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What Durr? A Haircut! by Clipper Rick

It was the winter of my 32nd year on planet Earth, and I was standing up with a cup of coffee waiting for a friend of mine to finish getting his hair cut up in a barber shop. It was the kind of barbershop with an old man and a smokin hot woman who done the hair for the younger clients.

Just as Bobby was finishing up in the chair, looking nice with his new slicked back perm, admiring himself in the screen of his phone, I hear the woman say "Hey you! You look like you could use a haircut! Come over here!"

I looked at her with confusion all over my face. "What do you mean there? A haircut? I just got my hairs cut!"

She mocked me: "what durrrr a haircut??? Haha I mean you need a better one. Come over here and sit for a second."

I have never been able to do anything to resist a pretty woman, so this was no different. My body went a little cold and I began to make my way across the floor of the barbering shop. When I got to the chair I obeyed her command and sit down right there. Before I kno it she’s putting a cape around me and asking if I ever had a real man’s haircut. I said I had not and she turned the chair away from the mirror.

"It will be a good surprise" she says and then I hear the clippers start up like a lawnmower my neighbor sits on to cut his grass on his property. Before I know it hair is flying everywhere and I am terrified I will look upon myself without any sooner rather than later. All of the sudden she’s done. She spins the chair around.


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