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Dylan's new friend - Part I by George Wheeler

Dylan stepped out of the bathroom where he had spent the last hour blow drying his impressive mane. He went to the ground to floor mirror and look with admiration and excitement at the guy in the mirror. Completely covered from head to toe in a massive curtain of straight blond thick hair - even hiding his nudity - except around hips where his excitement were very visible. Dylan couldn't help touching himself as he swayed his gigantic blond mane from one side to the other and watched the golden wall of hair move smoothly and sensually - despite its enormous volume and weight. Dylan was suddenly interrupted in his world of admiration and excitement by the door bell. He looked at the watch on the wall. His boyfriend Peter should come around seven o'clock and Dylan had used so much time on his precious mane that time had slipped away without him noticing.

Since it was his boyfriend visiting Dylan gave up the idea of dressing before he went to the door. Anyway Peter was used to see him without anything but his huge mane so Dylan opened the door. Outside the door a guy - which was certainly not Peter! - stared at Dylan and the massive curtain of golden hair covering Dylan all over except for the face - and the bulge - completely flabbergasted and unable to speak. Dylan blushing and equally surprised at last managed to whisper: "Who are you"). The strange guy swallowed a couple of times, then mumbled: "I'm Rick - from Peter's class at the University. Peter had to leave class this afternoon due to a very bad headache. He tried to call you but got no answer. He said you were probably in the bathroom and couldn't hear the phone. And then he asked me if I could bring you his notes to use in your essay". Rick handed over a couple of handwritten notes.

Dylan still extremely embarrassed put out his right hand from behind the hair curtain and thanked Rick for coming by. Both guys stood in the door way looking at each other. Finally Dylan asked Rick if he would like a cup of coffee. Rick nodded and entered the flat closing the door behind him. Dylan said that he could take a seat in the living room and that he would bring him the coffee. As Dylan turned his back to Rick and went to the kitchen Rick watched all the amazing foot long blond massive mane cover Dylan completely from head to toe swaying gently from side to side. Rick wasn't unaffected by this sight -on the contrary. He could see and feel the bulge in his pants growing very fast.

Ad midst his embarrassment Dylan too was very excited. No guy other than Peter had seen him naked - or rather covered in hair but naked behind the curtain. In fact Dylan was so excited that he decided NOT to getting dressed and he went into the living room with the two coffee cups - and nothing else but his gigantic mane.

Dylan only had a small flat so there was only a couch to seat in. Rick simply couldn't get his eyes from Dylan's amazing mane, as Dylan handed him his coffee and sat down very close to him. He spread out his freshly shampooed mane all over his naked body. Rick almost fainted at the sight and smell of the wonderful blond curtain all over Dylan.

They started to drink their coffee - no one saying anything. Only the sound of heavy breathing from both of them could be heard. Very slowly Dylan turned his head and looked Rick right into his eyes. Very very slowly they got closer and closer to each other. Finally their lips met and they french kissed at the same time moving their hands to the huge bulges - in the pants and behind the hair curtain.

Very very slowly they wanked each other still french kissing. Rick pulled away and whispered: "You're naked and not. All that amazing hair. Its wonderful". He wanked Dylan and grabbed a long lock and caressed it. Dylan whispered: "You've got far too much clothes on". And he started to undress Rick - and when finished he kneeled down and took Rick's rock hard cock in his mouth blowing him very slowly and very deep. Rick sighed heavily and gathered tons of wonderful almost 190 cm. long blond hair in his hands - looked at it - held it up high in the air - and let it drop all over Dylan covering him completely in a sea of golden hair.

Rick rose and asked Dylan to kneel down on the couch. He went behind Dylan, gathered the heavy gigantic floor long blond mane in a huge ponytail - and mounted Dylan using his amazing mane as handle as he rode him. Dylan cried in excitement and pleasure and Rick looking at Dylan's huge sexy ass and at this immense ponytail couldn't hold back, he pulled out and came in Dylan's amazing mane.

They both rose and french kissed again. "Ohh God you're soooo beautiful" Rick sighed. "How do you like my hair?" Dylan whispered in Rick's ear. "Peter tells me all the time that he wants me to cut it short so he has a free view to my body. But I don't think I can live without my mane. It has been with me all my life and I would surely die if I had to part from it".

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