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First high and tight by Jacshort

My name is John, I live in small town, where live about 10 thousand people. I was 16 years old. And this is story about how i get my first high and tight.

I most of my life had medium long hair and i always want haircut like high and tight or flattop, but my mum never let me have this kind of short haircut. My aunt is hairdresser and she alway visited us to give whole family haircut. My dad always wants short buzz cut (7#sides and 10mm on top) , my mum wants just a trim with some dyeing and me and my brother want just a trim. One day when aunt came to give us haircut, mum prepared old bed sheet with chair in the middle of the kitchen. Mom went first, because dyeing took a long time. After mum went dad, it was fast. And now the moment came when i had to get haircut. I was asked to remove my t-shirt and sit down. Mum went to wash her head and told aunt to take it little bit shorter, because it was summer. When she left aunt took scissors and started cutting my hair. I asked her if she can use clipper on my sides with longest grade. She placed them on my back and started with cutting. After she cut my sides i asked her if she could use shorter grade. I touched my hair on the back, it was amazing feeling. I asked her for third time if she could go shorter, but now i wanted 0000 blades with no clipper. She was very surprised, but after 10 second she started shaving my sides. She was pushing and holding my head onto my chest so i couldn't move. I could feel the cold metal on my back, the clippers removed a big amount of hair. After she completed my sides i told her she must buzz my top of the head, because it was wayyy longer than my sides. She used 1# clippers and place it on the front of my forehead and pulled them back toward middle of my head. After she completed my ultra short haircut, she used little bit of shaving cream on my neck and around my ears a used straight razor to cleaning it up.

When she was cleaning up my neck mum came into the kitchen. She just looked on me with open mouth. I used my hand to rub my shaved sides, it was like sandpaper. I love it, i couldn’t stop rubbing my amazing ultra short sides my mum used her hand to rub my head too. She was not upset at all about my shaved sides and tiny hair on the top.

Aunt used brush to clean up little hair all over my shoulders and neck. Then i immediately ran to the bathroom to look at my new army haircut. I was surprised how short that was. I looked like military recruit. My brother love my high and tight and got on too. When I lay in bed, my mom came and caressed me at my freshly cut head, and said, "I'm agreed with my aunt that she will come every week and keep your hair fresh cut, good night my little soldiers". We have the shortest haircut in the school and every girl want to touch on our shaved sides. I have never had different haircut than army high and tight and i keep it clean every week.

This is my first story, I hope you enjoyed my fictive story if you like it leave a comment.

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