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Summer vacation by Jeff

It was the first time they were going to meet him. It has been three years since I came out of the closet and my family has never met one of my boyfriends before. We were going on a weeks vacation up north and my parents said he could come with us.

He knew that haircuts aroused me but he never played on that emotion before. He just let it be. We were getting more and more romantic but he was the more shy timid type when it came to making love. His hair was brown and he had a nice taper cut. It was ½ inch at the nape of his neck taperd up to about 3 beautiful inches on top. Mine was the same but longer on the sides and dirty blonde.

We were having an awesome time at the lake and family really liked him. They were very accepting of my chosen lifestyle. It was really hot all week and we played in the week almost the time to keep cool. It was weird though because ever time I made a pass at him, he would shy away. I confronted him about it and he said he did not feel comfortable around my family be affectionate. We got into a heated argument over it.

Finally he snapped. Got really mad at me went into his room, grabbed a grocery sack and drug me down the stairs onto the deck where my family was sitting. He pulled out a chair and asked me to sit. I asked him what this was all about and she just said sit so I did. My family was not paying much attention until he pulled stuff out of his bag and announced it was time to cut my hair. I flipped out!

He knew how aroused I got from getting my haircut and surely I would get a hard-on right in front of my family. I told him I don’t think so and tried to stand up but he sat me back down and said sit. He draped a long blue cape over me and I thought I was safe then he took it off and told me to just take my shirt off. I knew I was in trouble.

He pulled out a hair cutting kit and plugged in the clippers and really got nervous. He was not a barber and I have not had clippers used on since I was 12. he plugged them in and looked for an attachment. He decided he didn’t need one and I got real scarred. He bent down and whispered in my ear: you want affectionate, you got it. Your whole family is going to see you get a woody as I slowly peel these locks off. I could not believe he was doing this to me. I could not storm off because my whole family was there.

He switched the clippers on and approached my mane. He slowly slid them back into my hairline and chunks of my dirty blonde hair were reduced to stubble as it fell to my lap pass after pass, he buzzed my beautiful down to nothing. He started with the top then did the back then each side. I was engrossed with my locks being taken away that I did not even notice my huge hard on right in front of my family. I noticed everyone stopped watching and I know why now. I was so embarrassed.

He turned the clipper off and I thought he was done but he wasn’t. He pulled out all the necessary stuff to shave it bald. It was then that a pleaded with him to stop. He turned away from me and ran into the house. I got up trying to control my hard on but just ran after him. When I ran into the room, he was the bed and thought he was crying but he was actually laughing. I asked him was so funny and he said the look on my family's faces as my penis grew was priceless. It was that night that he was a romantic as ever and he rubbed my buzzed head all night long. And now I had a way to beat the heat that he did not!

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