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At The End Of The Day- Part One by Kingfordian22

Dan combed and styled his thick chestnut brown locks in the mirror. His hair was his pride and joy. He usually wore it in some kind of quiff style or slicked back, depending on the current length of his hair. His girlfriend loved his hair and would often run her fingers through the thick locks and Dan loved the way that felt. His hair however needed a trim and he had booked an appointment at a salon during his lunch hour that day.

Late for work he finished styling his hair and ran out the door driving to work. He worked in an office where he often got a lot of hassle about his hair from his co-workers who wore their hair short in business cuts or buzz cuts. Some of them tended to be jealous of his hair, especially those who were losing their hair and had to watch him running his hands through his hair all day long... a constant reminder of something they didn't have.

It was now past 9 am and once again Dan was late to the office. His co-workers were all thinking the same thing "he was probably fixing that hair of his" when Dan walked into the office.

The morning went as usual and when it was time for lunch Dan left the office to go to the salon. He liked going to the salon, having his hair washed before being tended to by his stylist and giving those locks the love and care they deserved. His stylist worked at a salon not far from his office, only about a two minute walk from his office and therefore made it easy for him to go during his lunchhour.

Dan walked into the salon, which was fairly busy and he was asked to wait in the waiting area as his stylist was running a few minutes late. Even though he only had an hour for lunch... the delay didn't bother Dan as it was his hair... which in his opinion was much more important than being a few minutes late back from lunch. After all, he was not sure how much longer he'd have hair and losing his hair was his biggest fear. Even though he was only 25, some of his co-workers who were only a few years older than him were beginning to lose their locks and had begun cutting their hair shorter to minimise the evidence of their thinning hair. But Dan didn't need to worry about that, he still had a full head of hair.

Whilst he waited he began thinking what he wanted to do with his hair. The client in his stylists chair at the moment was toward the end of their haircut and was now sporting a fairly short buzz cut and judging by the pile of shorn hair on the floor, they'd gone for a big change. Dan shuddered at the thought of clippers shearing his treasured locks off, it would be his worst nightmare... never, would he do that. The stylist took the cape off the client and motioned for Dan to come and sit down. He smiled and got up and walked towards the sinks.

His stylist said to him "Don't worry... I won't be giving you the same thing as him. It'd be a shame for you to lose all that beautiful hair". After washing his hair the stylist led Dan to her station. She fastened the cape around his neck and Dan requested she just trim the ends. The stylist got to work trimming his hair and styling it in a neo-quiff once done. Dan admired the cut in the mirror as the stylist removed the cape. He paid the stylist and returned to work. He was supposed to have been back from lunch 15 mins ago! He hoped his boss would be understanding that he couldn't help that the stylist was running late.

His boss wasn't impressed when he came back late and was even more annoyed when he'd found out why Dan was late. He'd been getting that precious hair of his cut. The boss had always hated that perfectly coiffed hair that Dan had, partly because the boss himself had MPB and was losing his own hair. And there was Dan taking extended lunchbreaks to have his haircut! As Dan walked past the boss' office he stopped at the open door and popped his head in

"Sorry sir, I was held up at the salon" he said whilst running his hands through his hair, almost as if he was mocking the boss.
Dan's boss was fed up with the hair obscessed employee, constantly late because he was too busy doing his hair. He wanted to teach that guy a lesson and he would do it soon. But he wouldn't let on yet and instead just nodded at Dan and said "ok... it can't be helped" and Dan walked off. The boss began to plot when to teach Dan a lesson, when it occured to him that today was Friday. Every friday afternoon the office had end of week drinks in the break room after work. He'd do it then... when Dan would've had a few drinks and least expect it. Yes... And he'd get the whole office to help him too. If only Dan knew what he had instore for him.

5 o'clock came and everyone headed to the breakroom for drinks.. Dan included.
By now the boss had informed the rest of the office of his plan and everyone was in on it, except for Dan. They'd all been sworn to secrecy and in exchange they got to help out. Secretly they'd all wanted to do this for a while... but were afraid what the boss would say. Now the boss had declared he'd do the exact same thing they had plotted doing for so long this afternoon! And poor Dan was oblivious.

Dan chatted with his co-workers as he had a few drinks, continually running his hands through his hair and wondering why some of the office was smirking and whispering to each other whenever he ran his fingers through the newly cut quiff he'd gotten earlier that day. After a few more drinks people could see Dan was becoming less aware of his surroundings as planned and now they would make their move.

The boss came over to Dan "Dan, you feeling ok?" he asked
"Oh yes... just feeling a little light-headed that's all" Dan replied

The boss smiled. "Why don't you sit down on that chair right there for a bit?" he suggested. The boss then signalled to Andy, another co-worker to go and get something for him.

The boss then walked the chair and suddenly pulled on Dan's quiff. He now had an angry look on his face.

Dan couldn't work out why his boss was pulling on his hair. "Hey! Let go of my hair" he demanded

"Sorry..." the boss said with a sarcastic tone "I wouldn't want to mess up that precious hair of yours would I?"
Everyone by now had gathered around Dan to get a good view of what was about to occur. Dan now had an indication something was up and suddenly no longer had that light-headed feeling he had before and was fully aware of his surroundings.

"I think I feel ok now... I'll just get up" he said and began to get out of the chair. But the boss pushed him back into his seat.

"I'm tired of you always being late... because you're busy tending to your hair... I'm tired of you running your fingers through that hair of yours...you need to be taught a lesson... and I'm going to teach you it right here right now" he told Dan.

