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Why I've had my head shaved smooth my wh by Bobby

All throughout middle school I would keep my hair styled to a 4 guard on the sides and long on the top. Sometimes during the summer and rarely during a holiday my dad would come to the table with his head shaved which meant me and my brother would also be getting our heads shaved. But that didn't happen often. It was the final year in BMS ( My middle school ). School had just gotten out and I was going to meet up with a friend named Mark. My principal lived 4 houses up from mine and I usually passed his house on the way to school. As I was passing his house I noticed him in the backyard with a pair of clippers. His head was buzzed down very short and from what I could see there wasn't much of anything left. He looked up and waved to me. I waved back. He then asked me if I wanted a haircut since Summer had just arrived but I said no because my dad had brought me into the bathroom the other day and given me a long buzzcut already.
He proceeded on trying to convince me to do it and eventually I gave in. I walked over and sat down on a chair which was covered in the tiny hairs he had shaved off. As far as I know he shaved his head everyday because at school his hair was always short and stood straight up on his head. He kept telling me about how he thought all kids should have buzzcuts during Summer and he would give them to his boys every other day when they lived with him. I listened but let it pass through one ear and out the other. I barely even noticed as he slid the clippers through my hair. Right down the center was a path of stubble shorter than I had ever had before. I remember having a sinking feeling when touching it for the first time and realizing how short it actually was. He continued to push the humming machine all around my head leaving mere black stubble all over. He told me to wait there and soon he came back outside with a bottle of shaving cream and a razor and a bottle of something else.
At the time I didn't know these could be used to shave a head smooth so I just sat there as he sprayed it into a blob on my head and then spread it all around. After he applied it he squirted more onto my head and remarked that it looked like snow. He then took the razor and scraped it across my head. There is this sound that it makes that can only be described if you actually get shaved smooth. Very raspy and I still remember it to this day. After he had went all around my head with the razor he covered my head in shaving cream and shaved it again. It took probably 15 minutes until he rubbed my head with a towel and then covered his hands in shiny liquid. Then he rubbed that onto my now hairless scalp. I didn't realize that it made my head shine until I got home. I was so shook up about how short it was I forgot to meet Mark. When I got home my dad kept telling me I looked good with a bald and shiny head. He asked where I got it and I told him the whole story. Hee decided he wanted me to keep the bald head and now sometimes he send me to Mr. Walace to get it shaved and sometimes he does it himself.

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