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Josh's Barbers Choice - Part 3 by J.P.

Josh did let me trim just a bit off at Easter time much to my surprise. What was even better was that his Barter payment for the cut took an unexpected turn. I'd been desperately trying to find a way to make it so I had a Barbers Choice for him come Memorial Day, not just a good short haircut. We'd shared enough carnal pleasures by this time that I knew Josh would try anything once. I suggested a new technique that I hadn't tried with him, on the condition that if we could both reach an orgasm at the same time , since I was in control as it were, that I would have barbers choice for his next cut. He was skeptical as I knew he would be, but, low and behold, he had the best orgasm he'd ever had(I knew he would) When he could finally come to his senses again, he got a crestfallen look on his face. What's the matter I asked, what, was that not good enough for you? No, No, god, I still can't get my heart to beat regularly after that, he said. That was amazing, like none other. What I just realized though is that I've just given you total control over my hair, Josh quietly murmured. Yes, yes, my boy, you have, I replied with a sly grin.

Easter was in March this year, so I had better than 2 months to decide exactly how to give Josh the cut I wanted him to have. This would take some planning.

Memorial Day was finally upon us. School out for the summer, a pause before the summer recruits and summer students came in for their cuts. Josh didn't have a summer session to teach so he was foot loose for the summer. Perfect.

I asked Josh to meet me at the shop Memorial Day weekend, on Sunday at noon, or he could spend Saturday night with me, and we'd get a late breakfast before hitting the shop. Then, for the rest of the day, you're mine I said, running my hands through his thick mane. It's haircut day this Sunday my boy. Oh, no, Josh moaned. You're going to make good on that barbers choice aren't you he groaned.

Yes, yes I am, I replied. And you are going to be one studly hot mother *****, I whispered in his ear.

He spent the night Saturday, we lounged around and had a late breakfast, arriving at the shop at noon.

I kept the blinds down and relocked the door. Turning to Josh with a sly grin, I said O.K. you have to go along with whatever I say until your haircut is finished O.K? With more than a bit of trepidation, Josh replied well, I guess, as long as you don't shave me bald, I guess I'll go along with you. Remember, you are a barber with a reputation to protect, and I am free advertising for you, being that I'm your partner and all.

I smiled, yes, that's all true, now...take off you clothes, all of them, and hop into the chair in the back, we're going to wash and condition this mane , one last time. I know you'll enjoy this, well most of it anyway, I said. I got him washed and conditioned, towel dried, and marched him back to the big barber chair, buck naked. OMG. I could tell despite himself , he was at least half enjoying this, so far.

Get comfortable I smiled, this isn't going to be a half hour haircut babe.

I got a crisp clean cap out, taped and caped him, and said ready ?

I brushed out his thick, shoulder length, sunshine colored mane , dried it, and took a series of pictures for posterity. It wouldn't be this long again for a long time, if ever, if he liked what I was about to do.

Now, I said, pushing my hands through the plush thick bulk one last time, I'm going to cut your hair in several steps. It'll give you some ideas for growing it out next fall, maybe. Oh, and we're going to remove the face fur today too . Josh got a somewhat fearful look in his eyes. Babe, you have to trust me, I said, hoping up on the platform , leaning in, and whispering in his ear again, you're going to look so hot you won't be able to stand it, trust me. I hopped down, picked up the scissors and comb and we began. First I exposed the earlobes on both sides, 3 inches of thick wavy bulk sliding to the cape on each side. Josh moaned, God, I can't believe I gave in to you for this. Shh, I said, finger to his lips , relax and enjoy the ride, its only just started, I said. , Next, I trimmed the back up to just below his nape .six inches of thick bulky wavy locks, falling on his shoulders. I made sure I pushed it all into his lap amid the growing pile, and growing bulge in the cape. I scissor tapered the sides and back a bit to make it look tailored, razor shaving his neck. Might as well get him used to the straight razor, I thought, we'll be using it more later. I left the bangs and top thick and full for this first cut. Trimming them long, at his chin, and brushing them almost straight back, they had a natural wave the broke over his right eye. I had him facing away from the mirrors so other than the pile of locks in his lap he had no idea what he looked like. O.K., step one is finished, want to see, I asked. He nodded quietly in the affirmative so I spun him around to the big mirror and grabbed the hand mirror for the back, He gave a pleasant smile, nodded as I showed him the back, and said wow, looks great, is this it? Yes, it does, it's only the beginning though, and already you look like a handsome woodsman. I laughed, and no this isn't it, not by a long shot babe, and spun him back away from the mirror. I took another set of pics for posterity, letting him ham a bit.