Dan went white... Andy returned carrying a black case which the boss opened up on a desk which revealed a set of clippers, scissors and a barbers cape. Now he realised what was happening. He looked up at the faces of his co-workers hoping one of them would stand up for him and convince the boss to spare his beloved hair. But he could see from the smiles on their faces that they were going to enjoy this.


"And did you come back on time from lunch?.. no because you were too busy with this" the boss said pulling on the quiff again.

Andy had now setup the tools and 3 of Dan's co-workers held him down as the boss wheeled the that Dan was sitting in over to the desk. Andy had setup a mirror on the desk too.

Dan's heart began to pound. Was this really happening.

The boss picked up the cape and draped it around Dan who by now was terrified, realising the seriousness of his situation. He had no idea what they were going to do to his hair... but he knew he sure didn't want them to do anything to it.

The boss paused for a moment and then said to Dan "Take a final look at those locks Dan... you run your hands through them one last time" he taunted.
Dan looked at his hair in the mirror. The perfectly styled quiff that he'd only just had cut... the hair he treasured so much. He ran his fingers through the quiff... realising it was probably the last time he'd be able to do this for quite some time. His girlfriend would be so upset as well...

He looked at his boss with a pleading look. "I'm sorry... please don't do this! Not my hair PLEASE!" he begged.

The boss didn't give in. He took away the mirror... it would be much better if Dan didn't see what he was about to do... it'd make it even worse for Dan not knowing what he looked like until he'd finished the grueling punishment. And boy would the boss enjoy watching Dan lose his beloved hair. He'd been wanting to do this for ages. Now Dan wouldn't have to be late anymore...

he picked up a comb and combed the quiff out of shape and combed the long forelock forward which reached all the way down to the bottom of Dan's nose. The long forelock was stretched out in front of Dan and he could see the boss reach for a pair of shears. The whole officed grinned with delight as they anticipated the first snip. A terrified Dan was hoping this was a bad dream and that he'd soon wake up... but he knew it wasn't and knew his hair was doomed.

The boss raised lifted the shears to the top of my forehead and raised the open blade over my forelock and then he began to cut it off. The sound of the shears closing on my hair was torture and before I knew it, I saw my forelock fall down onto the cape. I stared at it laying there lifelessly. It must have been at least 4 inches.

Then he saw the boss reach for the clippers. Dan began to shake in the chair. His boss whispered in his ear "You won't be need to go to the salon during lunch for a while once I'm done with you! You won't need to be late every morning because you were putting product in that hair of yours"

Dan couldn't protest. He could plead as many times as he wanted... but the boss was going to cut his hair. He had no idea how much hair he was going to lose but he guessed it would be a lot and resigned to the fate of his beloved locks.

The boss turned on the clippers. The sound of the clippers taunted Dan as the boss lifted them into the air. Dan was anticipating the inevitable massacre that would befall upon his hair. Then he felt the boss push the clippers up the left side of his head. small clumps of chestnut brown locks began to fall on the cape and slid down into Dan's lap. He felt tears begin to well up in his eyes at the sight of the shorn hair.

The boss continued to swipe along the left side of Dan's head... more locks began to fall and the boss began to laugh.
"Looking better already" he teased

"Who wants a turn with the clippers?" he asked the rest of Dan's co-workers. Surprisingly Adam, the person Dan perhaps got along with the most in the office and considered him a friend was the first person to volunteer. Adam had shoulder length straight auburn hair... surely Adam would've been able to understand how painful it would be if he was the one losing his hair. Yet he was the most eager to get his hands on the clippers. He felt anger at his friend. How could he? With a smirk on his face Adam picked up the clippers and did a giant swipe down the right side of his head. A large amount of hair fell onto the carpet and was recieved by cheers from the rest of the office as Dan angrily stared at his friend.

The boss took the clippers again and lifted them right to Dan's forehead and pushed them back across the middle of the of his his head. A large clump of hair tumbled onto the cape before the boss took another swipe and another... and another, the thick chestnut locks Dan treasured so much were falling in clumps onto his lap and tears began poring down his face.

"Awww.... does pretty boy miss his hair already... maybe he'll be earlier for work from now on" the boss said

Dan couldn't believe what was happening. He was only 15 mins late and he couldn't help it that his stylist had been running late. And now he was paying the price for it by having the beloved locks he'd just spent a lot of money on brutally shorn by a balding boss and people who he thought were his friends and they were enjoying it! He now realised he must be losing nearly all of the hair as the pile on his lap and the locks on the floor were growing in size. Now the boss had shorn all the locks off the top and sides of his head. Now he was moving to the back and Dan prepared for the last of his chestnut locks to be stripped from his head.

He felt the teeth of the clippers against his nape and pushed upwards on the back of his head and hair began to fall onto the carpet. Soon the boss had finished removing the hair on the back of his neck. The boss the ran the clippers over the top of his head again, trimming the remaining locks into short stubble.

After what seemed like an eternity the clippers were finally turned off and the boss put them down. He removed the cape and the locks that had collected on it cascaded onto the carpet. Dan was beside himself. Then Andy returned with the mirror and placed it back on the desk. Dan finally saw what he looked like now. He began to sob.

The chestnut quiff that he treasured so much was reduced to stubble. He buried his head in his hands. His hair was gone. He couldn't believe they had done this. His hair grew so slowly... it'd take months for him to grow it back to the way it was before it was mercilessly stripped off. He had a feeling his girlfriend would no longer be attracted to him. She loved his hair. He angrily got up from the chair and stormed out of the office.

After his girlfriend saw his shorn head she told him she couldn't be with a man who looked like an army recruit. She was too embarrassed. She left him that night. Not only had Dan lost his beloved locks, he had lost the girl he loved. Revenge was the only thing on his mind now. He would get it some how... He couldn't wait for it!


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