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Joseph part 3 by bald K

“On the day after my birthday mate so I have time to get some skinhead clothes and boots." Joe told James.
“No problem mate what time are you thinking of coming over?" James inquired.
“Early afternoon mate and you are invited to my party that night in the conservative club." Joe replied. “I want it full on shaved like yours mate."
“I will be working then but can fit you in no problem." James told Joe.
“Oh ok mate cheers for that." Joe said.
“I can help you with some clothes mate why not pop over now?" James suggested to Joe.
“Yeah ok I will be about thirty minutes mate." Joe replied as he ended the call.
Joe slipped his shoes and jacket on before making his way to see James. Joe got off the bus outside James’ house and rang the bell and waited for James to open the door.
“Hey shaggy come on in." James said to Joe.
“Cheers for this mate." Joe replied as he walked in and followed James up to his room.
James switched on his laptop and went on a site selling cheap Fred Perry and Ben Sherman polo shirts and helped Joe select a few shirts and a couple of pairs of braces and bleached jeans. Joe put in his card details in the checkout section of the website before James went on a site for the boots.
“Ranger boots are good mate look a cheap pair for forty quid and they are fourteen eyelets." James said as he pointed at them.
“They are in stock in my size as well." Joe replied as he put in his details to buy them.
“Well mate that did not take long to sort out so fancy a beer?" James asked Joe.
“Yeah would love a beer mate." Joe replied.
Joe went down to the kitchen and came back with a four pack of beer and handed one to Joe.
“Cheers mate." Joe said as he opened the can of beer. “So how long you been a skinhead?"
“Got my first crop at sixteen mate straight out of school straight to old Evans barber shop in high street." James replied. “This was me before I got the crop, I hated the girly haircut forced on me by my parents."
“So straight to a number one then mate?" Joe inquired.
“Yeah mate next day I started working for him now I am a barber by trade." James replied.
“So you work at Evans still?" Joe asked James.
“Yeah but am off this week so the haircut will be done there for you." James told Joe. “May get old Evans to do it he uses a straight razor."
“Looking forward to it mate." Joe said as he drank some more beer.
“So why you waiting till your birthday to go full on skinhead?" James inquired.
“Maria thinks I am going to turn up at Scissors and get her friend put some blond streaks in my hair." Joe replied.
“Thought you were finishing with her mate?" James said with a puzzled look on his face.
“Wait and see mate." Joe replied laughing. “I better get home thanks for your help."
“No problem mate, if I don’t see you before see you Saturday week." James said as he let Joe out of the house.
Joe took his phone out of his pocket and selected Maria’s number before sending her a message saying that he was sorry for his outburst and he would meet up on his birthday as she wanted.
A couple of minutes later Joe received a message back saying she was sorry and looked forward to getting back together.

“Hey bro can you do me a favour?" Taylor asked as he walked in from work.
“Depends what it is Tay." Joe replied.
“Give me a haircut mate." Taylor replied getting a box with clippers in out of his rucksack. “Number two top and sides bare blade."
“I can try Tay but no promises you don’t end up proper skinhead." Joe said as he got out of the chair. “Want it done before tea?"
“Please bro, I can do yours after as you are getting a bit shaggy." Taylor replied.
“I am back with Maria and have agreed to grow it back out." Joe lied as they set up the clippers in the kitchen.
“Thought you had finished with her bro as I saw you with another bird last night." Taylor said as Joe secured the cape before oiling the blades and selecting the number two guard and snapping it on the clippers.
“I thought I had but she came round this afternoon and we sort of sorted it out." Joe sighed as he started to run the clippers over the top of Taylor’s head.
“Well bro it is your life." Taylor replied.
“Yeah well if it goes wrong I can only blame myself." Joe sighed. “How high on the back and sides Tay?"
“All the way up bro a young guy called Lance started in our store today from New York with this haircut they call it a high and tight over there."
“Over here we call it short back and sides." Joe laughed as he started to take the sides and back down to a stubble.
Joe finished with the clippers and switched them off making sure that the cut was even round the back and sides before taking the cape off.
“How’s it look bro?" Taylor asked Joe.
“Pretty good Tay I would deffo have this style if I was not back with Maria." Joe replied.
“Yeah it does look good bro so just tell me when you want yours done." Taylor replied as he looked in the mirror.
“Yeah I will Tay." Joe replied as his phone rang.
“My place tonight shaggy skin?" Tina said as Joe answered his phone.
“Yeah I will be there shall we say eight?" Joe replied.
“Eight sounds perfect I will pick you up then." Tina giggled.
“See you then." Joe said ending the call.
“Who was that?" Taylor inquired.
“It was James, he is joining the army reserves and I am considering joining up." Joe lied.
“Will have to have short hair then bro that will not please Maria." Taylor replied. “Just going to shower and what’s for tea?"
“Lasagne, garlic bread and salad." Joe replied.
“Great see you soon." Taylor said as he packed the clippers away.

