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Subliminal Messages by Sy

Subliminal Messages

By Sy

Sometimes life takes interesting turns. I grew up in a ritzy liberal area of New England. Style seemed to be everything as I was growing up. Not only were we expected to dress a certain way, but our hair was to be rather long and styled. I think mothers and fathers started instilling this style ethic in their children from the time they were born. My family was also very well off. We did not lack for any material things. On my sixteenth birthday my parents gave me a new convertible. Unknown to them this event would cause a very big change in my life and the lives of many others. Up to this time I had spent my life among people such as myself. I really didn’t think there were other environments other than the one I was raised in.

As soon as high school let out for the summer I told my parents that I wanted to take a trip around New England and maybe even go south. My parents thought that would be fun for me and besides it would get me out from under their feet for a few weeks. The only condition was that I had to take a friend and had to report in daily as to where I was.

I asked Peter if he wanted to go with me. He had recently moved here from Beverly Hills, California. We hit it off from the very beginning. There seemed to be a unique chemistry between us even though I didn’t understand it. He checked with his parents and they didn’t care what he did.

My Dad gave me a credit card and some cash just before we left on that beautiful June day. The sun was shining so we decided to go topless, that is to go with the convertible top down. Soon our neatly styled hair was blowing in the wind. It would whip around and get in our faces. I didn’t say anything to Peter about my hair annoying me, but it was obvious his hair was bothering him as well. When I stopped to get gas we noticed how hot it had gotten so we removed our shirts so we could start getting a tan. Peter’s body was awesome. I was in good shape, but he put me to shame.

By mid-afternoon we had made our way to West Point. We decided to spend the night there. After we checked into the hotel we got cleaned up including combing our hair. This was no small chore after having it wind blown for hours.

We decided to go walking around. The first thing I noticed was all the guys with very short hair. I didn’t realize that West Point was a military academy and that we were near it. We stopped in a park to take a rest and have an ice cream cone. As I looked across the street a barber pole caught my eye. I could see into the barbershop window where a couple of guys were getting their haircut. No salon I ever went to cut hair like that. All I know is the shorter the hair, the better I liked what I saw. It became almost an instant desire that I wanted to get rid of all this hair. The problem is how would I get this done with Peter around and what would my parents say. I was so engrossed with the haircuts that I didn’t notice Peter also staring into the shop.

The next day as we drove on I couldn’t help but notice all the guys that had short hair or even shaved heads. It seemed our ritzy neighborhood had been left out of the world as the hairstyles changed. I got the uneasy feeling that people were staring at our long hair. I had never had those types of feelings before.

We decided we needed some snack so I stopped at a department store. I purposely parked so we would need to walk in front of the barbershop in order to get to the store. My fascination and urge for short hair was getting stronger and stronger. I had never wanted anything so much in my life as to get my hair cut off, but was struggling why I had such a desire.

While in the store I found a haircutting set. I didn’t hear Peter come up behind me. He startled me when he asked what I had. I didn’t know what to say as I looked at the clippers. He then asked if I knew how to use them. I told him I didn’t. I asked him if he knew how. He said no also. I sat them back down. We bought our snacks and left the store. It was really a hot day and my hair was sticking to me. Peter finally asked me if I had ever thought of getting my hair cut short. I told him no, not until we had stopped in West Point. I told him since then, that is all I’ve wanted was to get rid of this hair. Peter said he developed the same desire at the same time, but was afraid to say anything. He said he was also afraid what his family and friends would say if he cut his hair short. I told him I had the same thoughts. I asked him what he thought we should do. He told me the thought of cutting his hair short turned him on sexually and that it was almost more than he could stand. I told him that just talking about it was turning me on. He told me him too. We decided at that point to find a hotel for the night.

