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The bald Viking... by BaldBearded

*Note this story contains gay sexual references.

Russ walked into the cafe, looking for the older man with the beautifully groomed beard and the long, Viking hair. He was as striking in person as were his photos online. As soon as he saw me, he rose and smiled, those eyes of his, they sparkled. He gave me a hug, a big bear hug. He was a big guy, but very handsome. We chatted for a bit, ordered coffee, and chat for a while.

I was a bit surprised when he responded to my chat request. I am not the kind of guy that guys like him tend to go after, I thought. I am in my mid-30s, with a slight build, not muscular per se. I have a furry body and dark beard. Then there is my hair. No Viking hairstyle for me. I am balding, my crown is mostly gone, and I have just a tuft of hair in front. I have been losing it since my late teens. Some of my friends said I should shave it, in order to get more dates, but I don't want to be bothered.

So here, across from me, is this man who is twenty years older than I, with a full head of long hair, shaved back and sides, in a Viking style, so sexy, but I will admit I was jealous.

We chatted more, he was engaging. Asking lots of questions about me, what I did for a job, family, hobbies, etc. Not so self-focused like so many of the handsome men I had met before. We talked for about an hour. Normally, many of my dates just ended there. Did he just say I was cute? I must have missed it since I could not stop looking at his eyes.

He paid for our coffee, what a gentleman, and we decided to go for a walk, and found ourselves near my place. I really wanted to get naked with him. I asked him to come up, and he agreed. It took only a few minutes, and we were kissing, and naked.

He kisses were amazing, and I really wanted to undo the topknot at the back of his head, and see the grey Viking hair, fall down to his shoulders, I wanted to play with his beard. I reached for the knot, and he gently pushed my hand away. "Please don't touch the hair". I was disappointed, but I wasn't going to upset him.

We continued to make out for a while and moved to the bed. We had amazing sex, truly mind-blowing. He played with my hair, at least what was left of it, which I found very erotic, the little lock of hair that held on, while all of the rest of my hair departed.

After a couple of hours of play, I needed a shower, I thought it would be great to shower with him, but he declined and said he needed to go. I thought it was strange, but he kissed me deeply and said he would call me.

He did, and we met again. This time, his hair was down, very sexy. But again, he would not let me touch his hair, and would not shower with me.

We had been dating for a few months, and I really found myself falling for him. Dinner, hikes, movies, sex at my house, and sex at his, but no hair, no shower, and no sleepovers.

I did not want to upset the apple cart, this guy was amazing, I was falling for him, hard. The next time I was at his place, I was tired, it was late. He relented, and I spent the night. I woke up early, he was still fast asleep. I got up and went to the bathroom. I took a shower and wanted to brush my teeth. I thought maybe I could find a spare toothbrush and started rummaging through the closet in the bathroom. There, on a shelf was am an assortment of bottles with labels like Ghostbond, lace release, and lots of hair items. Weird, I had no idea of what that was. Then, I opened another cabinet and had to jump back. There, on a styrofoam head, was hair. His hair. I mean, it looked like his hair, but he had hair. WTF? Was he wearing a hairpiece? I was shocked, but it was now coming into place. No showers, no hair touching. His hair was always perfect, but I never saw him brush it, or even touch it.

I wanted some more evidence. I quietly closed the cabinet and went into the living room, searching for some more evidence, I was truly intrigued. Photos, mostly new, of him with his hair. No older pics. I did find something, of him, in his 20s, I guess, short dark beard, sexy handlebar mustache and his head, totally shaved. Damn, that was sexy. Nothing of him, older.

I guess I wasn't angry, just surprised. We had been spending lots of time together, and I wanted more of a relationship with him. And I now really wanted to see him without his hair on.

I got back in bed and waited for him to wake up. I smiled and gave him a kiss. He got up and said he needed to shower, I thought this was my chance. He went into the bathroom, and shut the door, once the water started, after a few minutes, I quietly cracked the door. The water stopped and looked inside. He was in front of the mirror, and sure enough, he was working on his hair. The hair system was pulled back, and he was rubbing his forehead with a cloth. I think he may have noticed me and he slammed the door. "Open up, please", I begged. "No" go away. I pushed open the door, and there he was, totally bald, his hair in his hands. He tried to push me back, but I was too quick for him.

We were quiet. "You are bald", was all I can say. He looked defeated, I thought he was going to cry. He caught himself and started to speak "I was going to tell you, I just wanted to find the right moment. This was the first time that he showed me his true self, his vulnerability. I was touched. He was gorgeous, even without the Viking locks. I approached him and gave him a huge hug. "I love you", I said. He then really started to cry "I love you too", and we hugged.

He started to speak and picked up his hair system. "No one looked at me when I started to lose my hair in my late teens, so I shaved my head. I did it for twenty years, and then said f*** it, and got the hair system". "After that, I got lots of attention, but I was so afraid of being found out, I never let myself get close to anyone".

I told him that I didn't care about his hair... he could shave it, or wear the hair system, it was him that I was interested in.

We hugged again, and I pulled him back into the shower.

Two months later, we are living together, he still goes out with his hair on, but at home, he is bald for me, my bald Viking.

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