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its my life part 2 transformation starts by bald K

please read part one first if you have not already read it

"I really don’t know mate, I am not sure I even want it cut." Shane told Scott.
"Look mate you are no longer at home so f***ing live a bit." Liam said to Shane.’
"Look sorry guys let me have a think about it and come back Saturday after I have spoken to my parents." Shane pleaded with Liam and Scott.
"Aw come on mate it’s only a haircut." Liam said to Shane.
"Yeah but you don’t know what my parents are like." Shane told Liam and Scott.
"Yeah ok but you will be getting it cut on Saturday by Terri." Scott told Shane as he removed the cape.
"Terri could always do it at your place at say three on Saturday as I finish at two so can be with you." Liam suggested.
"No he gets it done in the back room here straight after he speaks to his parents." Scott told Liam. "And it will be short mate so get used to the idea."
"Yeah I know I want it cut differently but let me get Saturday lunchtime over first." Shane sighed. "Come on Liam I need a beer.
"You know you could have just got a crew mate like a grade four leaving half an inch of hair." Liam told Shane as they walked out of the shop.
"Mate I never even been inside a barbers shop before today." Shane told Liam. "My aunt used to come round first Saturday of the month to get it trimmed exactly like my mum wanted it done.
"You mean your dad has never taken you to a barbers shop?" Liam asked Shane.
"No I have never known him with long or short hair he just has it above the collar and ears just like mine and my brother." Shane sighed as they got on the bus back to the pub. "They would say a grade four crew was to bloody short."
"Bloody hell you have the parents from hell." Liam told Shane. "What time do you want to meet Saturday as I am not working?"
"Hold on mate better take the call it’s from mother." Shane replied as his phone rang. "Hello mother how are you?"
"How are you Shane? You did not call yesterday to say you arrived at the apartment we have rented out for you." Shane’s mother replied.
"Yeah sorry with the accident and roadworks it was late and I forgot." Shane lied.
"Well at least you have arrived, now do not forget your cousin is getting married Saturday and you have to pick up your morning suit and get you hair trimmed Saturday morning." Shane’s mother told Shane.
"Yes mother I know that Grant is getting married and it is a top hat job I will be back Friday evening." Shane replied.
"Just make sure you are young man." Shane’s mum said. "Oh and Saturday me and your father are at a church function so you can Skype us Sunday after church."
"Yes mother I will do that." Shane sighed. "See you Sunday." Shane continued before ending the call.
"Jesus you have to put up with that s**t!" Liam exclaimed.
"What am I going to do mate? I am getting my haircut Saturday by Terri." Shane asked Liam.
"Pity your webcam bust then." Liam said grinning. "See you Saturday about ten then?"
"Yeah ok see you at Scott’s place about ten Saturday mate." Shane replied as Liam walked off.
"Why did I not have the guts to let Scott do his stuff today?" Shane thought to himself as he walked into the pub.

