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Barber for Hire by JPGR

This story includes heavy sexual themes. You have been warned.


Isaac was no different than any other 20 year-old. He lived a decent enough life and had a few loyal Friends. An attractive young boy with bright green eyes,dark brown hair and a shy,yet charming personality. He was attracted to both genders but he always ended up being attracted to boys close to his age.
He also had a few secrets. A few years ago he discovered he had a «shaving fetish»,being aroused when seeing females and especially males having their heads and other parts of their body shaven completely smooth. He dove deep into this kink,taking part in discussions and role-playing sessions in different discussion boards with other people. He was a respected member,frequently posting drawings and stories he created whenever he felt creative enought.
However,even if he was so engrossed in this community,he never had the willpower to go as far as actually shaving himself. His shy personality just wouldn’t let It. As a result,he began bottling up his true desires,always thinking how good It would fill to be completely hairless,and always being afraid for no apparent reason. And so he continued to restrain himself more and more,until one day,he had enough.

2)The Spark

One day,he went to the discussion board and opened a new thread that expained his personal struggle and if there was any way to overcome this roadblock. Many people left their opinion,but none of them where helpful. He even tried by shaving different parts of his body,like his face,legs and even his genitals,but even that helped little to none. Weeks have passed and he was feeling like he was about to explode unless he did something and coincidentally,at around that time,he received an email notification. It was a fellow user from the forums, writing about a similar problem he had and how he got over It. On the bottom of the message was a link to an email account of a guy named Jason. Isaac sent him a message explaining his problem, feeling a bit shy while doing It. To be honest,he didn’t take It too seriously and he didn’t expect a response from him.
The days passed and suddenly, after nearly a week,a reply came in the form of an email.
«Come here at around 23:30 on Saturday and I promise to help you. Looking forward meeting you! ;)»
With the message was a screenshot of a map with one of the buildings in a red circle. It wasn’t that far from Isaac’s place,he could easily arrive there in about ten minutes by car. Isaac finally began to see a glimpse of hope.

3)The Meet-up

Saturday quickly approached and Isaac began to make his way towards the meeting place. After a few minutes he arrived. He was standing in front of a barbershop, It’s inside was obscured by the blinds. Isaac swallowed hard and knocked on the door, praying that no one was close to whiteness him. The door opened,yet no one was there to greet him. Isaac took a step inside and once he got in,the door closed behind him. The room was nearly empty and in the middle stood a lone barber chair and a small table with a cape,some nicely folded towels,a bowl and some haircutting utensils. On a nearby wall,a large mirror was hanging and in front of that was a hair washing sink. The entire room was completely dark with only a single light source situated on top of the chair.
Isaac began to make his way towards the chair,until he was just a few meters away. He then heared a voice ordering him to remove his shirt and sit,and so he did. Isaac was now sitting on the barber chair, wearing just his blue jeans and being completely naked from the waist up. Then from the shadows emerged a man,no doubt about It,that was Jason, holding a roll of duct tape and being completely nude,wearing only a dark gray apron. He made a few rounds around the chair,taking a look at Isaac and once he was done,he began by taping Isaac’s arms and legs on the chair, restraining him and rendering him unable to move.
Isaac was now the most anxious he had ever been. Now that the man was close enough to Isaac,he was more clearly visible.
A fine man, around two or three years older than him. He had an athletic build, slightly tanned skin and long dark brown hair tied up in a ponytail. His wrists were decorated with bracelets and he had a small round earring on his left earlobe.
Once he was done restraining him,he got behind the chair.
«So,what would you prefer?» said Jason as he was playing with Isaac’s curls. The man’s deep,yet calming voice sent chills down Isaac’s spine.
«A…shave and-» muttered Isaac,now too nervous to even finish his sentence.
«Relax,no one is here to judge you. Take a deep breath,and speak out loud what you want me to do.». Those words filled Isaac with confidence. He closed his eyes and he took a deep breath. Once he calmed down,he said: «A shave please,I want to be left completely smooth…» in a reassuring tone, Jason then replied with a simple «yes,sir».
Isaac could barely believe he even formed this sentence,It made him feel more confident,and now,he could hardly wait for the treatment he so desperately wanted for such a long time.

