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Fresh start!!! by GP49

After a long term relationship ended in a bad way and after a few months on my own I began to enjoy being on my own once again, I had my own little routines which I’ve always enjoyed, I went out when I felt like it but also enjoyed not going out for sometimes a couple of weeks at a time.
I decided one morning after stepping out of the shower and looking across at the mirror that I could do with a haircut, I’d tried many different styles over the years but suddenly got the craving for a proper short back & sides.
I got changed and headed out in the car with no particular place in mind, I came across an old style barber shop and thought why not, I wandered in to be greeted by a very attractive lady in her early sixties but she could have passed for early fifties quite easily.
She told me to take a seat and proceeded to wrap a shiny black cape around me with a piece of tissue tucked around my neck, she then asked what I wanted?
I replied that I’d been considering a short back & sides, ‘good choice’ she replied, she then said ‘one on the back & sides with a zero fade?’......I just nodded, not totally sure that was completely what I wanted but I was seriously caught up in the moment.
She placed her hand on the top of my head and pushed it down into my chest and then proceeded to take the clippers up the back of my head, she did this time and time again before moving to the sides and started effortlessly removing the hair from the sides, she then removed the guard from the clippers and started to go to work on the back and sides with the bare blades.
Higher and higher she went until all that was left was the hair on the top of my head......I wasn’t expecting to be virtually bald all the way up the back of my head and two inches above my ears......she quickly chopped the length on top down to around an inch and I was left sitting there looking at this haircut which was definitely shorter than I expected but I also quite liked.....for now anyway, haircuts always look s**t the day after I find.
She removed the cape and as I was about to follow the lady to the cash register she stopped and said ‘come back in around two weeks and I’ll tidy it up and take it smooth with the razor around the back and sides’.....I said ‘how come you didn’t do that now’......her reply was priceless, she said ‘you looked like frightened rabbit, if I’d shaved you bald around the neck & ears first time if never have seen you in here again’
She was absolutely bang on......I did return about four weeks later and even had the nerve to utter the words.....’can you shave me at the back & sides too?’
We have become good friends over the last few months and met for a drink from time to time.....it’s never gone beyond drinks and that’s fine for both of us, she’s a good friend and a great barber!!!

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