rifled through each pocket making sure to get everything, picked out my wallet and my keys, all before throwing my clothes into the back room and closing the door. "You won't need them anymore, you've got a new look now."
Mark grabbed a black back in the corner of the room and from it produced a white button-down shirt, maroon trousers, winged shoes and a pair of tight white briefs. I wasted no time and ran over, wrestling the briefs around my legs, followed by the shirt, the trousers and the shoes. My look felt incredible, it felt so much more comfortable than the clothes I'd had before. I went to look at myself in the mirror but was stopped.
"Wait! There's one last thing, take those stupid contacts out and put these on, I believe these are your prescription." Mark tossed a pair of glasses with thick black rims at me, my quivering hands eased the contacts out and I slid the new glasses over my eyes. I dashed over to the mirror to see myself, and was blown away by what I saw. It was exactly what I'd wanted, I looked like a complete geek with the perfectly bald head. This was exactly how I wanted to start my new life.
I thanked Mark and the barber but they assured me there would be time for that later, and reminded me how much packing I had to get done. I dashed out the door, making sure to savour each moment with the cold wind against my bald head.

Nowadays, I'm still living the life that began that day. I still love this new (not really new anymore) job, I stick to a routine with the waxing and shaving, and I make sure to life everyday with the same confidence that Mark passed onto me.

P.s I made this story up, but I imagine you already worked that out.

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