“So bro spill the beans who was the bird you were with last night?" Taylor asked Joe as he walked into the kitchen. “And don’t say you were with Shane as he cannot drive yet."
“Don’t say anything Tay but that was Tina, I have been dating her on the side since I went to that party with Noah." Joe replied.
“Looks a pretty hot chick bro with her cropped hair look." Tay lord said as he poured some fruit juice into a glass. “Anything else to spill?"
“We hit it off back at her place that night and yes I did give her one but had protection on." Joe Told Taylor. “Next morning she cropped my hair like hers but I wanted it done honest."
“Sounds more fun than hair control freak bro good on you." Taylor replied. “Don’t worry I will not say anything."
“Maria still thinks I am getting blond in the hair on my birthday but I know it is to short for it." Joe told Taylor.
“So when you want me to do your crop again or is Tina doing it?" Taylor inquired.
“Wait and see Tay but I must get off for my gym session." Joe replied with a smile on his face.
As Joe left he got a message from Noah saying he had injured his ankle so could not be at the gym as he was at the hospital waiting for an X-ray. Joe sent one back saying hope it was not serious and would see him later. Noah sent another message saying that when he got out of hospital Joe could come over and shave his head again as it was getting a bit long. Joe replied saying no problem just let him know when.

Joe woke early on the day before his birthday and quickly showered and brushed his teeth before dressing in a white polo shirt and secured the braces that had arrived along with the rest of his skinhead gear before making his way downstairs an doing himself some breakfast before putting on his boots and looked in the mirror thinking tattoo time before putting his jacket on and setting off to town to C21 tattoo studio so he could see Tina before Zak started on his tattoo. Arriving at the tattoo studio Joe opened the door to see a young man behind the desk.
“Do you have an appointment mate?" the young man asked Joe.
“Yeah I have an appointment at ten with Zak." Joe replied. “Where is Tina?"
“Unfortunately her father is seriously ill in hospital so she has had to take a few days off." The young man told Joe.
“Oh, I see." Joe said dejectedly as he took a seat. “Wondered why I had not heard from her?" Joe thought to himself.
“Hi Joe want to come through mate?" Zak said as he opened a door.
“Yeah sure Zak." Joe replied making his way over to the door and walking in.
“Still want the phoenix then mate?" Zak inquired as Joe removed his shirt.
“Yeah mate go for it." Joe replied getting a few butterflies in his stomach. “That guy was saying Tina has not been in this week?"
“That’s right no phone call or anything and her phone goes straight to voicemail." Zak told Joe as he shaved the hairs off Joe’s arm before placing the stencil of the phoenix on Joe’s upper arm. “That ok for you?"
“Yeah great place mate so it is just on my shoulder and elbow." Joe replied.
“Ok then let’s make a start on the outline then." Zak told Joe. “You will feel like you are getting scratched with the needle and about midday we will stop for a spot of lunch."
“Sounds good to me." Joe replied as he felt the needle start to ink the outline of the phoenix on his arm.
“You ok with it Joe?" Zak inquired as he saw Joe flinch as he started the outline.
“Yeah first tattoo mate so did not know what to expect." Joe replied as he watched the outline developing in the mirror.