We went into the hotel and rang the bell at the front desk. Out came a man in his twenties with one shiny dome and a full goatee. I couldn’t help but ask him about his bald head. He told us that he had long hair like ours, but got fed up with it one day and decided to cut it short. He said he went to the barber around the corner from the hotel. He said he had always went to salons, so wasn’t sure what to ask for. He told us he entered the shop and the barber was sitting in one of his chairs while waiting for a customer. The barber immediately told me to sit down and asked how I wanted it cut. I told him that it has to be very short, but left the style up to him. The barber said, Any style? And I said yes the choice was his. He then took the clippers with an attachment to my forehead and plowed them from front all the way to the back. He then said there was no way I could change my mind now. This left my hair about a ½ inch in length. He proceeded to scalp me to this length. He asked me what I thought as he swung the chair around so I could see myself. I told him that it was a good start and for him to style it however he wanted. He left me facing the mirror so I could see what happened next. He took the bare clippers and went up the side of my head. I thought he would stop there and give me some type of crewcut, but he continued over the top. I knew my head was going to be bald. Once he finished with the clippers he then shaved it with a straight razor. My head was a smooth as it could get. I asked him how long ago this happened. He said he was twenty one now and that it happened when he was eighteen. He told us he had tried growing his hair, but could only stand it a couple of days and then would need to shave it off. He said it was funny he can grow and likes beards and mustaches, but can’t stand hair on his head.

He asked us if we were thinking of cutting our hair. We told him yes, but were afraid to. He asked us how short we wanted to cut it. Peter blurted out that we wanted it shaved bald like his. We went to our room and again discussed getting haircuts. At least we were where we could now take care of the man and his twins. This was the first time I had done this with someone else around. Peter reached over and assisted me. It felt awesome. I then repaid the favor. In the heat of the moment we agreed to get our hair cut the next day. Soon our sexual tensions were relieved and our bond grew even more intense.

The next morning I asked Peter if he still wanted to get his hair cut short. He said he did and decided it would likely grow out by the time we got back home. We decided to go to the shop around the corner where the guy at the reception desk had gone. It was early Saturday morning and we were the first ones in the shop. There were now two barbers in the shop so they each had us take a seat both of their heads were shaved bald. They asked us how we wanted it cut. Peter said something a lot shorter and I said I wanted the same. They put attachments on the clippers and asked if this was short enough. We said yes. Just like the guy at the reception desk they took a swipe down the middle of our heads. We had never felt anything like this before, but I knew my man was coming to attention real quick. The barbers had our backs to each other and way from the mirror so we couldn’t see what was happening to ourselves or each other. Before long they asked if we wanted to see what we looked like before they tidied things up. They turned us so we saw each other first. I blurted out to Peter, "your bald, your black hair is history". He said for me to look in the mirror. I reached up. All I could feel was stubble where my brown hair had been. The barbers had both removed the attachments before cutting our hair. About that time Stan, the guy at the hotel walked in and asked how we were doing. Before us stood three baldies with their shining heads. They looked awesome. Stan had told the barbers we would likely be in and that we really wanted to be bald, but might be afraid to take the step and for the barbers to do us a favor and rid us of the dead matter on our heads. Without us saying anything, the barbers proceeded to give us perfect head shaves.

We really liked being bald, but knew we had to grow it out so we could go home in a week and a half. The remainder of the time went by really fast and we discovered that hair doesn’t grow very fast. It was time for us to go home, and we still had very little hair. What would we tell our parents, would they be embarrassed because of what we look like? Maybe we could make up a lie, but what would that be?

I dropped Peter off at his house before proceeding home. Like normal, his parents weren’t around. He was an only child so he didn’t need to worry about little brothers. I on the other hand had three brothers. I was the oldest and of course was the one who is supposed to know better.

I walked into the house and thought, "here goes". As my luck would have it the entire family was home. My siblings saw me first and started to make a ruckus about being home. It was then they noticed my very short hair. My youngest brother yelled out to my parents that I was bald. My parents looked at me in shock. They didn’t even welcome me home. The next thing I know my Dad was ordering me to my bedroom. Soon he came in and lectured me about being ungrateful, inconsiderate and how ugly I was without hair. I wondered to myself if he would have had these same thoughts if I had cancer and had lost my hair due to chemo. Next he ordered me to give him my car keys and that I couldn’t have them back until my hair grew out. He said Mom was in their bedroom crying and would likely need therapy.

I expected to get some kind of reaction, but nothing this severe. At this point I felt pretty low and was building up a lot of teenage resentment.

