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Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Luke

Hi I’m Luke and I am just nineteen, my boyfriend Richard is thirty-four and he usually has a shaved head which I love because he is balding and it makes him really hot, but he is the most awesome looking guy anyway. Recently he took me home to Lancashire to meet his family and whilst we were there, he showed me around the town he grew up in. When we passed a lady’s hairdressers Richard said he couldn’t believe it that Miss was still there. When I asked him who Miss was, he said it was the woman who always used to cut his hair, he said she was a family friend. He added that because his mum was on her own and it was a struggle bringing up three kids after his dad cleared off, Miss used to give him and his sisters free haircuts in return for a few clothing alterations by his mum.

Later he showed me some pictures of when he was a teenager and his blond hair was cut really short, pointing to a photo of him with his hair cropped, he said Miss had just done that. I asked him why he called her Miss and he said he found her name hard to pronounce because her husband was from Eastern Europe which is why he called her Miss and also, she was kind of strict like a teacher.

Richard and I were staying in a hotel rather than with family and on returning that evening to the hotel he asked me if there was anything that I really wanted to do tomorrow. I said I was happy to go with the flow, he then ruffled my hair and asked me how I thought about going to see Miss. I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not but I will do practically anything to make Richard happy.

The next day we set off after breakfast heading in the direction of Miss’s shop, Richard had a big grin on his face like he was looking forward to seeing Miss. We entered the shop and Miss was busy putting rollers in the hair of an older woman, at first, she didn’t recognise him until he said who he was and like the rest of his family she called him Rick but then went on to call him Ricki-Tikki-Tavi. He introduced me to her and she went on to say what lovely blond hair he had when he was young and he jokingly asked her if that was why she always cut it all off.

I guess Miss must have been in her late sixties, she wore a navy blue overall which I thought looked shall we say vintage as was everything about her shop, By now Richard would have given himself a buzz with the zero blade but he had signs of a few days hair growth on the sides and back of his head. He tells Miss that he has forgotten to bring his clippers away with him and is there any chance she could buzz him down today. She looks in her book and says she is tight this morning but really quiet this afternoon, she writes in him for three o’clock. He looks over at me and says there is a slot for me if I want haircut too, I nod and say yes knowing that’s what Richard really wants.

We go for a drive in Richard’s car so he can show me the surrounding area, he has done amazingly well for himself, a great job with big salary, smart apartment in London and an awesome sports car. He makes sure we at back in time for three o’clock. He seems so happy to be back there, I can tell by the way he sits in the hairdressing chair, he is a really tall guy now and Miss asks him to slide down the chair a bit which he happily does before she fastens the cape. Miss then goes through a multi coloured plastic strip blind into a store area and comes back with a pair of electric clippers, she plugs them into the socket and switches them on. As if this is a signal Richard immediately bends his head forward, Miss moves the clippers towards the back of his head and starts to run the bare blade up, his hair falls away leaving a smooth hairless head. I am really loving seeing this done to my man although it strikes me that maybe we should be at a barbers with a hipster barber cutting our hair. Then I think no this is something Richard is wanting to share with me. Miss takes her time and eventually Richard comes off the chair completely hairless wow he looks hot. Miss asks if I still want my haircut and Richard is standing behind her nodding his head and I stand up and go and sit in the chair. I am not as tall as Richard so do not need to slide down, as she fastens the cape, I can smell Richard’s cologne on it. She then disappears behind the plastic strip blind again and comes out with the clipper guards.

Miss says she keeps the clippers and guards out of site so not to frighten her ladies and Richard asks her if she has a number 1 in there. She says that the number 1 is very short and at this point Richard is showing no signs that he is going to be sitting down. I say that I don’t usually have a number 1 but at this point he reaches into the small plastic box and takes out a guard and hands it to Miss. "Number 1 sides and back" he says "light trim on top and he’ll keep the side parting" he adds. Miss asks me if I am alright with that although she has already clicked the number 1 guard on. I say that I am, and she tells me to bend my head right down, Richard says that I should remember that Miss likes you to keep your head really still. Soon I am being buzzed, I am aware that Richard is hovering and I can tell he is really on a high with this, once Miss has buzzed me with the number 1 guard she then works away at the lower part with the bare blade. She then tells Richard that if I want anything like wax on my hair to nip to the chemist next door for it. So, he leaves me with Miss who has moved my head up, wet my hair and is cutting it with scissors, and I ask her why she called him Ricki-Tikki-Tavi. She replies that he was such a scamp when he was younger and that was her nick name for him, she adds definitely a scamp but a lovable scamp.
Richard knows the hair wax I always use so I knew I didn’t need to remind him, but he soon returns with a pot of Brylcreem. "Didn’t they have the wax I always use?" I ask knowing I have some back at the hotel…" I got you this instead" he replies and he finds it hard to conceal his grin. Miss carries on cutting my hair but suggests to Richard that he might like to sit down, without question he does as she says. She takes her time before asking me if I am happy with it, after dusting my face down with a little soft brush she opens the pot of Brylcreem and peels back the silver foil lid. She asks me if I like a little or a lot on and in the mirror, I can see Richard giving encouraging nods as if to say go on have loads on. Of course, my answer is good amount and Miss applies loads before combing my hair into a real sharp parting. Once I am off the chair, we pay for our haircuts and say our good byes leaving with the Brylcreem by now it is pretty to clear to us both that we want to get back to our hotel room as soon as possible. Later he hands me his phone and it’s showing the haircutstory.net site…. wow.

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