"There we go Joe your first tattoo completed." Zak said as he put the tattoo gun back on the table.
“Looks awesome Zak!" Joe exclaimed as he stood up and looked at it closely in the mirror. “The colours are really vibrant!"
“Put this cream on it morning and night for a few days and whatever you do when it starts itching do not scratch at it." Zak told Joe as he wrapped cling film round the tattoo. “Keep the film on for a couple of hours."
“Will do mate, by the way if you fancy coming Saturday night to my birthday party at the conservative club you will be welcome." Joe said to Zak as he slipped his jacket over the tattoo.
“Right let’s go sort the rest of the payment then Joe." Zak said as he opened the door and walked out. “Oh and thanks for the invite I will try and get there."
Joe paid the young man on the desk and thanked Zak before walking out and switched his phone back on to see a message from Maria reminding him about meeting at scissors for the hair at ten the next morning. Joe sent a reply saying looking forward to it and not had the haircut before finding Tina’s number and calling it.
“Hey babe sorry was not in work but my dad is seriously ill in hospital so I am with my mum at the moment." Tina told Joe.
“Yeah well you could have let me know babe." Joe told Tina.
“Was quitting anyway got a better offer at that new place called black heart tattoo studio" Tina replied. “How is your tattoo looking though?"
“Yeah real good thanks still got it at the price you agreed." Joe said. “Will you be at my party Saturday night?"
“I hope so Joe but my dad is not good they don’t think he will have long to live." Tina told Joe stifling back her tears.
“I will take a photo of my tattoo and send it to you on instagram babe." Joe Told Tina. “I hope your dad recovers."
“Thanks babe and if I don’t see you tomorrow have a great birthday." Tina replied. “I better go now we are off back to the hospital babe."
“Ok babe speak later." Joe sighed as he ended the call.
Arriving home Joe walked into the kitchen and got himself a beer before walking into the lounge where his brother was sitting.
“Early finish Tay thought you were on late shift at the supermarket today." Joe said as he took a swig of beer.
“Idiot me bro went in and was asked why I was there as I had booked three days off for your birthday." Taylor replied. “Let’s see the artwork then."
“Forget your head bro if not attached to body." Joe laughed as he took his jacket off to show Taylor the tattoo.
“Wow bro that is well good it looks better than I thought it would." Taylor Told Joe.
“Thanks bro don’t know what Maria will say as her dad hit the roof when her brother got his done." Joe replied.
“Yeah Kane is the rebel of the family with his four mill flesh tunnel as well." Taylor laughed.
“And he like the beer and vodka." Joe said as his dad walked in from work.
“Nice ink son bet that cost a bit." Gavin said to Joe.
“Somebody I know works there so cost me two fifty instead of three fifty." Joe replied. “I will catch you guys later.
“Where you going bro?" Taylor inquired.
“Over to see Noah mate wants me to shave his skull again and thrash him at FIFA." Joe replied as he slipped his jacket on.

Joe woke and went into the bathroom and smiled as he saw his tattoo before quickly showering and brushing his teeth before walking downstairs where he saw his dad cooking bacon in a pan.
“Happy birthday Joe." Gavin said as Joe walked into the kitchen and poured himself a fruit juice before sitting down at the table. “Go and see who is at the door." Gavin said as the doorbell rang.
“Happy birthday bro." Taylor said as Joe opened the door and saw Taylor standing next to a motorbike.
“Oh god Thanks dad!" Joe shouted out as he got on the motorbike.
“Well you have been on about wanting one so me and Taylor got you one." Gavin said as he came out of the kitchen.
“Just need to go and sort out your jacket and helmet bro." Taylor said. “So we will take you after you have seen the hair controller."
“I just cannot thank you enough for getting me this." Joe said with a massive grin on his face.
“Sorry it is not brand new Joe but it is only two years old." Gavin said. “Now let’s eat."
Joe wheeled his motorbike down the side of the house into the back garden and walked into the kitchen where he saw birthday cards on the table. Joe started to open the cards from his family putting the money to one side before eating the bacon sandwiches his dad had cooked him.
“So what did Noah think of your ink bro?" Taylor inquired.
“Booking in to get one himself but has to wait for his birthday as his mum does not want him to get one." Joe replied. “Nothing from mum or grandparents though." Joe sighed as he opened his last card.
“You never know son they May be waiting for the restaurant tonight." Gavin Told Joe.
“Yeah true, I better get into town and meet Maria." Joe sighed thinking that they may say his hair was just long enough to put some blond streaks in.
“Call me after bro and we can pick you up and get the jacket and helmet for your bike." Taylor Told Joe.