This time I broke out he big guns, the Oster 76 came out. No more mister nice guy. Now we got down to business.

First I sectioned off a generous horseshoe parting and tied the thick bang mop out of the way. I asked him to put chin to chest and let my hand guide his head from now on. He sighed loudly. Relax and enjoy this, I told him. I had decided for this step that I still wanted to see a bit of velvet on the sides and back, so I was using a #4 to start. I slid the clippers into his thick nape and slowly advanced up the back of his head to the parting. OMG J, he moaned. I'd forgotten what that feels like. That's the beauty of letting it grow out all winter , getting the summer cut feels like the first time all over again, he moaned. I pushed the thick mound that the clippers had peeled away so that it fell in his lap. Holy crap, Josh sighed, I didn't' think I still had that much hair left after the first cut. Oh, yeah man, we've got a ways to go yet, I said. I repeated the process up the back several times slowly, letting him enjoy every stroke of the massive Osters as they systematically peeled him down to a $4 all over the back.

Wow J, I'm beginning to think I don't have any hair left back there, do I, he asked nervously. Yes, I ran my hand from his nape slowly to his crown, feeling the soft thick velvet. See? I asked. Oh, God, yes, that felt so good, he said with a groan.

I moved to the left side, slowly peeling off all the hair on that side up to the part, fully exposing his left ear for the first time since last September. Boy, Josh said, that feels so weird, my ear can feel the breeze of you moving around. And your ear looks so perfect, sitting against that field of sunny velvet, I said, running my hand over the side. MMMM, he moaned, don't stop, Josh murmured. Oh, I won't, I said, moving to the left side and peeling all that thick wavy bulk off, dropping it into the huge pile in his lap. Wow, that's a huge pile of hair J, just look at it, Josh said. I know babe, and there's still more left, I whispered in his ear softly. He shivered. I reached into his lap, grabbed a big handful, grazing his throbbing little buddy in the process. Glad to see you're enjoying this as much as I am I said. He said, stop teasing or I'll need a towel, he groaned.

O.K. I brushed all the hair on top straight back and tied it in a handsome man bun. Not my favorite look but I wanted to have some fun with him. We'd deal with it later. I was far from done.

Wow, we need to trim up this face fur, I said. I grabbed a small pair of clippers, snapped on a #2 guard, and proceeded to reduce the entire beard to a #2, moustache too. Now we were getting someplace I thought to myself. O.K. babe, I said, swinging the chair around , what do you think of the metrosexual Josh, I asked. I grabbed the hand mirror and showed him the back. Oh, J, what did you do, man. I don't think I'm a man bun kind of guy, do you , he asked. Well, I thought I'd have some fun, you never know what type of look might grab a guy, till you try. I slowly moved my hands all over the freshly clipped sides. Josh was groaning aloud with pleasure. Oh, man that feels great, he said. He started to bring his hands out from under the cape to feel, and I stopped him. Ah, ah, ah, sir! we're not finished yet. Oh, no, Josh exclaimed, what's left?