One good thing was that he didn’t ground me and I could get around without a car, I had for years. The next day when my parents had left I went over to Peters. The first thing I noticed was that he had shaved his head again. When I asked him what gives, he said his parents were surprised, but then they said they liked it. Peter said his Dad was even thinking of shaving his head. Talk about extreme differences in reactions. Anyway Peter remained how I fantasized being and I let my hair grow out. In fact, I decided to let it grow and not get it cut as long as I remained living at home. About that time Peter’s dad came home. He walked in the house sporting a nice shining noggin and asked us what we thought. Peter went to his Dad and rubbed his head and told him he looked awesome. I had to agree but became somewhat jealous of Peter. Why couldn’t my family reacted that way?

Peter continued to shave his head the rest of the summer, but let it grow out for school. I began to fantasize about different ways I could get my head shaved bald again and in some way have my Dad and brothers shaved bald as well. This desire became an obsession with me, though because of my rebellious streak I continued to let my hair grow throughout the summer and the following school year. Once again I had long hair my parents admired, but the longer I went without a haircut the more desirous I became of not only me and my dad and brothers being bald, but the socialites we had to hang around with as well.

Peter and I decided that we wanted to go to the same college after high school. We decided we wanted to go to a school far enough away from my parents that they would no longer control my day to day life. In our travels we had made it as far as South Carolina, so we decided that Baldridge would be a good college for us.

When we visited the campus we discovered a lot of guys with short hair including high and tight horseshoe flattops, buzz cuts and shaved heads. We immediately knew this is where we wanted to go to school. We both applied and were accepted. We would start in the Fall.

I told Peter that as soon as we got to Baldridge in the Fall that I was going to cut my hair. Peter hadn’t cut his hair for some time. He said he was just lazy so he decided to wait until we started school in the Fall. We would need to put up with the heat and sweat for the summer. It seemed like summer lasted forever.

When we arrived at Baldridge it seemed we were like freaks with our long hair. But Peter and I knew it wouldn’t be long before we fit it style wise.

We checked into our dorms and begin to put things away. Some of the guys dropped by to welcome us. They had short hair that was buzzed close to their scalps. On Wednesday a couple of the guys asked if we wanted to go out with them. We readily agreed. They told us about a bar outside town that didn’t check for identification. Neither Peter nor I had ever drank to much alcohol, well actually we had never drank alcohol at all. When we got there we noticed that there weren’t any girls around, mostly just the barmaids. The clientele were guys our age and probably up to thirty years old. Tim and Jake, the two guys who invited us asked us to join them at their table. It was close to the stage which had the curtain shut. Tim and Jake were at least twenty-one. They had a large pitcher of beer at the table so they poured us each a drink. It tasted rather nasty but I wasn’t going to say anything. Peter asked them about the stage. Jake said there would be a show a little later that we would really enjoy, but for now just enjoy the beer. Tim and Jake were monitoring our status toward drunkedness. Since we had never drank before it didn’t take long.

Jake told us to go with him, that he had something for us to do. We willingly went. He first took us to the restroom to relieve ourselves. Once we done that he took us to a room where several guys came from behind a curtain and grabbed us. They immediately remove all our clothes except for our under pants. In our drunken condition we didn’t put up much of a struggle. They led us to two barber chairs and secured us to them so we couldn’t move. Next they forced a pill into our mouths which quickly dissolved and we were forced to swallow. Whatever it was made us sober up real quickly. Peter and I looked at each other very puzzled wondering where we were and why we were secured to barber chairs. What had happened to our clothes?

All of a sudden the curtains opened and the spot-lights shone on us. The guys below started yelling and carrying on. We realized we were going to be the entertainment though at this point we didn’t know how. We tried to escape, but it was useless. A man came on stage and asked who brought the evening’s entertainment. Tim and Jake raised their hands. The MC invited them upon stage. When they arrived the MC who was sporting a very smooth head told them that they would have the honors of converting these two girls into real men. He asked them to come closer to him so he could get a good look at them. He reached up and rubbed each of their heads and told them to have a seat on the two chairs placed in front of us. He told them they would need to be cleaned up before they could help us. They bowed to the MC and took their places on the chairs.

Two other baldies came out on stage with a tray with clippers and razors. The two baldies plugged in the clippers and began to cut what little hair Jake and Tim had off. They started in the front and moved the clippers to the back of their heads. This continued until all they had left was a course layer of hair that felt rough. Next shaving cream was applied to their heads. Soon their heads were shining like the other three on stage. The two who shaved Tim and Jake kissed them on the top of their heads and told them they now had the power to turn the girls in the chairs into real men.