Joe got off the bus and made his way to scissors where he saw Maria outside waiting for him.
“Happy birthday blondie." Maria said to Joe as he arrived. “This is for you."
“Thanks Maria shall we go in I can open this when the dye is setting in." Joe replied as he gave her a kiss.
“OK Joe." Maria said as she pushed the door open and they walked in. “Hi Joe has an appointment with Julie at ten." Maria told the girl on reception.
“Oh yes if you would like to take a seat Julie will be with you shortly." The girl replied. “Would either of you like a drink?"
“A bottle of water if I could please." Joe replied.
The girl handed Joe a bottle of water as Julie walked over.
“Hi Maria when is your boyfriend arriving for his hair to be done?" Julie inquired.
“This is him Julie, this is Joseph." Maria replied.
“I am sorry Maria but his hair is far too short to put streaks in." Julie told Maria. “It will need at least another month’s growth."
“See what you have done Joseph by letting those skinheads ruin your hairstyle!" Maria shouted as she burst into tears.
“Look I did not get it shaved off on purpose they held me down as they done it!" Joe shouted back as he stood up. “I am so sorry to have wasted your time Julie." Joe sighed.
“Let me book you in for six weeks’ time it will have grown enough by then." Julie told Joe.
“I will need to get back to you on that as I may be working then." Joe replied. “I will hopefully be an apprentice car mechanic."
“Put it as a provisional and let me know the week before." Julie said. “Ten o clock in six weeks’ time." Julie told Joe as she wrote it on a card and handed it to Joe. “Let us know at least a day before if you cannot make it."
“Look Maria I am really sorry I could not get my hair done for you today but in six weeks’ time I promise I will get it done and it will look even better." Joe said to Maria as they left the shop.
“I will see you at the party tomorrow night if I am still welcome." Maria cried as she walked off.
“"Of course I want you to come to my party tomorrow night." Joe told Maria as he kissed her on the cheek. “But I will not have much hair left if I have any." Joe thought to himself grinning and getting his phone out. “Hi bro you can collect me as my hair was too short to do the streaks." Joe told Taylor.
“On our way bro meet outside the town hall." Taylor replied.
“Oh great she has booked us in for afternoon tea at that snobby hotel is her idea of a birthday present." Joe thought to himself as he looked inside the birthday card. “Bet I get nothing off the rest of her family apart from the rebel boy Kane."

“So what is the plan for today apart from getting over the hangover?" Gavin asked Joe as he walked in the kitchen. “You sure hit the wine last night."
“Yeah I know I did dad but I was not the only one I bet Tay is still in bed." Joe replied as he got headache pills out of a drawer.
“No he has gone to start decorating the hall for tonight." Gavin replied. “Did say something about doing your hair if you wanted this afternoon."
“I am out for a bit this afternoon dad but yeah I may get him to grade one crop it." Joe replied grinning.
“Maria will not like that." Gavin said to Joe.
“Yeah well if she cannot accept me for what I am now then it is time to finish it." Joe told his dad. “I just need to make a call."
“You want a sandwich or anything?" Gavin inquired.
“Hold on dad back in a minute." Joe replied as he left the room and pressed the call button on his phone. “Hey James what time is good to come in the shop today?" Joe asked James.
“Usually dies down a bit after three and we close at four thirty." James told Joe.
“OK will come over about three then." Joe said as ended the call. “Yeah dad do me a cheese and tomato sandwich if you could please." Joe told his dad as he walked back into the kitchen.
“You better not think about riding your bike Joe as you are probably still over the limit." Gavin Told Joe as he put the sandwich in front of him. “What did Maria say about your tattoo?" Gavin inquired.
“Not seen it yet as I had my jacket on when I got to the hairdressers." Joe replied as he bit into his sandwich.

