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Hazards of being a model by Haircutnerd

Michael came come one evening from a photoshoot. He was a popular commercial model and had just done quite an important job for a Swiss watchbrand. To highlight the icy platinum watch, his trademark black curls, longer on top with shorter sides, had to be bleached white and straightened. The photos looked great, but running his hands through his hair Michael knew his soft, healthy locks were severely damaged. Upon coming home, Michael decided to first give his hair a deep conditioning. When seeing himself shirtless under the bathroom lights, he saw how awkward the dry white hair looked with his tan skin and, dark facial stuble and rich, dark chest hair. In the shower he heard his boyfriend James come home. James had thick red hair tied in a man bun. He was a bit smaller than Michael, but had an equally toned physique. Michael, however, was on the whole more filled out. "Oh my, what happened to you!" James screamed when he saw Michael walking into the kitchen in nothing but a towel, drops of water still glistening on his pecs and V-lines. He rested one arm backwards on the kitchencounter which made his triceps really pop. With the other he stroked over the crown of his head. "They bleached it.... You know it looked really great for the purpose of the shoot, but I think my hair is totally ruined know. It's breaking of at the ends everywhere", he answered. "Are you going to have it dyed its old colour tomorrow?" James asked. "Just to end up with some tacky looking blue black dye over damaged hair, no thank you, there is only one reasonable solution: I have to put on my big boy pants and start all over again", Michael replied, "wanna see?". "But your hair is your thing, you can't just buzz it all off!" James cried in distress. "Oh, don't moan, it can't get worse than this!"

The boys went in the bathroom and Michael plugged in the clippers which had a #2 head on. He dropped his towel, claiming not to want to get hair on it. Judging by what the towel revealed, he was rather looking forward to the shearing. He stared at his defined musculature and husky body hair, than to the white mess on his head, before running the clippers right down the middle at his hairline. A few strokes later the top was all off and James took over to take the back down. James suggested that they should put on a shorter attachment. Seen the bleaching only happened that morning, the hair was white right down to the roots. Michael was hesitant, a white buzz would grow out in a few weeks, he could live with that. Before he knew it James ran the clippers over the back of his head without a guard. Michael was enjoyed the buzzing noice so much he at first didn't notice. In the meantime his glorious member was full mast. Only when James ran the clippers over the top did he see he was being taken down to the skin. The shock only added to the excitement. The boys kissed and went into the shower together to get rid of all the small, white hairs. After coming, Michael proceeded to such James who after first being hesitant, had completely got into the head shaving. James next put shaving foam on his boyfriend's head. "What are you doing?" Michael said. "Well, you wanted to start all over again! Besides you have come this far, we might as well go all the way!" James replied. With that the last remnant of Michael's once abundant chevelure was scraped of.

That night James was in seventh heaven. He had always secretely wanted to shave his boyfriend completely bald. He privately thought the longest hair a man should have is on his chest. Michael's muscles really popped now, no hair to distract the eyed. Just firm, big, rippling muscles dusted with black hair and a throbbing cock. No fussy hair to take away from the masculine splendour of it all.

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