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The cut I didn't want by Lawton32

So I've used the same barbers for years now and have always tended to go for a short haircut.
Now for me it's a thrill and recently I've started to experiment which started with the coolest looking Mohawk. Like come on. You've got to do it once in your life I explained to my dad who just hates the look.
Amazingly though all my friends and work mates loved it.

So for a month or 2 I kept this going and it really started to grow on everyone and no way did I have intentions to shave it off.

Then on my visit to my barbers today a young lad was there to greet me and asked how I'd like my hair. Told him straight I wanted to keep the Mohawk and it was agreed that was going to happen and all his job was is to shave the sides. Cant get easier than that. Starts well. Does one side. And then right up the back destroying the Mohawk. Now I'm not one to complain so I sat in the seat to see where he would go.

Now if I want a high and tight haircut perfect it would have been to a point. But that was not what I wanted.

In my mind I'd decided the second he shaved the back of the Mohawk and destroyed it that I only have one solution.
I was going to go bald. So I stopped him. Explained that it wasn't working and told him exactly this. Now it took a minute for him to understand the request and soon the barber had shaved what was remaining right off. Lathered it up and completely shaved me bald as requested. I love my beard as well but had to go all the way.

Even though I never wanted that cut I just thought. How incredible it actually looks and so glad I made that choice. But now I will have to revert back to that Mohawk slowly cause I loved that more.

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