Tim and Jake moved the tray back to where we were sitting. They were about to fulfill my fantasy without realizing it. It had been a year and a half since my last haircut. We had planned on getting our hair cut the next day, now we wouldn’t need to. They told us that this would be a night of self-discovery and before the night was over we would become real men. At that point they began shaving our heads smooth.

Tim and Jake wondered why we weren’t squirming to get loose. Tim told the MC to close the curtain which he did. Jake asked if we were okay. Peter asked him why the question. Tim replied that most guys squirm to get out and others even cry when they loose their hair. I told them to let us loose and we would tell them what was going on. After we told them about the summer before and the reaction of my parents they understood. They told us they used to have long hair until they came to Baldridge. They said they had their first head shave in the same chairs where I had my second. Peter of course had been shaved many times the previous year. They said it was such a turn on for them that they had to keep it shaved. They said they had tried to grow it out a few times, but it eventually ended up be bald.

The four of us became best friends. We found out that Tim was majoring in Psychology and Jake in Media Productions. This sounded interesting to me so I decided to major in Media Productions and minor in Psychology.

In one of my Psychology classes I did research paper on subliminal messages and how they affect people without them knowing what is happening to them. I decided this would be very handy in my Media Production career.

One evening Tim and I had just shaved each other’s heads. I couldn’t stand going more than a couple days without my noggin being shaved smooth. I can do it myself, but it feels so much better when someone else does it. When the holidays arrived I knew I would need to face my parents once again being bald.

It was no surprise to me that my parents were upset about me being bald again. This time they couldn’t send me to my room or take my car away. They couldn’t even threaten my schooling since I was going a scholarship and a college fund set up in my name by my grandparents. All they could do is comment and look at me disgustingly. Sadly I was glad when the holidays were over so I could go back to school.

Once in school I became more interested in subliminal messages in the media and how they worked. One day I was talking to Peter, Tim and Jake about my interest in these messages. Peter asked if I thought they really worked. Tim told us that they did and that they had such a suggestive power that they could almost get people to do anything.

Peter said isn’t it to bad I couldn’t somehow give subliminal messages to my parents so the would like my bald head. This got me to thinking and then into some serious research on how to get even with my parents. This is where life is going to take some interesting turns if my plans work out.

I would first start on my three younger brothers who are now in high school. I knew short hair was even moving into the so-called society circles so there would be some short hair merging into high school. I called home when I knew my parents would be gone so I could find out what my brother’s favorite music CDs and DVDs were.

Once I got this information I asked Tim if he would like to help me get even with my parents. We went shopping to get copies of each of them. Next we would obtain head shaving clips from the many head shaves that took place in the bar we frequented. We had free access to the media production lab so we went in early on a Saturday morning when we knew it would likely be free of others. We then put these highly suggestive and somewhat erotic clips into the DVDs we had purchased for my brothers. We then put very suggestive thoughts on the CDs. The DVDs showed guys shaving each other’s heads smooth and getting turned on by them and taking action to relieve themselves from the sexual tension. The ideas was to get my brothers hooked on being shaved bald and through our psychology classes we knew there had to be a sexual experience to get them hooked. The CDs basically had such message as shave your head bald, keep your head shaved bald, keep your bother shaved bald and seeing guys with shaved heads will make you want to get and keep your heads shaved smooth with a razor. We knew they would watch the DVDs over and over again and listen to the CDs frequently. It was only a matter of time before the suggestions would become overpowering and my brothers would join the fraternity of "baldies". My parents would need to live with four baldies in the family.

To make sure they worked before we sent them to my brothers we decided to try them out on some of the guys in the dorm. We made copies and put them in the dorm’s recreation room that afternoon. That way they would be available when the guys came in that night. There were a few guys that didn’t have much of a social life that we knew would watch them later. A couple of the geeks had somewhat longer hair so this would be our real test. Other guys had hair that could neatly be combed, crewcuts, buzzcuts and a few head shaves.

We also made ourselves available to see who was watching the movies and listening to the CDs. That way we would know if the subliminal messages would work.

