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Dare Backfires! by Plastic_Hair_Cape_Lover

Haircuts have always been exciting to me. I don’t know what it is but whenever I hear people talk about haircuts, see guys getting haircuts or get one myself I get a tingle down below. I have always wanted a really short haircut myself but I have never had the guts to do it.

At the time this story happened I had medium length hair that touched my collar and a quiff on top. Me and my mates always liked doing dares for loosing bets. They were normally silly things like let the other one tweet from your account, put a cream pie in your face, prank call someone that kind of thing. One day we were hanging out watching football when we decided to have a bet on the game. The dare for the looser was to let the winner cut their hair exactly how they want. The bet was between me and a guy that I had always really fancied. He had hair down to his shoulders and I always dreamed of cutting it off. I was sure that I would win so I very quickly accepted the bet and started to imagine shaving off all his hair.

The game began and at half time my team was winning so I started to tease him my grabbing his hair and putting my hands like scissors and pretending to cut it. He tried to back out but I wasn’t having any of it.

As the second half kicked off his team started to score. It came to the point where they were 5 minutes left of the game and it was a draw. I was starting to get very nervous at this point. His team then scored just seconds before the final whistle and that was it. I had lost and I was going to have let him cut my hair.

I was now the one trying to get out of the haircut but he wasn’t having any of it and as I had ribbed him for trying to get out of it before I didn’t have a leg to stand on.

All of my mates starting to laugh and get a chair out from the kitchen and put it in the middle of the room. One of them got a big black trash bag and put a hole in the top and held it out there. I was reluctant to get into the chair so a couple of them came out to me, picked me up and put me into the chair. One of my mates even took his belt off and fastened my hands behind the chair. The guy who won the bet then put the trash bag over my head so it covered my whole body. I was kind of glad of this as it would hide the inevitable bulge that I was going to get in my pants.

I started to ask what he was going to do to my hair but he just told me to shut up and wait and see. He pulled out a pair of clippers and turned them on. I jumped as soon as they made the buzzing noise. My mates all laughed seeing me there scared. The clippers were put on my forehead and held there for a few seconds but it seemed like a lifetime. The clippers went right down through the centre of my perfectly style quiff and I just saw a mound of hair fall down onto the bag and then onto the floor. I didn’t know what guard was being used but I knew it was short by the amount of hair falling.

The clippers kept running over and over my head. I knew at this point he was giving me a buzzcut and I was so scared of what it was going to look like but I was also really enjoying it.
After about 15 minutes he had finished. They untied me and I got up, still in the bag, shaking as I walked over to the mirror. I took one look and I loved it. All my mates then came over and started rubbing my head and laughing. I loved the feeling of them rubbing my head. I didn’t tell them but I really liked the look on me.

I sadly grew it back after that but I always dream of getting it all shaved off again and I still am trying to find a way to get my revenge on my mate who shaved it longing to see his long locks on the floor and rub his bald head.

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