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Those Deep Blue Eyes by Skinned21

I have had the desire for short hair for as long as I can remember. I learned to cut other’s hair while in the military. I got so I was pretty good and had many asking me to cut their hair. It was in the Seventies when long hair was the norm. Very seldom did I every have the opportunity to cut any one’s hair real short (by my standards).

When I was discharged from the military I decided that perhaps if I became a barber that I would eventually loose my desire of cutting peoples hair and having mine extremely short. I decided to enroll in a barber college and use the GI Bill for this purpose.

The instructor was very impressed with my skills, especially in giving a taper haircut. I cut many people’s hair. It was the eighties by now and still the style was about mid-ear. Those who liked their hair cut on the short side would request my services.

It was early summer when this gentleman came in for a haircut. Things were slow and many of the other students were outback taking a break. This man looked around and then asked if I could cut his hair (mine was still the shortest in the class). Perhaps this is why he asked for me.

The man was about 6 feet tall, 27 years old and slender with good muscle tone. He had the bluest eyes I had ever seen. His hair was a sandy blond color, medium length. He had a full unkempt beard.

When he sat in my chair I lifted up his hair and put a neck strip around his neck. I then secured the red and white striped cape over him. I asked him how he wanted it cut. He nervously replied that he wanted it somewhat shorter. Was he nervous because he was getting a haircut or that a student was cutting it? As most barbers know everyone has their own definition of shortness. With this vague response I tried to find out how much shorter he wanted his hair. He said to take a couple of inches off. This would still leave his hair longer than the mid-ear norm of the times. I proceeded to cut a couple of inches off and styled it so it looked nice. I did not do anything to his beard since he didn’t mention it and I really had not done too many shaves. When I was done I handed him the mirror so he could examine the cut.

He handed me the mirror back and again asked if I could cut it shorter, the matter of fact is that I could cut it a lot shorter, but I didn’t say anything. I did ask him though how much shorter. He replied nervously again, “A couple of inches.” This would bring his hair to pretty much the standard, just above the collar and to the bottom of his ears. Again I followed his instructions. I asked him if he always kept his hair long. He said no that he liked it short, but had been working on oil wells in Alaskan Arctic region and had just returned to the lower states. He had let his hair grow for the additional warmth and that there were very few barbers in the region. Once again I finished and handed him the mirror for his inspection. Once again he handed me back the mirror. He apologized and said he wanted it shorter.

I asked him how he wore it before he went to Alaska. He said he kept a butch. I asked him if he wanted it that short again. He hesitated for a minute and then said he wanted it shorter. I said shorter than a butch. He said yes to take it all off. He said he was trying to leave it longer so he would be in style, but the more I cut it the more he wanted it short again. He said he had always wanted it shaved bald but had never dared to go shorter than a ½ inch butch. He said I might as well go all the way. Now having had the same desire for most of my life, I knew what he was going through. I asked him what he wanted me to do about the beard. He said to leave it for the moment since he wondered what he would look like with a shaved head and a full beard.

I took the clippers without an attachment and preceded crop his sandy blond hair off beginning at his forehead. Once the top was done I did the sides and back. Nothing but stubble was left. I preceded to rub his head as if I was brushing loose hairs off, but I was really feeling it. At this point I don’t know if he was aroused, but I was glad my barber smock hung fairly low. I had him facing the mirror the entire time so he knew what was going on. He had a great smile and his deep blue eyes glistened. I knew I had done what he wanted. He took his hand from under the cape and rubbed his head and then stroked his beard. He asked me if I would take a razor to his scalp and shave him smooth and then we would decide on the beard. As I looked at him I knew I would never lose the desire to have my hair extremely short and now I knew how extremely short I liked, but added the desire to have the full beard also.

I put hot towels on his head to soften the stubble. After a few minutes I removed them and applied shaving cream. I first shaved his scalp with the grain and then against. I felt his scalp to make sure there were no rough spots. His head glistened under the lights. If it had been up to me I would have left the beard at this point. I really liked how he looked.

He looked in the mirror and smiled really big. He then asked me to take his beard down to a half inch. At this point he knew I was enjoying this as much as he was. I put the guard on the clippers and followed his direction. His whiskers were very thick and surrounded his mouth fully. He could have any beard or mustache he desired. He asked if I knew what a Hollywoodian beard looked like? I said no so be tried to explain it to me. I remember seeing such a beard in one of my textbooks so I got it out and showed him a picture. He said that is exactly what he wanted. I proceeded to shave him leaving his mustache and the beard as he wanted. The beard was an extended goatee that went across his face to a point at the bottom of his ears. He looked extremely handsome. His eyes without all that hair even became more blue.

The man introduced himself as Matt. He apologized for taking up so much of his time. He said he had fantasized about this moment for many long nights while in Alaska and that I had fulfilled his fantasy and it was better than he thought it would be. Little did he know he had fulfilled a fantasy of mine, but had now created even a greater one.

The only money we made was the tips we received from customers. He handed me a $100 bill. I said I didn’t have change, he said for me to keep the whole thing, that it was worth every cent. I thanked him several times. He said he would be back.

About three weeks later Matt returned. He had not shaved his head since I had, though he had kept his beard trimmed. I asked him how he wanted it. He simply said the same.

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