The weather was bad and there must have not been too much happening on campus because the rec room was full of guys. Even a few pretty boy jocks were in that night. The CDs had been playing most of the afternoon. The subliminal message should have gotten into some of their heads by now. Soon Ben, one of the long hair geeks noticed the new DVDs sitting near the player. He put it in the player and everyone began watching it. Once it was over they put in the other one which even more suggestive than the first. We noticed guys rubbing their heads and adjusting their pants to make themselves more comfortable. A few books and pillows were being placed in strategic locations on their laps. We anticipated the suggestions were working. We slipped out and went to our room and without anyone seeing us put some hair clippers, razors and shaving cream near the sink in the kitchen area. We went back into the rec room as the second movie was finishing.

After it finished no one stood up. The pillows and books remained in place. Tim asked if anyone wanted any popcorn. A couple of the guys who had crewcuts stood and adjusted themselves and went into the kitchen. A few minutes later they came out without popcorn, but their heads were shaved as smooth as Tim, Jake, Peter and mine. They said they had to go to their rooms for a little while and would be back. We knew what they had to do. At this point Tim and I hadn’t told Peter and Jake about what we did and what we were going to do. We wanted to make sure it worked first.

Before the Rec Room emptied out for the night there wasn’t a guy with hair on their heads. Unaware to them they were now addicted to being bald the rest of their lives. Many experienced new sexual pleasures that had not known before this night. Many would loose their current girl friends and gain new friends of their own gender.

Tim and I now roomed together and had become partners as had Jake and Peter. Every once in awhile we would agree not to shave for a week and then get together for a group head shave among other things. Life was wonderful except for getting even with my parents. When Jake and Peter saw a lot of new baldies in the dorm they asked what was going on. We told them what we had done and what we were now going to do. We gave each other high-fives. They thought it was great.

Spring break was coming up and we knew my brothers would head off with some friends for a several days. We planned to get them the DVDs and CDs just prior to the break, that way they would take them with them. They would listen to the CDs as they were traveling. Our hope was that they would be bald upon returning from spring break.

After spring break was over I called home, again when I thought my brothers would likely be there and not my parents. If either of my parents answered I would hang up. Matt, my brother just younger than me and a Senior in high school answered the phone. I asked if Mom and Dad were home and he said no. I asked him if they had received the things I sent. He said yes and that they were great and thanked me for them. He said they listened to the tapes over and over again as well as the movie. Matt, then said guess what? I said what? He said he and our brothers had shaved their heads bald just like mine. I told him I thought that was great. I asked him how they looked. He said he thought they all looked awesome. Matt and I were always close and confided in each other. I told him to give me the details. He said on the way to the beach for spring break he saw some guys with bald heads like mine. He said it was like he suddenly wanted to be shaved bald as well and couldn’t get it out of his mind.

One of his friends riding with them said that they should shave their heads like them. He told me that when they got to the beach house it was fairly late so decided to watch the movies I sent them. Matt said that during the movie he couldn’t get the idea of shaving his head out of his mind. Matt told me he got real aroused for some reason when he thought about it.

He said the next day he and his friend had been swimming, but decided they wanted some snacks so the put on their sandals and went to find some place to buy some snacks. He said they saw a couple of guys with heads shaves and goatees. He said this really turned him on and it was difficult hiding his grown man in his swimsuits. He told me he had grown a goatee and wondered what he would look like bald with his goatee. He asked his friend what he thought. His friend asked him if he was thinking of cutting his hair. He told him that he didn’t dare after the way our parents had gotten after me.

As fate would have it they rounded the corner where there was a barbershop with two chairs. He said they walked by but both looked in to see two young barbers with head shaves and goatees similar to the guys they had seen earlier. Matt said his friend wanted to get his hair trimmed since it was so hot. Matt asked him if he had ever been to a barbershop before or only to salons. He said only to salons. Matt told him that is all he had been to also. Matt said his friend said he had always wanted to go to a barbershop and this was his chance while he was away from home.

