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An Austrian in New York by cut4buzz

In the summer after graduating from high school, Adam Löders visited New York with his best friend Hans. Both boys had been mutually attracted for years, but that went unspoken for both were unsure how to express their feelings. A high school in St Pölten wasn’t really the place for it either. Austrian school boys and same-sex attraction don’t mix. Not that Adam wasn’t curious. Tall in stature, with wide shoulders, wavy blond hair and an angelic face illuminated by bright blue eyes, he was anxious to get any sort of romantic action.

Not quite by chance Adam and Hans went to a West-Side gym known for its gay frequentation. Returning a second time, the owner, a rather smooth character known as Samuel Kroome knew exactly what to make of the overeager teenager with the foreign accent. He was cute and his body although still very undeveloped had all the chops to become quite something. He took the teenager out to all the night spots and gave him all the attention physical and emotional he was starving for. Adam in turn thought to have found love, he worshipped the very ground Sam walked on. This man made him discover sex, freedom, life itself. When after two weeks the holiday was supposed to be over, Samuel had Adam enrol in a business college in New York to keep him there. Samuel was paying for that as well. Hans was sent back to break the news to Mr and Mrs Löders.

Now, Samuel was free to make Adam, sweet, submissive Adam, over in his fantasy. After a while of working out, his body had a lean musculature while his body and face were still naturally smooth except for his pubes and armpits. Samuel had Adam grow out his hair to just above the shoulder. This luxuriant hair and his uncut Austrian cock gave him the air of a young Apollo. Now Samuel convinced Adam that just sleeping with him wasn’t any fun, he had to explore! Adam did feel attracted to all the muscle hunks in the showers at the gym, but he was in love with Samuel! He reasoned that if it pleased Samuel, he would sleep with whomever he wished. He not only had the gym regulars, but also Wall Street big times.

At 21 Adam’s muscles filled out nicely. His eyes had turned more assertive, he had to shave his face regularly and fuzz was starting to cover his forarms, legs, butcrack and ever so slightly on the chest. Samuel had him shave his body smooth. One evening in the bath room he came up to Adam said to trust him. He proceeded to snip all the long hair off close to the scalp. He left a few blond curls on top, and brought the sides down to a #2 creating a fashionable undercut. Apollo was turned into the all American guy. To make that look complete, the foreskin had to go too. Samuel convinced Adam that it would be much hotter if one could see his glance through a pair of white boxer briefs. Adam had the procedure done as a birthday gift for Samuel. Adam in the meanwhile became totally addicted to having all the men swoon over his good looks. Sex was his game and he was master at it. With a twinkle in his eyes he showed himself of walking naked in the dressing room.

At 25 Adan had huge, bulging biceps, cleft abs and gloriously voluptuous pecks. His cock hanged heavy between his massive thighs. Samuel decided it was time to let him grow out his golden blond body hair which now had reached its full thickness. In a tanktop one could now see a chest full of golden fuzz. Adam now grew a five o’clock shade to balance the look out. In the bathroom one morning, samuel took the clippers to Adams top. Asking him what he was doing, he answered "levelling it out with the back and sides". Adam was getting a #2 buzz cut all over, slightly longer than his facial stubble. He looked very masculine now, with his huge muscles and closely cropped pelt. Adam delighted in clipping his own head once every week, naked in the dressing room. A real macho feeling as he always got hard doing it. In the meantime his partying and promiscuity also got harder and harder. Every time he felt he had to prove himself, sex was forbidden of becoming a routine.

At 30, the years of proteins and exercises had made Adam’s muscles and abundant body hair look like a parody of masculinity. A gay fantasy of the alpha male. The once angelic face had turned sharp, sharply on the look out for the next shag. He had no real preference of himself, everything for that image, the image of the gym. Now at Samuel’s urging came the time to take his blond pelt down to 00. Every other day Samuel took a razor to the hunk’s head. The shaved head with hairy body was now the harshly sexy look he went for. Pierced nipples followed suite, while to get satisfaction sex had to become more and more hard core.

Then one day Adam saw a beautiful teenager at the gym approached by a 42 year old muscle hunk he had slept with casually over time. The comically overtrained man, complete with shaved back and sides and beard stroked the kid’s shiny dark brown curls and shapely thighs. In the meantime another awkward boy looked on full of anger and self-doubt as the man proceeded to fondle his beautiful friend. "Hans!" Adam thought. Then and there he threw the teenagers out of the place and told the awkward kid not to let his friend slip away. Chances are it is very mutual, don’t let him loose himself in empty flattery by older men. Then it struck Adam, he had never known real love. He had only ever been obsessed with an older man who turned him into a cardboard fantasy of gay lust: the young God with shaggy curls, the golden boy with smooth chest and undercut, the husky buzz cut and finally the deep throat baldie. His life wasn’t his own, the body he lived in was an instrument, one big overdeveloped joke. Even his cock had been modified to Samuel’s tastes. The gym he spend his life in was a manic hothouse driving men to sexual frustration, social isolation and obsession with body image.

That night he left the flat above the gym he had shared for 12 years with Samuel. Samuel couldn’t care less, at 32 Adam had rather become a nuisance. Luckily Adam obtained his Ba degree in Business which made sure he wasn’t tied to that gym for life. He stopped taking all those proteins and after a while, he could again wear shirts and T-shirts without having his pecks and biceps bulging out of them. Only when growing out his hair again, it became clear it would never grow to it’s former thickness. Turns out the baldie was the only remaining option.

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