I just smiled and turned the chair away again. I picked up the Osters, #4 guard still on them, and untied the man bun, holding all that hair in one hand. With the Osters in the other, I proceeded to plow a strip from crown to forehead, removing part of what I had in my hand, three more quick passes removed it all. I held it in front of Joshes wide eyes and dropped it onto the huge pile in his lap.. WHAT DID YOU JUST DO, he cried. I looked at him innocently and said I just trimmed the top a bit , you'll see. He gasped. Oh. man J. I could tell he now had a firm grip on both arm rests. He was breathing heavily. Oh, man, was all he could say. Now we need to get rid of the rest of that face fur I said. I got out the balding clippers and proceeded to remove all of the beard and moustache. I wanted him clean shaven for the final reveal. Without missing a beat, as I finished up on his left side, I moved the balding clippers up into the side of his head and began removing everything from the part line down, stripping the side of his head. Josh was wide eyed and silent. I moved around the back and kept going, stripping everything from the part on down, removing all but the tiniest shadow of sunny velvet stubble. I loved these clippers, you really didn't need to razor shave after using them but most of my customers liked the shave anyway. I kept going around the right side, removing it all. When I stopped, Josh was rigid in the chair. Did you just do what I think you did J, Josh asked softly. Shhh, be still a few more minutes and you'll find out, I said, purring in his ear. I did a little blending where the shaved sides and back met the #4 on top. I liked the contrast, with the #4 there was just enough hair left on top to tell what color it was. It was so soft and velvety to the touch too, I loved that. Much shorter and he would be bald whether I shaved him or not, considering his hair color.

I got hot towels, wrapped his whole face and head in them and waited a few minutes for his beard to soften. He was softly moaning in ecstasy all the while. I removed the towels, lathered up his face, and sides and back of his head, while he sat there wide eyed. I slowly and carefully removed all the facial hair first, then moved to his head, sides first , then the back. He'd never uttered a sound through all this. I lathered his head, and scrapped it all in reverse, making sure he was thoroughly smooth. I wasn't sure I was going to get a second chance at this so I wanted it to be the full experience. I wiped him off, rubbed some witch hazel all over his sides and back. He yelped at that I noticed, but made no comment. I gave him a thorough inspection from top of head, to tip of chin, perfect I thought, and Man was he ever hot looking.

I unsnapped the cape, moving the huge mound of shorn hair to the floor. Josh watched and sighed. Then I brushed him down and spun him around, O.K. Paul Bunyan, meet G.I. Josh. Josh just stared at his reflection in the mirror, wide eyed, saying nothing. He slowly turned his head from side to side, taking it all in. Are you s**tting me !, he exclaimed, mouth agape. What did you do to me, he said, slowly rubbing his hand over the sides and back of his head. He closed his eyes and moaned. J, why did you do this he asked quietly.

Well, do you remember the first time you came to the shop and you noticed the G.I. leaving with the fresh cut, I asked. Yes, sure, I won't soon forget will I, he said, gesturing into the mirror. It's the same cut isn't it. Every time you came here for a trim, I saw you staring at the different G.I. cut type pictures I have up on the wall there, I pointed..

I knew you'd never ask for a cut like this, and I'd never be able to talk you into it so.... Barbers Choice babe. If you don't like it, it will have grown out to something we can work with by labor day. Or at that point you can just keep on growing it for winter. Sit still for a minute Josh, I said. I snapped a series of pics of the final look. Josh, I am a bit concerned, did I misread you I said seriously. Josh stood up, for the first time, he smiled, grabbed me in a bear hug, and said, no you were right on, I love it, he exclaimed. I don't know if I'll let you keep me looking like this yet, but for the moment, I love it. I sighed, wow, that's good babe, cause I have to tell you, you are one HOT looking G.I. soldier with one HOT looking razor shaved high and tight. It's quite a transformation I have to say. I reached up and rubbed my hands all over the sides and back of his head, then softly running them over the top. I was going to love doing that for awhile, I thought to myself.

I gave the shop a quick clean up, Josh gathered up his clothes, still obviously enjoying the moment, and we headed up to the loft. O.K. Josh, I said, stopping him before we reached the bedroom. How about this time for the barter, I take care of you? He nodded and smiled mischievously.

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