They turned around and headed back to the shop. Two guys had just gotten into the chairs. They had hair long enough to comb. Matt said the barbers asked them how they wanted their hair cut. They replied shaved to the scalp. Each the barbers took their clippers and placed them at their foreheads and began shaving them bald. Matt said this was more than he could stand. He said at that point he had to be shaved bald despite what our parents thought. Soon the two guys were leaving the chairs and Matt and his friends climbed in. Matt said he listened to see how his friend was going to have his hair cut. His friend told the barber to shave his bald just like the two before him. It was Matts turn now. The barber asked him the question. Matt told the barber that he wanted to end up being shaved bald, but wondered if the barber would take it down in steps so he could see how he looked as he became bald. The barber told Matt no problem, that he enjoyed doing that, but to make sure he didn’t change his mind in the process he would shave a bald spot on the back towards the crown. Matt said the barber told him that he would like being bald and would never go back. Matt asked him how he knew that. The barber said he knew and told him not to be afraid of adjusting things under the cape.

Matt said while he was having this conversation with the barber that his friend at this point had been clipper shaved. Matt said he could see him squirming a bit in the chair. He said swimsuits aren’t the most comfortable things when being aroused.

The barber proceeded to shave a bald patch in the back of Matt’s head that was out of sight from the front. Matt knew he was now going to be a baldie like me. The barber gave Matt various stages of haircuts until he had a ½ inch butch. Matt said the barber then asked him what he thought. Matt told the barber he liked the ½ inch butch, the barber then told Matt not for long as he took the bare clippers over the top of Matt’s head. There was now an inverted Mohawk. Matt told me that he tried to keep from exploding, but it was no use. He went in his swimsuit. Matt said he was glad it was still wet from swimming. The barber knew what had happened and told Matt that because of that experience he will always want to be shaved bald. He told him that no matter how hard he tried he would end up being shaved bald and might as well accept the fact of being shaved bald from now on. The barber trimmed up Matt’s beard and told him how hot he looked. When Matt and Jeff left the barbershop, Jeff told Matt that he had never been so turned on in his life. Matt told him what the barber had told him.

When they got back to the others they had come to the beach with including my brothers, they wanted to be shaved bald as well. Matt told our brothers that our parents were really going to be ticked at him. They said they didn’t care they wanted to be shaved bald too. Matt took them back to the barbershop. When they walked in the barbers said, I suppose they want to be as good looking as you two. They all said yes and the shaving process began. The barber winked at Matt and told him that they would remain bald as well. Matt said he looked at the strategic location on their pants and new they had each had an arousing experience like his and Jeff’s.

At this point as Matt was telling me what had happened that I realized whoever listens to the CDs or watches the DVDs would end up bald for life. It may even affect the gender of who they care for. This was wonderful.

The next day after being shaved by the barbers they went to the beach to do some swimming. Matt said they saw some men with shaved heads, they said they couldn’t control themselves, they had to shave their heads again. They couldn’t stand even the little stubble they grew over night. The immediately went out and bought some shaving cream and razors. They returned to the beach house and again shaved themselves smooth and took care of their little men. Matt said they did this every day including the morning they returned home. As planned the subliminal messages had worked my brothers would be bald like me forever and as a bonus so would their friends. I now hoped they would share their CD and DVDs with their friends.

I asked Matt what our parents did when they saw them. He said they went ballistic. Matt said they were expecting that so the three of them made a pact that they would stand firm and keep their heads bald. (Unknown to them they now didn’t have a choice, they would be bald like their big brother forever after all shaving your head is addicting). Matt said they were punished, but it didn’t matter they still shaved every day.

Matt told me that after him and his friend had their heads shaved that they went back to the beach house. He said things got out of hand and that he thought he was gay. I told Matt that it was all right and that I discovered since coming to college that I was gay though I had fought off the idea until I was forced to acknowledge it. I told Matt not to fight it and accept it. I asked him if his friend was keeping their heads shaved, he said they were and that they couldn’t stand having hair any more. He said they made a pact that they would always keep each other bald. I told them as they developed more body hair they would want to experiment shaving other places. I told Matt that we would need to keep this a secret from our parents for some time. I told him it would be likely our two younger brothers would also feel the same way we do. I told Matt to keep them shaved bald if they desired it and any body else that wanted to be bald. I told Matt I would mail him some clippers to help his friends become bald. I told him he might be surprised as to who wants to become bald and maintain that look.

Matt thanked me and asked me to keep in touch. I told Matt to apply to Baldridge so we could be close to each other if he wanted. Before hanging up I asked Matt what DVD and CD Mom would like to have. He told me.

