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Buddy encounters - Andre by Clipperaddict

Over the years I have had the good fortune to meet many fellow haircut buddies as I travel extensively. Nearly all of my encounters have been extraordinarily positive, so I thought I’d try sharing some of them. While names and some details have been changed; most of what I have written is true. Let me know if I should share more.

André was by far the buddy I had most longed to meet. We had chatted for years. He is one of the most revered members of the haircut buddy community. His own self-cut jarhead horseshoe flattop has been the envy of many, and his handiwork on others is consistently critiqued as the best. As soon as I knew I would be traveling to his hometown I reached out to see if he would be available and interested in meeting in person. He could not have been more welcoming and insisted on me coming to his home for a haircut. The meeting was planned for several weeks out. I agreed to resist getting my hair cut before we got together to give him the shaggiest mop possible to work with although he was very clear there would be no negotiation. It would be barber’s choice and I should expect to be shoed. Having studied André’s haircuts on himself and others I knew that he meant business and while I have had a horseshoe flattop on and off, I had never had one as short as any of the ones he typically gives.

I was both nervous and excited as I parked outside his stylish midcentury modern home. It was exactly as I had imagined it would be. Just as I was about to knock on the door, he opened it. My mouth fell open as I saw him standing there in his classic tank top, beguiling smile, immaculately groomed beard and, of course, a freshly cut, superb shaved high and tight horseshoe flattop. He ushered me in and embraced me. He sensed my nervousness and guided my hand to the freshly shaved back of his head. It was the smoothest head I had ever felt. I couldn’t help but rub it vigorously and grab it with my other hand as well as pulling his head towards me. I was slightly embarrassed with how forward I was and paused for a moment; blushing as I caught his eyes. He smiled even more broadly and chuckled. He leaned towards my ear and whispered, "Nice to finally meet you Scotty. Are you ready to become my haircut twin?". By this time my hands had moved up the back of his head to the landing strip. My breathing had become heavy and my pants rather tight. Intuitively, André put his hand on my bulging pants and said, "I’ll take that as a yes". My blushing face nodded as I lost myself in his sparkling eyes.

After a few minutes of exploring his amazing horseshoe flat, he gently but firmly took my hand and led me through the living room to the garage. This is his workshop, and everything was set up and ready. "Make yourself comfortable.", he said as he undid the buckle of my belt and my zipper. I took off my pants and t-shirt before he guided me to sit on the stool strategically placed in front of a large mirror. My heart was racing and my bulge even bigger since being released from the constriction of my pants. André stood behind me and began to massage my neck and shoulders occasionally grabbing and rubbing my hair roughly. "So thick and shaggy," he mused, "and ready to come off. Ready to become my jarhead haircut twin. There’s no turning back now Scotty." My response was surprising and automatic: "Sir, yes sir". It was a line I had typed many times in our online chats, never really thinking I would have the opportunity to follow through. My nervousness was subsiding as he continued to massage me and seduce me with his firm quiet voice, perfect smile and those eyes. Any reservations I had about what people would say were banished. All I wanted was André, the jarhead horseshoe master, to have his way with me.

He sensed I was ready, and it was very clear from his groin bumping against my shoulder that he was also ready. He reached for the clippers and clicked them on. The classic sound was mesmerizing. He looked at me straight ahead in the mirror as he placed his free hand firmly on top of my head. He raised the clippers with the 00000 blade to my right temple and brought them straight back. The broad strip of pale white skin glistened under the fluorescent light in the garage. I bit my bottom lip as I saw it and breathlessly whispered "This is actually happening." André chuckled, stroked his free hand along the peeled strip and said, "You better believe it." The clippers were placed at my left temple and brought straight back to join the strip from the right side to form a complete ring separating the hair on the top of my head from the rest below the ring. Just to reinforce that this was going to be a jarhead horseshoe flat André raised the clippers to the center of my forehead. For a brief second, I wondered if he was about to shave me bald however he skipped the first inch or so of my shaggy top and plunged the clippers straight back all the way to the freshly carved ring. I couldn’t believe my eyes. "How’s that?" he asked smiling broadly. "Incredible," I responded; squirming slightly on the stool as I felt an ooze of precum. Next, André wasted no time peeling all the hair below the ring with the clippers, followed by the foil razor. The vibrations of the foil razor all over the back and sides followed by his fingers was pure ecstasy. We were both enjoying the experience immensely. André paused for moment to make sure I didn’t climax too soon. As he stood there I reached inside his shorts and stroked his erect member. It was his turn to gasp as he gently swatted my hand away to prevent himself from losing it early.

Before continuing he warned me to stay as still as possible while he carved the top. Keep my hands off myself and him or he could not be responsible for the result. The devil in me was tempted to see what would happen however I resisted, and André began to carve another masterpiece. He was in the zone combing and clippering the top to the most exact and perfect jarhead horseshoe flat. The firm strokes of the 00000 blade along the landing strip were thrilling. He took the sides and back higher than I had ever had them before. The landing strip came further forward than ever, and the front was clipped to 3/8 of an inch. After almost 20 minutes of precision work he stood back and was finally satisfied. "And now the best part," he announced as he reached for the can of Barbasol classic shaving crème. His amazing hands going high and tight on the back and sides with the lather. Rubbing and stroking; making sure there was no spot uncovered. It only seemed right to return the favor by using my hands to rub and stroke his bulge. We both took deep breaths to yet again avoid an early discharge. The first stroke of the razor was straight back from my right temple. The scraping sound was light but distinct as the foil had done a decent job of getting me smooth. André however is a master craftsman and decent was not good enough for him. The walls had to be glistening and smooth just like his own. No trace of hair whatsoever. He was as meticulous with the razor as he had been with the clippers. I was looking in the mirror finding it hard to come to terms with the vision of this amazing jarhead horseshoe flat belonging to me. Even in my wildest dreams (and I have had many) it never looked this good.

Finally, the shaving was finished, and he reached for the bay rum. The fresh sting of the after shave as it hit my head was exhilarating. André stood behind me looking at me in the mirror his hands caressing his masterpiece. "My haircut twin" he announced as he leaned forward to plant a kiss on my landing strip. My hands reached up to grab the back of his head and I pulled him towards me. Our lips met and our hands grabbed each other’s heads as we kissed deeply. I stood up as we tangled tongues and then I pulled away and sank to my knees to thank him for my haircut. He was ready and it didn’t take long for him to finish my jarhead horseshoe flat with some of his special fresh product. He helped me up and sat me back on the stool. He knelt in front of me and almost immediately his landing strip too was covered in fresh product.

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