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Dad not in Control by Bud

I can remember years back watching my father in the Barber Shop chair. It was the only time he was not in control.

He would sit erect, like a recruit getting his head shaved for Boot camp. My Dad is an Ex Marine and follows Marine stands.

Our Barber Jack, has been cutting Dads hair or should I say shaving his head for years.I was taken to jack before I could remember and got crew cuts every two weeks.The same went for my Brother. We got a # 1 all over and in the summer it would go down to the wood. As my Dad would say. " Jack take down to the wood, It's summer time ".

So, getting back to Dad in the chair. He maintains a skin tight Horseshoe crew cut.

When it was his turn he would walk up to the chair sit erect with his two feet, placed firmly on the foot rest, not much was said during his hair cut. Jack would alway take control. He drapes the cape over his shoulders and pins it tight around Dads thick neck. You could see it was very tight on him but Dad would not say a thing he just sat and took it like a Man. Jack would put his free hand on top of Dads head and stand to one side holding Dads head down into his chest as he 0 off the stubble on the sides and back of his head. Jack would hold his head down until Dads sides and back were skin tight.

For a tough guy, he looked like a little boy sitting in the Barber's chair. It was the only time I did not fear him.

Next was the top. Jack would hold the back of Dads with one hand and run the 0 blade right down the center of his head then he would shave the crown up very high.

Dad was now left with just a short border Horseshoe strip, on the top of his head. Jack would blend the Horseshoe strip into the skined back and sides. From the back of Dads head he looked bald, from the sides it looked skined very high up and just a little hair on the top in the front. From the front his sides looked skined high and hair just around the top of his head with a skin tight strip going into the skin tight crown.

He looked Tough.

Dad still gets his head shaved into a Horseshoe. Jack died some years ago so Dad found a new younger Barber he likes the cut he gives him.

I now get my head shaved in to a Horseshoe once you start you can't stop

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