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Buddy encounters - Benny and Matt by Clipperaddict

It had been 2 months since I had sat in Benny’s chair for my first ever buddy cut. Benny and I had chatted online for years. He has this wonderful garden apartment in an old brownstone building in the city. His generous sized bedroom is in the back. To the right is his king-sized bed and to the left is an exquisite antique barber’s chair; red leather with white porcelain and gleaming chrome. On the wall in front of the chair is a full-sized barber mirror surrounded by barber signs, US Marine Corps recruiting posters and paraphernalia. The dresser to the side of the mirror is neatly organized with a variety of professional clippers, scissors, hot lather machine, combs in a jar of blue barbicide etc. Everything you’d expect in a first-class traditional shop. The smell of clubman talc and bay rum is intoxicating.

I hadn’t expected to be back in this part of the country so soon. My first visit had been scheduled months in advance. Benny and I had gone back and forth about what would happen. I was conflicted between going full out barber’s choice or being more restrained as I was meeting with this new client for the first time. My anxiety was needless as Benny is an extraordinarily gifted barber and more importantly a wonderful human being. Its tough to place exactly how old he is. Benny keeps himself in great shape; not an ounce of fat on his well-toned physique. His freshly shaved high and tight is always immaculate. Never more than a #2 on top and an impeccably groomed mustache. I think he may be 60 but it is hard to tell. He does not have to raise his voice to let you know he is in charge. My first visit had resulted in me receiving a perfect shaved high and tight flattop with a #1/1.5 landing strip. As I was getting out of the chair, I asked Benny if that was his choice for me. He brought his hand up to stroke the smooth back of my head and looking straight at me replied, "It is for today. I went easy on you as it was your first time and I didn’t want to scare you away. Next time you should be ready to be properly shoed; jarhead style."
My new client was very impressed with the work I did (and my flattop) and signed me up immediately to come back in two months. I called Benny on the way back to the airport. He was delighted to hear from me and gave me my orders. "I don’t want you to get another cut until you come back and see me and you may want to come see me after your client appointment so we don’t have to worry about what they will think of your next haircut." The week before I was due to be back in town. I was online chatting with Matt; a younger guy with an amazing head of hair who visits Benny from time to time. Matt rocks a shaved head. He is one of those guys who is just made to be bald. Like many of us however he enjoys growing it out and getting it peeled. Needless to say, Benny was always happy to help Matt out. We had hoped to get together on my first visit to Benny, but it didn’t work out. Matt was way overdue for a haircut and had reached out to Benny who agreed Matt could come for a cut after me.

When Benny came to the door he just stood and stared at my shagginess. "Better get that girly mess in here pronto. Don’t want my neighbors thinking my standards are slipping." He said as he ushered me straight back to the bedroom. There was no hesitation this time as he quickly grabbed my coat and told me to strip down to my underwear and get in the chair. "Sir, yes sir" I replied as he helped me undress. The red leather was a little cold as I sat down which helped to cool me off a little and avoid getting too excited too quickly. Benny wasted no time deciding the cape would not be necessary this time. He reached for the Osters and made a point of making sure I saw him select the 00000 blade. A large thin black comb was inserted at my forehead. The Osters touched down on the comb front and center making their way straight back towards my crown. As they came off the back edge of the comb they touched down on my scalp. Benny’s stroke was swift and firm as he tilted my head forward slightly to make sure I could see the mass of hair accumulating in front of the blade as it moved back and the bald strip left in their wake. He grabbed the severed hair and dropped it in my lap. "So much better already!" he said as he brought the Osters straight back from my right temple. Just as he was about to do the same to the left the doorbell rang. Benny put the clippers down on the dresser and went to let Matt in. "Sorry I’m late." Matt said as he came into the bedroom. "I hope I didn’t miss too much?" he questioned as he took in the two pale strips on my head and the mass of hair on my tighty whiteys. "Perfect timing," Benny assured him, "We’re just getting started. There’s a lot more of this to hit the floor before we’re done. Make yourself comfortable".

Matt stripped to his underwear and took a seat behind the barber chair as Benny got ready to resume his masterpiece. The Osters quickly peeled another strip from the left temple. "Head down recruit," Benny ordered as I squirmed in the chair. The cooling effect of the leather was wearing off. It was now a hot seat. My hands reached down to play with the hair on my underwear. My member poked out through the slit and I couldn’t resist beginning to stroke. "You need can’t be shaking like that while I’m cutting boy. Keep your hands on the armrest. Matt, give your buddy a hand here." Benny instructed. Before I knew it, Matt was on his knees in front of the barber chair stroking me. Was I dreaming? He looked up at me with his beautiful puppy dog eyes and said, "It looks tasty." My hand left the armrest and gently guided his head on to my pole. His bushy dark hair moved firmly back and forth between my legs as Benny brought out his foil razor and began running it all over the back, sides and landing strip. The foil razor was followed by hot lather and straight razor with and against the grain. Matt continued to serve me throughout taking breaks to make it last as I played with his shaggy dark hair. After an hour in the chair Benny had finished. Staring back at me in the mirror was a jarhead who looked vaguely familiar. "So much better, don’t you think?" proclaimed Benny as he gently slapped my head to signal me to get out of the chair. "Next!" he shouted looking at Matt.

Matt made his way to the chair stopping briefly to plant a large kiss on my lips and give my shoe a good rub. Benny unfolded a white pristine cape and wrapped it around Matt. "How much of this are we keeping?" Benny inquired as he ran his hands roughly through the dark shag. "That’s right; none of it!" he declared before Matt had a chance to answer. "I would love to see him shoed too." I interjected.
"Would you indeed?" Benny said offering me the Osters. "Give it a shot then." I leaped to my feet grabbing the powerful clippers and without even using the comb plunged them into Matt’s hair about an inch back from his forehead. The dark hair came away like a hot knife through butter. I pushed his head down and began stroke after stroke with the Osters peeling the back of his head all the way up. The sides came off nice and high also. I stopped to look at my handiwork. Matt sat there with the crudest horseshoe of shaggy black hair on his head. Benny stepped forward and grabbed the clippers from me. "Nice try son" he said as he spared no time taking the Osters front and center and peeling the shaggy shoe from Matt’s head. The cape was covered in shaggy dark hair and tenting. "You know what to do." Benny instructed pushing me to my knees. Instinctively my head went under the cape and I returned the favor Matt had given me as Benny lathered him up and shaved him in three different directions to get the ultimate shine.

After helping Benny to clean up, Matt offered to give me ride back to my hotel. He accepted my offer to come up to my room for a night cap. As he came into my room Matt’s eyes were drawn to my Wahl Balding clippers that were lying on the dresser. "Those were for you." I said, "To shave you bald if you hadn’t made it to Benny’s." "Very nice," he replied lifting them up, "Maybe another time." he whispered. We both decided we needed a shower, so we stepped in together and enjoyed each other’s haircuts some more. As we dried each other off I noticed Matt was once again ready to go so I pushed him to sit on the bed and dropped to my knees. As I took him into my mouth, he began stroking my shoe. "This looks and feels so good," he said looking down at me with those deep puppy eyes. I groaned as he stroked and felt him leaning over towards the dresser. "You know what would be even better?" he whispered. I looked up to see him switching on the clippers he had grabbed from the dresser. My eyes popped wide open as the world went into slow motion. "You know you want it." I heard him say as the blade touched down on the center of my forehead and my mouth filled with his juice.

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