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Deal Breaker part three by VSBaldy

Joel sheepishly walked back to get his wallet.

"Is this the girlfriend?" The barberette asked.

"What’s going on here?" A confused Rory asked.

"This clown said his girlfriend wants him bald."

"Nicole wants you bald? Or were you doing it for me?" Rory asked Joel, who was now in a bit of a panic, remained silent. Rory continued: "That’s so sweet, come on let’s go in. I’ve always wanted to watch a man with long hair get shaved smooth and bald". She then took him by the hand and brought him back inside the barbershop.

Seconds later Joel was back in the chair. As he was getting tissued and caped in place he could here Rory going on and on about how excited she was to watch and looking forward to double dating. "Me and and my baldy, Nicole and her baldy ... oh my, who’s baldy is who’s?"

Joel then realized his hair was put into a tight ponytail. The stern barberette then broke her silence: "Blondie, if you’re so excited, be my guest and cut off Joel’s pony. It’ll make the shearing easier."

"Oh my god! May I?! This is so cool! Are you ready Joel?" Rory asked as she walked closer to the chair.

Joel, as if waking in his own worst nightmare, began to cry. Paralyzed with a combination of shame, excitement and embarrassment, he just became a blubbering mess in the chair.

"Joel, what’s wrong?" Rory kindly asked. Joel was near hysterical "I - I - I ..... cant".

Anna, the stern barberette, broke in: "That’s it! Blondie, take that sissy out of my shop before I call an ambulance!"

Rory then helped Joel up and out and walked him to his car.

"You ok? What was that all about?"

"I’m alright. I guess I just had a panic attack. I guess I’m just not ready."

"I’d say so. Let’s forget about that double date. I’ll stick with my real man." Rory sneered before walking away. Devastated, Joel sat in his car for a while before venturing home.

When he got home he took a shower and had a drink. "What was that all about? Maybe for the best it didn’t work out with Rory, she seems pretty cold."

He then looked down at his phone, a text from Nicole:

"Rory told me about today. When you’re ready to grow up give me a call. But, I don’t date babies."

"Wow, that sucks. What’s with these girls? Well at least I still have my hair ..."

Almost a year later ...

Joel is running errands. He passes by where "Town Barber" used to be .... used to be? It’s now called "Nicole’s."

"Wow! Could it be?" He thought.

When he got to work his hair got tangled in his seat belt and he noticed how scruffy it looked. He was well past his yearly trim at the salon. Probably because he was freaked out by those girls. So he thought he better hit the mall later.

"Lords ‘n Ladies" was the unisex salon at the mall Joel had gone to most of his adult life. Usually he’d walk in and someone would take him. Today was no exception. "Hi, my name is Piper, what can I do for you today?". Joel was struck by her wild and curly black hair. "Well, I come in once a year or so for a trim. I like my hair long."

"Sure, I get it. Let’s get you shampooed". Piper then led him to the shampoo bowls and began a super excellent and sudsy shampoo. At one point she observed "Joel, it’s really crunchy on the ends. I bet it’s been more than a year."

"Oh, I must’ve lost track of time"
He said.

Later, in the chair, as she combed out and sectioned his hair, the light seemed to be a bit bright atop his head.

"Joel, honey, not sure if you knew this, but, it’s getting a little thin up here."

Conclusion coming soon ...

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