I reported back to Tim, Jake and Peter that my brothers and some of their friends were now baldies for life. I then told Tim that we had to go buy another CD and DVD.

Once back I told Tim that part of the reason, my Dad hates our shaved heads is the fact that he has been loosing his hair and is terrified of going bald. I told Tim that it was time for my mother to start loving our bald heads and make a spectacle of my Dad’s balding head to the other socialites.

The editing of the CD and DVD begins. Once completed I sent this to my Mom as a Mother’s Day gift. I called her on Mother’s Day to see if she got my gift. She thanked me but made sure I knew my brothers were now bald also and looked as hideous as me.

I didn’t go home for the summer since I had a job at a Media Production company. One of my professors had gotten me the job to enhance my so called "natural skills". I invited my brothers down so I could visit with them and see their bald noggins. I tell you we were four awesome looking dudes. I had grown a goatee as well. Tim really liked it. It was very dark brown and very full. Matt thought it looked great as well. Matt’s beard looked great as well. I told my younger brothers that they had to keep their heads shaved bald but grow beards when they could. They said absolutely. We made a pact that we would always be shaved bald and would always have beards. Tim made the pact with us also. I had never seen Tim with facial hair so this will be nice.

Matt asked me if Tim was my good friend I had told him about. I told him that he was. Tim knew what we were talking about. Tim rubbed Matt’s bald head in acknowledgment. I told Matt that Tim and I would share some things with him later. Matt smiled and said he would appreciate that.

Tim and I had moved to an apartment off campus so we could have more freedom and enjoy each other’s company more. This also made it convenient for my brothers to come and visit us.

As we sat around I asked them how things were going at home. I asked them if our parents had accepted their shaved heads. Joey, my second brother said Mom had, but Dad hadn’t. He said Mom always comes and rubs their heads and kisses them on the scalp. Especially in front of Dad and when others are around. Joey said he went a couple of days without shaving and Mom told him she liked it smooth and for him to get up to the bathroom and get rid of that stubble. Matt said it was like one minutes she hated them being bald and the next she loved them. I told them parents are weird sometimes and that they would eventually come around.

One of the subliminal messages in the DVD is that Mom would shave Dad bald when none of us kids were around. She would then make passionate love to Dad so Dad would also become hooked on shaving his head bald and sex. Mom would always want to have sex with Dad whenever he shaved his head. Hopefully, while my brothers were visiting my Dad would become bald.

In addition, through the media production company I was working at I had done a management training video for the company my Dad works for. It was to be shown the following week after my brothers returned home. I of course added a few subliminal messages to the video. My Dad wouldn’t be the only bald executive.

My brothers had a good time with Tim and me. We went and did a lot of things together. Each day before we left I shaved my brothers heads for them. Matt would shave Tim and I. I asked my two younger brothers if they had girl friends. They told us that they weren’t interested in girls yet, that they had too many other things going on in their lives to worry about girls. Tim, Matt and I smiled at each other.

A couple of nights after my two youngest brothers went to bed, Tim and I would talk to Matt about his sexuality. We would answer any questions he had. We invited Matt to invite his friend to join us some long weekend.

There were now a lot of shaved heads on campus and in the area now. It seems our CDs and DVDs had been copied many times and shared with others. Most of the Frat guys and jocks were now confirmed baldies. I didn’t realize these subliminal messages would have such a wide spread affect. The boys thought it was awesome seeing all these shaved heads everywhere.

The time flew by fast and it was time for my brothers to go home. I told Matt to call me when they got home to let me know they arrived safely. Tim had started growing a beard the next day after our pact. He was shaving only from the ears up and not touching his face.

Later that evening Matt called me. He said they arrived safely, but to a bit of a surprise. He said Mom had shaved Dad completely bald. Mom said she liked our bald heads so much that if Dad ever wanted to have a bedroom relationship again that he had better get rid of the hair. Mom said she shaved him bald that morning. Despite Dad’s opinion he looked much younger without that mess he had been wearing trying to cover his balding. Dad said he didn’t know how people were going to accept it at work. I knew they were going to accept him just fine after they viewed the special training video. He would not be alone in his baldness.

A couple of nights later my parents called me and apologized for being such jerks when I shaved my head and at subsequent visits. I asked them if they were going to buy any DVDs in the near future. They told me the name of one they wanted. I told them I would get it for them and mail it in about a week.

