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John commits himself. by Douglas

"You care more about your hairs than me.", said Adam with his vein on his forehead getting bigger.

"No, you know that's not true. I care about you.", said John.

"How about you open up and express that. Do something, do anything. Show that you mean what you say. You aren't that loving anymore."

"You name it I'll do anything. I'll get you anything you want."

"It's not always about materialistic things you know. I don't want any of your purchased gifts. I want something symbolic."

"How about I let you cut my hair." John's heart stopped for a while after saying these words. His face turned white. But he could see that Adam knew how big a step this was for him. John had medium length hair slicked back just reaching the end of his nape. He had highlighted his hairs just a week ago. He used to spend a lot of time caring for his hair. Adam, on the other hand, has his buzzcut for a long time. Did John really mean what he said? He was not sure. But he didn't want to back off. He could see Adam temper dissipating. He could do this for him. For them.

"But nothing like the buzz cut of yours. I still want to be able to slick them back up."

Still, this would be too big a transition for John. His hairs were atleast 6-7 inches long, longest at the crown. He used to part them sometimes but usually slick them back in a messy way. His hairs were always disheveled except on formal occasions. Then, he used to slick them back properly to get a clean look and tied a ponytail at the nape. He guesses he could do with a few inches off, and let them grow again.

"You not going to freak out? Won't change your condition midway ?"

"I will not, for you."

"Is that a promise? If you'll not go through it, I'll leave and it will be over for us."

"I'll not speak a word and I'll not resist. But nothing like equal length all over. And I definitely want to be able to use product and style my hairs."

"You'll be able to style your hairs. They will be long enough. And short enough to show your commitment. You, going over this change just for will mean a lot. Are you sure you're ready?" Adam smiled.

"You mean now? Yeah, sure. It's a firm yes."

"Let's make this memorable so that when we reminisce on this event, it will only usher back pleasure. You're not going to speak a word, you promised." Adam was excited about this. He always used to play with John's hair, but be never let him cut them.

Adam placed the stool in front of the long mirror on the dressing table.

He saw John in the reflection. Tall, muscular, hairs highlighted and pulled back in a messy way, few strands of hairs raised in the air, locks curling up on sides, wearing that black leather jacket over a fit grey henley t-shirt and faded denim.

"Hop on then, John."

As John removed his jacket and t-shirt, Adam took out the tripod stand and started the camcorder. He could almost see John frowning and trying to say no. When Adam looked, John just put his hands crossed over he muscled up body as if trying to protect himself from the cam and laughed a little.

John came and sat on the stool, looking deeply into his reflection, styling his hair a few times, like it is his last time. Adam jumped on the bed and started surfing on the internet very slowly. The longer he took, the more excited and anxious John got. At last, Adam went to the bathroom cabinet and came back with his grooming kit.

John wanted to ask Adam to show what's in his mind, but he promised not to speak. He wanted to go in without knowing what's it going to be, but the mirror in the front wouldn't let that happen. He sighed.

Adam started playing with John's hair, parting them on his left side looking for how much he should cut. John was terrified but knew a side-parted haircut wouldn't be that bad given a plethora of crazy haircuts online. No mohawk, no weird and funny haircut, he thought. He should have specified about that too, before, when he was allowed to speak. When he thought about it, a mohawk did fulfill the criterion. Long hairs to style. Dread filled him, and his heart started beating faster.

Adam switched the part to his right side.

Yeah, that works too, thought John.

Then, Adam pulled all his hairs back and started to part on both sides.

For a moment there, he thought Adam read his mind. He wished that Adam wasn't thinking about a mohawk.

Adam started to secure the hair in a wide strip from his forehead running down to his nape, with the help of some clips.

It is a mohawk, thought John. And he was going to let Adam do this to him. He started to look at the intricate design of the dressing table or watching the clear sky outside the window. Anything to make this more bearable.

Adam thought he heard a sigh of displeasure from John. He removed all hair clips and placed them on the table. John seemed more relaxed. Adam took a hair band, John's hair band, and made a topknot on the top of John's hair. He slowly and skillfully took all the hairs from the top, leaving those on the sides and back, and tied them with the hair band, taking care that the part on both sides and the back were at the same level and at the temple. Adam could have styled his hair in a bun if wanted to. But he didn't. He wondered whether John was thinking that he is still playing with his hair and have not yet reached the final part. Adam took the scissors and cut the hair above an inch from the hair band, cutting them in angles. He took a comb and started shearing at John's left side first. He started doing a taper from the crown at an inch to maybe half an inch at the ear. Big chunks of hairs started falling ok John's bare chest. Time seemed to pass very quickly for him. Before he came to his senses, Adam had cropped both his sides and reduced the five inches of hair to just one. He was now working on his back.

After Adam was finished, John reached out and touched his sides and back. He could not grab his hair. They were that short! This excited John very much. He always used to run his hand over Adam's #3 buzz. But to feel something on his own head, he was experiencing pleasure. He was not sure why he felt like that. He always feared to get a short haircut.

Adam noticed his pleasure and decided to go further. He picked up a clipper and put on a #1 guard. Just when he was about to start clipping at the back, John stopped his hand, waited for a while, and finally removed the guard. His heart was racing when he switched the clipper to zero settings. Adam was more than happy at his reaction to the clipper. He placed the clipper at John's right sideburn and slowly took it upwards to his temple, careful not to buzz any of the tied hairs. John was very much enjoying the sensation of a warn clipper removing his leftover hairs. He seemed to like the buzzing noise he used to fear a while ago. Adam slowly worked his way from the bottom to top, first on the right side, then back and finally the left side. John had no facial hairs, so after clipping his left side he stopped. He saw how disappointed John became. He took John's hand and rubbed it on his stubble. John sure liked that. Adam knew what to do next. He took the shaving foam dispenser can and lathered his sides and back. A slight smile curled on John's face. Using a razor, Adam removed all the stubble that was left on John's sides and back. He was now done. He switched off the camcorder and announced that John can now speak. John stood up and looked more intensely at his reflection on the mirror, turning both sides. He rubbed his smooths sides and pondered over the big contrast. No hairs on the sides and back, at least five inches on the top. He went to Adam and pulled him close. Moving his hand over Adam's buzz cut, he pulled him closer and kissed him very passionately. Adam joined him with enthusiasm, stroking his fingers on John's bare scalp. After a few minutes, John grinned and said "You can continue what you left. Good work with the sides and the back, but the top is still remaining."

"Not so soon, maybe next week. I, on the other hand, cannot wait to feel my bare scalp." And laughingly, Adam sat on the stool.

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