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Family shorn for summer by Chris

School let out for summer in the middle of the week, so I was surprised to see my oldest son Eric awake early yesterday morning when I got up and went downstairs to start coffee.
"I'm going to get my summer haircut," he said. "Since I am working today, I want to be first when the barber opens and get it done."
During the school year, Eric and his brothers Alan and Brian wear their hair pretty short. I asked them to have it cut with the 3 1/2 blade on top and 1 1/2 on the sides and back. And then for summer, I ask them to get a 1 1/2 on top and 000 on the sides and back.
The kids are all pretty active and seem to like the short cuts.
I went back upstairs to shower and get ready for work, and when I came back downstairs Eric was alerady returning from the barbershop. He walked in the door and said, "What do you think?"
I looked up from my coffee and saw Eric with a haircut shorter than I had ever seen him with before.
"It looks fantatsic," I said. "What made you go so short?"
Eric said that his barber Nick had said that he had been giving a lot of burr haircuts and suggested that he try one. As a result he came home with a 000 buzz all over. He's working this summer as a lifeguard and new that several of his co-workers also usually sported burrs.
I had planned to take Alan and Brian for their summer cuts later in the day but wasn't sure I would get home from work in time, so I asked Eric to take them before he went to work.
He agreed, and I told him to let the boys decide between the high and tight and burr.
Both boys came back buzzed to 000, and when I got home my wife pointed out that I was now the hippy of the family since I usually get a No. 1 buzz for what hair I had left and hadn't had a haircut in a week or so. So I hurried to the barber before they closed and also got the 000 buzzcut.

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