Shane stepped out of the shower and dried himself before looking in the mirror at his blondish hair in the mirror. "I wonder how I will look after Terri has done my hair?" Shane wondered as he dressed and heard his phone ring. "Hello father how are you?" Shane asked his father as he answered the phone.
"Fine son just checking everything is ok and you have not got into any trouble." Shane’s father replied.
"As if I would get into trouble." Shane replied. "In fact I have met some who are just like me." Shane lied.
"That is good to know son." Shane’s dad said. "Now tomorrow we have found out that the minister at your new church is related to the minister we have here so you will be straight into the choir."
"That is good news father." Shane sighed. "Have you not got a church event to go to?"
"Yes we have so see you tomorrow." Shane’s dad said as he ended the call.
"Great, the bloody minister is related so news will get back to him." Shane thought to himself as he walked out of the apartment and lit up a cigarette and made his way to meet Liam.
Arriving at the barbers shop Shane saw Liam standing outside waiting for him with a cigarette in his mouth.
"Wondered if you were going to chicken out mate." Liam said as he stubbed his cigarette out and opened the door.
"Hey guys Terri is out the back and doing Jacob at the moment." Scott told them as they walked in.
"Thought he would be here." Liam grinned as he opened a door to the back of the shop.
Shane followed Liam through to the back and saw a young guy with cap on his head covered with a dye.
"Take a seat Shane." Terri told Shane. "I can start on you as the dye sets on Jacobs head."
"Oh I thought you were going to be guy." Shane grinned as he sat down in a chair.
"Right I know just what to do." Terri said to Shane as she pulled a cap over his head and picked up a hook.
"You are going to dye my hair?" Shane inquired nervously.
"You are going to look awesome after I finish with you." Terri told Shane as she started to pull strands of Shane’s hair through it.
"S**t what am I going to tell my parents when I have a different colour hair?" Shane thought to himself as Terri continued pulling hair through the cap.
Terri finished pulling the hair she wanted through the cap and put the hook down and picked up a bowl with a blue mixture in it and started putting it on Shane’s hair with a brush before doing a different dye on another part.
"Right that will take about an hour to set in love." Terri told Shane. "Right Jacob let’s get you sorted."
Shane turned his chair and watched as Terri took Jacob over to a sink and washed his hair revealing the now blond hair on top in contrast to the dark brown hair round the back and sides. Picking up the clippers Terri started to shave off the dark brown hair from the back and sides leaving only the blond hair on top before combing the hair forward and shaving the top leaving just a ring of hair about an inch wide.
"Still want it smooth Jacob?" Terri inquired.
"Yeah go for it." Jacob replied smiling.
Shane watched remembering Freddy from a few days ago getting his head shaved as Terri spread the shaving gel over the stubble before shaving Jacob’s head smooth apart from the inch wide ring. Putting the razor down and wiping Jacob’s head Terri then put rock gel on it and blow dried it so the remaining hair stood to attention in three inch spikes.
"Awesome! Just how I wanted it!" Jacob exclaimed as Terri showed Jacob the haircut in a mirror. "The blonde horseshoe punk!"
"Right give yours another ten and get you sorted out Shane." Terri said as she checked the dye on Shane’s head.
"Oh yeah great." Shane replied nervously wondering what Terri had in store for him. "Wish there was a mirror so I could see what is going on."
After ten minutes Terri walked back over and checked Shane’s hair.
"Right you are ready so let’s wash your hair." Terri told Shane.
"Yeah let’s get this over with." Shane said as he followed Terri to the sink.
"OH yes this is going to look so good on you Shane." Terri said as she washed Shane’s hair before walking him back over to the chair and securing the cape round Shane’s neck.
"S**t she is shaving me." Shane thought to himself as Terri picked up a comb and the clippers.
"Relax man you are looking good." Liam reassured Shane. "You said you wanted it cut different."
Shane felt the clippers start to shave the side of his head and saw the dark blonde hair slide into the cape and Terri moved round Shane’s head.
"Come on Shane you wanted different but how I am going to explain to mum and dad I do not know." Shane thought to himself. As Terri continued with the clippers. "And she is going higher than she did with Jacob’s hair.
Terri finished with the clippers and started to rub the shaving gel on the remaining stubble on Shane’s head before picking up the razor and started to shave the side of Shane’s head.
"This feels so weird." Shane thought to himself as he felt the razor scrape away his stubble.
"Nearly done Shane." Terri said as she applied more shaving gel and started to shave against the grain to leave Shane’s scalp smooth.
Finishing with the razor Terri picked up the rock gel and started working it into the remaining hair on Shane’s head before picking up a brush and hairdryer to make Shane’s remaining hair stand upright.
"All done Shane." Terri said as she removed the cape. "Ready to see your new look?"
"Err yeah I guess so." Shane replied as Terri picked up a mirror.
"There you go then punk." Terri laughed as she showed Shane his new haircut.
"OH MY F******G GOD!!!" Shane shouted out as he saw that all remained of his hair was a two inch wide strip down the centre of his head with half of it dyed blond like Jacob and the other half was now jet black in a Mohican style with the back and sides shaved smooth.
"You like it?" Liam inquired.
"Well it is certainly different." Shane replied s he rubbed the shaved side of his head. "But I have church tomorrow."
"Going to be fun then as we still have more to do in you." Liam replied.

To be continued

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