4)On the Razor's Edge

Jason took the cape and tied It neatly around Isaac’s neck.
«Take a good look at your current self,It will be a while until you see him again» said Jason as he turned the chair to face away from the mirror. He then pulled the levee under the chair and Isaac was now laying horizontally,with his head in the sink.
«We’ll start with a simple hair wash,hope you don’t mind?»
«N-no, not at all…»
Jason then reached for a towel and dipped It in some warm water. Once It was warm enought,he proceeded to cover Isaac’s entire face with It.
Isaac enjoyed every single minute of It. His hair being washed and rinsed as the warm towel pepared him for a shave made him let out some slight moans of excitement and arousal. After the wash, Jason lifted slightly the chair and with a comb,he proceeded by combing Isaac’s hair away from his face. After he removed the towel from Isaac’s face,he grabbed a small bowl and filled It with shaving gel. He then took the shaving brush and started whisking It into a rich lather.
He then began to smear the lather on Isaac. This was a first for Isaac,as he never had his face shaved by someone else,so he closed his eyes and he made sure to enjoy It while it lasts. Once he opened his eyes,he began to sweat as he saw Jason sharpening a straight razor on a leather strap.
«Precision is the key here,so please,no sudden movements…»
The blade made contact with his cheek and with a swift motion,he removed a huge chunk of the foam. Having a taste of Jason’s skill with a razor, Isaac could finally relax as he let Jason take hold of his head,turning It to different directions and making sure not to miss a spot.
The scaping noices that the razor produced when It was passing through Isaac’s cheeks and undee his chin were almost deafening in a good way. It made Isaac feel like he matured significantly,and he enjoyed every single second.
After a few minutes, Jason grapped a fresh towel and rinsed off any excess foam from Isaac’s face.
Isaac felt a bti disappointed on how quick the shave was.
«Don’t worry,we still have a lot of hair to mow down!» said Jason.
Out of the apron’s front pocket,he took a pair of cordless clippers and flicked them on. He placed them on Isaac’s forehead, teasing him in the process by moving slowly towards his hairline.
Isaac felt discomfort and out of desperation he yelled «JUST DO IT!». Truth be told,he wasn’t ready.
Mere milliseconds after he finished is sentence,he felt a strong breeze, starting from the base of his hairline and ending a few centimetres close towards the base of his nape. Taking a look at his lap,he saw a short stack of dark brown locks. So much hair with just a single swipe through the middle,when was the last time he got a haircut? His thinking was cut short,as Jason continued to ravage his head, mowing down his long hair and leaving a short stubble behind.
Isaac could hardly restrain himself,and the fact that he was bound to place made It even more difficult for him. For now the only thing he could do,was to bite his lower lip in satisfaction and arousal.

5)Finishing Touches

Once again the brush was put into action, covering Isaac’s head with the rich foam. Jason then placed a small towel on Isaac’s shoulder,grabbed his trusty razor and he went to work.
Little by little the foam began piling up on the towel, together with small chunks of Isaac’s stubble. With every pass,small patches of Isaac’s now smooth scalp became more visible, shining under the single source of light situated above them.
Jason made sure to be exra careful while shaving the back of his ears and his nape and after a short while,he tossed the razor on the table and he rinsed any excess foam from his head.
«And now the finishing touches» he said as he reached and took a small bottle of moisturising lotion.
He squirted a decent amount on his hands and he began to gently massage his head, starting from his scalp, moving towards hs cheeks and finishing under his chin. Isaac in the meantime was completely intoxicated. He had never experienced such a euphoric feeling in his entire life,he just sat there and he fully embraced It. After It was done,he was left with a smooth and shiny head,so shiny in fact that Jason could easily see his own reflection.

6)The Payment

Isaac started to slowly regain his senses and once ge did,he noticed that he was now facing the mirror, looking at an unfamiliar face. He also realized that the tape that kept him in place was removed. Jason reached for Isaac’s hands and he grabbed them,then he slowly guided them towards his smooth head. As soon as he touched It, Isaac left a gasp of surprise. For minutes he just sat there and rubbed his head,almost shedding tears of joy after realising how good It felt. He then grabbed both of Jason’s hands and he gave him a firm handshake of appreciation.
«So,what do I owe you?» he asked as he reached for his wallet.
«Sorry boy,but I don’t get paid with money. We will be using MY paying method.» said Jason as he moved the cape aside and started to unbutton Isaac’s trousers.
Isaac started to turn red. He felt as If the butterflies in his stomach were ready to burst right out as he saw Jason lowering his pants and slowly removing his underwear.
They were both greeted by Isaac’s penis,now fully erect and throbbing.
«Looks like you enjoyed It. I'm glad.» said Jason as he rubbed his finger on the tip of Isaac’s manhood. He then pulled the lever under the barber chair, bringing It into a completely horizontal position.
He began teasing Isaac,making small rounds around the chair and slowly removing his apron,leaving him completely nude. Isaac was left in awe as he saw Jason’s body,a body to rival even that of the Greek gods.
Jason took position above Isaac’s face and he slowly lowered himself. Isaac’s face was now buried under Jason’s ass cheeks,not being able to fight back as he also felt Jason slowly rubbing and licking his cock. The only thing he could do now,was to play along.
He firmly grasped both of Jason’s ass cheeks and began to play along,slowly moving him towards his bald head. The smoothness of Isaac’s head connecting with Jason’s sensitive anus sent both of them waves of pleasure and excitement. They continued for quite some time, Isaac by rubbing his head against Jason’s ass,and Jason filling his mouth with Isaac’s dick.they both continued until exhaustion took the better of them.


By the end,the room was completely covered with cut hair mixed with cum.
Both of the men were sitting on the chair, Isaac having Jason in his embrace. They both stayed there until the light of the rising sun began to creep through the blinds.
After dressing up, Isaac took a final look at his new self in the mirror. Once he reached the exit,jason appeared to wish him a safe drive back home and to give him a goodbye kiss.

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