Joe arrived outside Evan’s traditional barber shop as it said on the window and paused before walking in and seeing that he would have a wait as there was about eight people waiting to get a haircut and saw one was Maria’s bother Kane.
“Hey Joe looking forward to your party tonight?" Kane said as Joe stood next to him.
“Yeah mate bet you are as well." Joe replied. “How is Maria?"
“Pretty cut up about your haircut still so why are you here?" Kane inquired.
“Between me and you mate I am knocking her on the head tonight I cannot put up with her trying to control how I look." Joe confessed to Kane. “So getting it cropped again."
“Be honest I am looking at quitting the house but can not afford it." Kane replied. “Dead end job in a phone shop no chance of progressing in near future."
“Well look at you the family rebel with a tattoo and a flesh tunnel in your ear mate." Joe grinned.
“Yeah I am mate." Kane replied. “Your tattoo is way better than mine though mate."
“Cheers mate but Maria has not seen it yet." Joe replied.
“I am thinking of getting another tattoo mate where did you get it done?" Kane inquired.
“C21 mate cost three fifty but worth it as it took nearly five hours." Joe replied.
“NEXT!" James shouted as he took the money off a young guy and put it in the till.
“Guess that is me mate." Kane said to Joe as he walked over to the chair and sat down.
“How would you like it sir?" James asked Kane as he caped him up.
“Hey Joe what number crop you get couple of weeks back mate?" Kane asked Joe.
“A number two mate but going shorter this time." Joe replied.
“Think I will go for the skinhead one crop or the zero mate what you think best?" Kane said to James.
“You losing the quiff mate?’ Joe said to Kane.
“Yeah mate getting bored of having to style it every day and when I saw yours I thought go for it." Kane replied.
“So what will it be sir?" James asked Kane. “A zero will be a number one in just over a week."
“Go for it make a proper zero cropped skinhead." Kane replied.
“Yeah go for it mate." Joe said to Kane as James picked up the clippers.
James picked up the clippers and removed the guard on them before flicking the switch and running the clippers down the centre of Kane’s head.
“Going to be two skinheads at your party tonight mate." Kane said to Joe with a grin on his face.
“Three mate coz I will be there." James Told Kane as he made another pass over the top of Kane’s head.
“Losing nearly as much as I did mate." Joe said as he watched Kane’s hair fall to the ground.
“Should have done it ages ago Joe but never had the nerve until now." Kane replied.
“How is that sir?" James inquired as he put the clippers down.
“Perfect mate." Kane said as James showed Kane the back of his head with a mirror. “Cannot wait to see families faces when I walk in."
Kane paid James before walking back over to Joe.
“Don’t worry mate I will not say anything just wait to see the look on Maria’s face tonight." Kane said to Joe before walking out of the barbers shop.
“I cannot believe you just got a skinhead." Joe said to Kane.
“See you tonight mate." Kane replied as he opened the door and walked out.
“I believe you are next young man." Mr Evans said to Joe.
Joe stood up and walked over to the chair and sat down and looked in the mirror at his hair that was about to be shaved off.
“This is Joe who I told you about Barry.’ James said.
“Ahh yes I believe you want one of my special razor shaves young man." Mr Evans said to Joe.
“If you would be so kind sir I would like that." Joe replied.
“I will be delighted to do it for you young man." Mr Evans said as he secured a paper strip round Joe’s neck before securing the cape. “These American Oster clippers are really good.
Joe watched as Mr Evans removed the blade on the clippers and placed another blade on them. “The 00000 blade takes the hair real close to the scalp young man." Me Evans Told Joe as he flicked the switch. “Make the shave easier to do."
“Weird they make a different sound to the clippers Tina used on me." Joe thought to himself as he felt Mr Evans push his head forward.
Joe felt the cold steel blade of the Oster clippers at the base of his hairline on the back of his head and then felt the clippers glide up the back of his head depositing about half an inch of hair on the cape. Mr Evans continued to run the clippers over the back of Joe’s head depositing more of Joe’s short hair onto the cape before moving to the left side of Joe’s head.
“You must have had a crew cut before young man?" Mr Evans asked Joe.
“Yes sir I had a number two about three weeks ago." Joe Told Mr Evans. “Had about twelve inches shaved off."
“Big change then." Mr Evans replied.
“Wow these clippers really do take the hair down to the skin." Joe thought to himself as he saw the side of his freshly clippered scalp.
Joe watched as Mr Evans ran the clippers over the top of his head leaving a mere hint of stubble on his head. “This it Joe you are going bald." Joe thought to himself as Mr Evans put the clippers down and went over to the steamer and got a hot towel out and wrapped it round Joe’s head,
“This will soften the stubble and make it easier to shave young man." Mr Evans told Joe as he put a new blade in the razor.
“Who would have guessed that in a month I would go from a shaggy haired dork to a full on skinhead in a month." Joe thought to himself as he looked in the mirror.
Joe watched as Mr Evans removed the towel and put a thick layer of shaving cream over Joe’s head with his shaving brush before picking up his razor. Joe watched as Me Evans started to shave the remaining hair off his head with the straight razor leaving just skin on his scalp.
“This feels great Mr Evans." Joe said as he relaxed in the chair.
“I like my customers to enjoy the haircut and young James is a good barber as well." Mr Evans told Joe. “And he getting more confident with the straight razor."
Mr Evans put the razor down and wiped the excess lather from Joe’s head before putting a cooling lotion on his freshly shaved head before rubbing it again with the towel to reveal a shine on Joe’s head.
“Just what I wanted thank you sir." Joe said as Mr Evans showed Joe the back of his head in the mirror.
“Glad you like it young man it seems the fashion for young men and boys for little or no hair these days." Mr Evans replied as he removed the cape.
“It feels weird not having hair on my head." Joe laughed as he got out of the chair and rubbed his head. “Feels great as well though."
Joe paid Mr Evans and smiled as he heard a boy say to his father daddy can I have my haircut like that and his dad replying that when he older yes but he could have a number one if he wanted.
“Go for the number one mate you will like that." Joe said to the boy as he slipped his jacket on. “See you about eight at the party mate."
“Yeah see you then mate." James replied. “Number one then for the boy sir?" James inquired.
“I guess so but god knows wha5 his mum will think." The boy’s dad replied.
“Now the fun begins with Maria." Joe thought to himself as he felt the sun on his freshly shaved scalp and headed home.

To be continued

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