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Deal Breaker by VSBaldy

"Hi, Rory? This is Joel. We met in the coffee shop yesterday."

"Oh hi Joel! I remember you! I’m glad you called."

"Me too. So, what do you think? You wanna go out for dinner this weekend sometime?"

"Oh ya! I’d love to. Saturday is good for me."

"Great! Me too. Let’s meet at the coffee shop at 4pm and take it from there."

"Cool. Uhm, Joel ...?"


"I have what might sound like a strange request ..."

"Oh yeah? What’s that?"

"Well, I’ve got this thing, that I insist on for all the guys I date."

"Hmmm. I’m intrigued."

"Ok, here it is ... I need you to shave your head."

Joel went silent. He wasn’t expecting anything like that. She was some cute blond he met yesterday and he had tremendous, dark, wavy hair that cascaded past his shoulders. His pride and joy.

"Joel? Are you still there?"

"I am. I’m just stunned. Bald? You need me bald?"

"I know, I know, it sounds funny, but it’s such a turn on for me. In fact, it’s a total deal breaker. If you got hair, it’s gotta go."

"That’s quite a demand. Shouldn’t we go out a few times to see if we hit it off? Maybe then ..."

"Nope. Bald or no date."



"Can I think about it?"

"Think all you want. Just don’t bother calling me until you’ve shaved your head and are committed to keeping it smooth, shiny and bald."

Rory hung up the phone. Joel was stunned and speechless. Bald? That’s a total life changer. His hair has been long his entire adult life. It’s how everyone knew him ... long hair guy. Now some hottie he just met insists on this? Well, plenty of fish in the sea, he thought. Hard pass on that one ...

Two weekends later a dating app hooked him up with a brunette named Nicole. On their third date they went bowling. At the crowded bowling alley Joel noticed this good looking bald man whose head shined like the bowling balls. He then noticed who he was with: Rory. Rory got up to bowl and Nicole noticed her.

"Oh my god, that’s my old roommate Rory! She’s a doll! Let’s go say hi!".

Nicole dragged a reluctant Joel over and they all met. Joel and Rory played it cool as she introduced everyone to her bald date Steve. Nicole then asked Rory to step out side to smoke some cigs and left the guys to get acquainted.

"So, you been dating Rory a while?" Joel asked.

"It’s our second date. We met at the coffee shop in town."

"Oh yeah. I go there every once in a while. Maybe that’s why she looked familiar."

"She’s easy to spot!" Steve said.

"Steve, if you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been doing the chrome dome thing?"

Steve laughed. "Ha! No problem man. Let’s see .. about three years. It started to go so my barber suggested taking it all down. I was reluctant at first. But now, I cringe whenever I see old pics. Plus it’s kind of a chick magnet. Rory practically married me when we first met! What about you? How do you like having all that hair?"

Just then the girls came back. They talked about couples bowling in a few weeks and got ready to leave. Before leaving Joel went to freshen up in the men’s room. As he went to leave Rory was waiting for him.

"Hey, Steve’s cool and all, but I’d dump him in a sec for you if ...."
She then gently kissed his cheek, and continued "besides, Nicole told me she really likes Steve and his bald, shiny head."

Joel came out to the parking lot and met up with Nicole who was just lighting up another cigarette.

"Hey Joel, what did you think of Steve? I REALLY liked his shaved head. "

They got in the car and Joel looked at himself and his hair in the rear view mirror.

What’s he gonna do?

Part Two coming soon ....

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