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Deal Breaker part 2 by VSBaldy

The following weekend Joel came over to Nicole‘s place for their next Saturday night date. He came in and found her with a cigarette dangling from her lips as she appeared to be fussing with some make up in front of her vanity in the bathroom.

"Hey babe, what do you think?" Nicole said that she appeared to be snipping at little bits of hair on her forehead.

"Uhm ... think about what?"

"Bangs! My new bangs, silly. I just cut myself some new bangs." She said as she fussed with the hair in the front. Joel took a better look at her, with her hair up in a high pony tail and now sporting short blunt bangs on her forehead. "You know I went to the barber program in high school but had to drop out. After seeing Steve last week with Rory it got me thinking about finishing and opening up a shop."

"Wow, that’s cool. Go for it. And the hair looks great!"

"Thanks. Hey, now that I got the itch, what do think about me practicing on your hair? You could definitely go for a trim!" She said as she put out her cigarette and then began caressing his hair.

"Ha! I don’t know about that. Maybe after you’re back in the program and I’ve got a little more practice and will see. Besides, I really like my hair as it is."

"Oh come on. Just a little trim at first but I think eventually you’d look really hot with a high and tight military flat top or even eventually we’ll have to get you balded!"


"Ya! A super shiny chrome dome is in your future!" She teased at him.

Joel thought to himself: "What’s with these chicks and bald dudes?".

A few days later Joel was driving home from work when he had to stop to pick up some batteries. After he left the store he saw a barber pole. It got him thinking, maybe just go in and talk to someone?

A traditional place with all the aromas and memorabilia one would find at a place in its hey day in the 1970’s. A few older men chatting up about the game and an ancient barber jovially cutting away at his client who was also engaged in the sport talk.

Joel was not comfortable at all and quickly left the shop.

He drove around awhile and was feeling stupid. "It’s just a barber shop, if I can’t talk about hair there where can I?" Just then he saw another place, Town Barber Shop. He parked and made up his mind to go in and "just talk".

Bells rang as he opened up the door and walked in what appeared to be an empty barbershop. Out from the back came a middle-aged woman wearing a cutting smock and a no nonsense attitude.

"Have a seat." She curtly said. A little stunned, Joel just stood there. "Hey! Wake up! Get in the seat." She directed. As Joel sat she was already tissuing his neck. Nervously he finally spoke up.

"Hey, uh, can we talk first? I’m pretty nervous."

"How short do you want?" She asked sternly as the cape was snapped in place.

" I don’t know if I really want my haircut today. But I was looking to get some advice. My girlfriend has suggested trying something really short like a flat top or even a balding. Do you think that would work with my head shape and face?" Joel nervously expressed.

She briefly looked at him in the mirror and picked up her clippers.

"Head shave or flat top?" She asked as if annoyed by his wishy-washiness.

"Oh, I don’t know about either. I was hoping to get your opinion on whether ..."

She cut him off: " I don’t have time to play games let’s just shave your head." And she turned on the clippers. Joel, suddenly realizing his predicament quickly got up and pulled the Cape and tissue off.

" oh, I’m sorry. I just realized I left my wallet in the car I’ll be back later. It if it’s not there I’ll come back in a day or two. I’m really sorry about this thanks for the advice." And he left the shop as quickly as he entered.

Feeling both humiliated and weird about the affair he also felt a twinge of relief that he still had his hair. But, not five steps away from the shop he bumped into no other than Rory.

Both were surprised and delighted by the encounter but then a voice beckoned back to Joel.

It was the stern barber.

"Hey! Joel!" She shouted, holding something in her hand. "You left your wallet here!"

Joel, realizing his wallet must’ve slipped out while in the chair experienced a deep feeling of shame ... and dread.

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