This one I put in subliminal messages about tolerance and the acceptance of others including their sons who are all gay. They would accept us for who we are and accept those whom we associate with.

Matt and his friend visited us a few weeks later. We told them not to shave anything no matter how difficult it became.

Matt introduced Jeff to Tim and me. When Matt and I were alone I asked Matt if he considered himself gay. He told me he did, but wanted to know when he could shave because the hair was driving him nuts. I told him he would be shaved before the night was over. I asked him if Jeff considered himself gay. He said he wasn’t sure. I asked him how far they had gone and he said not too far. I told Matt that after this weekend neither he nor Jeff would have any doubts about their sexuality. I told Matt that by the night’s end they would be true men. Matt asked what he meant and I told him he would know when it happened.

Tim and I told Jeff that we were gay and loved each other very much. We asked him if that bothered him. He said no, not in the least. I asked him if he knew Matt was gay? He said he believed he was. I asked him if he was gay? He said he wasn’t sure but suspected he was. I asked him if he had any desires to be with women. He said no. I asked him what kind of people turned him on. He said guys with shaved heads and well built. I told Jeff that he was gay and by this evening he would become a true man and would begin enjoying his sexuality.

I told Matt and Jeff they could do things willingly or else they would be forced, either way the results of the night would be the same. They would become true men.

Tim asked if they wanted to go through the process willingly? They said they would. Matt told us that he was looking forward to the events whatever they were. Jeff didn’t say too much, perhaps because we had just met and brought reality into his life.

At 5:00 p.m. Peter and Jake came over to the apartment. We told Matt and Jeff that we would be going to a gay bar. Tim asked if either of them drank. They said no. We told them that was good and would make things easier that night.

We arrived at the bar at about 6:00 p.m. We sat at the table below the stage. Jake ordered several pitchers of beer and we began the process. Like Peter and me before, it didn’t take long for them to get drunk. Jeff very relaxed and talkative now.

Jake took them to the restroom to relieve themselves. Jake told them to remove all their clothes, that they wouldn’t need them for a while. They removed their clothes and stood naked before Jake. Jake admired their well toned bodies and told them to follow him to the barber chairs where for their own safety would be secured so they couldn’t move any more than was needed.

They both climbed into the chairs where a couple of guys secured them. Next the curtains were opened. Neither seemed to care since they were still drunk. I gave them each a pill and told them to chew it and swallow it. This had the immediate affect of sobering them. They looked and each other and then tried to get up and leave. I told them it was impossible and to let the games begin. I was the MC. Tim and Jake would be the shavers. Jake brought out the clippers and razors. I told them they were now going to loose all their boyhood hair and that new hair growth would be that of a man’s.

Matt smiled at me and then at Jeff. Jeff also smiled. We knew they were going to enjoy the activities into manhood. I then said let the shaving begin. They put the clippers to their heads and shaved them smooth. Next they shaved their faces. They said their next beards would be that of a man’s and not boys. The shaving continued until the only hair they had was around their eyes. Before the evening was over each knew without a doubt that they were gay and real men I their own right.

Jeff and Matt spent one more night with us before heading home. They said they would be joining us in the fall to attend school at Baldridge. I told Matt to keep their brother’s heads shaved smooth and to prepare them for manhood. He promised he would.

Tim and my relationship continued to develop. I had grown a black goatee that was outstanding and contracted with my suntanned body. Tim had grown a full beard that was auburn in color. He kept it neatly trimmed. I loved sitting below him and having him rub it around my shaved head. Tim enjoyed my whiskers in other areas.

Matt and Jeff returned in the Fall. They had shaved heads and beautiful beards that were very thick and full. I commented on how good they looked. They smiled and said it was the abundance of hormones they partook of. That night when Matt and Jeff came out to relax they came out nude. They had no hair on their bodies except for their eyebrows and beards. I asked them what was up with being hairless, they said they grew their body hair back but decided not having hair made their bodies look more sculpted and their muscles more pronounced. There was no doubt that these were men.

Dad remains bald as well as many of his co-workers. Mom for some reason loves us being bald. My brothers and I are openly gay and our parents love us for who we are.

Tim and I continue to use subliminal messages to promote our cause of shaved heads, beards and the acceptance of gays.

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