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At The End Of The Day- Part Two by Kingfordian22

In the next few days following what Dan was now calling "the hair massacre" he'd hoped he'd come to like the new look that had been enforced upon him, but to no avail. He saw nothing but a naked vunerable ugly man in the mirror. No woman would ever want to be with a man who looked like that. His now ex-girlfriend had proven that. The shorn locks were enough to send her packing.

Monday was the first day back at work since the brutal shearing had taken place and the mood at the office had certainly changed. Dan was greeted with laughs from his co-workers that morning when he walked in with his hair reduced to stubble. Though everyone remembered what happened on Friday afternoon, seeing Dan without his chestnut brown locks was confirmation that it actually happened. And everyone was getting a kick out of watching Dan mournfully rubbing the top of his head and feeling only stubble brushing against the palm of his hand. Dan had not shown any visable signs of anger or hatred towards anyone in the office yet, but it was clear he was far from ready to forgive anyone for what had happened to his hair and there were no signs of him seeing it as a positive thing even though some of his co-workers really were convinced the short hair really suited him.

It was now Friday and it had now been a week since "the hair massacre" and Dan had spent a lot of time reflecting on what had changed in the last week. Apart from the thick quiff that was reduced to stubble, Dan had lost his self-confidence, his trust in the people he worked with and most of all... he'd lost the love of his life. People were trying to make Dan feel better about the break-up of his relationship by telling him he was better off without someone like her who was shallow enough to no longer love him because he now had no hair. 'It was better off he didn't continue to have a relationship with someone like that' they told him. But despite their efforts to make him see a positive side of the situation Dan saw only one thing. A man without his head of beautiful thick hair and was suddenly no longer attractive in the eyes of women.

In the past week, his hair had grown a tiny bit, but was still stubble. He felt naked and vunerable without his hair and his boss was loving every minute of it. He'd finally gotten rid of that mop on Dan's head and was hoping it'd stay that way. He loved looking at the humiliated 25 year old who only one week ago was a confident proud man, but without his hair Dan was the kind of weakling every boss wished their employees were. The type that he could subject to whatever he wanted. And he enjoyed going up to Dan and teasing him about his new haircut, often rubbing his head and commenting on it loudly for all to hear. The rest of the office loved to join in too. After years of wanting to see Dan stripped of his hair, they finally had their wish and to their surprise, he hadn't put up any resistance or tried to get revenge. But Dan secretly had thought of nothing else but revenge for the last week.

On Friday afternoon, as usual the office gathered in the break room after work for drinks. This time, Dan was determined not to have to go through another humiliating haircut. Not that there would have been anything there to cut anyway. At one point during drinks for the first time since that horrible Friday afternoon one week ago, Dan's co-worker Adam came over to talk to him. Adam was the only other person who tackled Dan's locks with the clippers during "the hair massacre" and was therefore just as much responsible for the fate of Dan's hair that day as the boss was. He couldn't believe Adam had the nerve to come up and talk to him so casually after what had happened a week ago. But he was interested in hearing what he had to say. Adam had shoulder-length auburn hair that he treasured the same way that Dan had treasured his hair before it was lopped off and Dan had remembered during the haircut wondering why Adam hadn't tried to reason with the boss not to go ahead with the haircut seeing Adam would've felt the same pain if it were him in the situation. He'd expected some sympathy and comfort after the ordeal from him at least. But all he remembered was Adam being the first to volunteer to have a turn with the clippers. But now... Dan was about to find out one last detail about Adam's involvement in "the hair massacre" that changed his plans for revenge completely.

Dan can I talk to you in another room for a second" Adam asked him. Dan agreed to go into another room, wondering if it was another trap and if something was waiting for him in there. But he needn't have worried as there was nothing awaiting him in the other room. Adam really did want to chat in private as he had a confession to make.

It turned out that boss and Adam had planned "the hair massacre" together a few days prior. The boss and Adam had been orchestrating the entire chain of events that led to the haircut. Because Dan talked about his hair so often to his co-workers, it wasn't unknown to anyone in the office that Dan had an appointment at the salon that day. And everyone knew where Dan got his hair cut. Adam had organised for a friend of his to arrive at the salon that Dan went to just 5 minutes before Dan's appointment. The friend had demanded he only have his haircut by Rebecca, which was Dan's stylist. Because the friend had wanted a buzz cut it wouldn't have taken long and the salon had agreed that Rebecca could fit him in before seeing Dan.

That's when it hit Dan. He remembered back to the salon and that his stylist was running 15 mins late because she was completing another haircut. A buzz cut! Dan realised that the client who was in the chair when he arrived at the Salon and walked out with a short buzz cut was the friend Adam was referring to. He had been setup. They had planned to deliberately delay Dan at the salon so that they could carry out the haircut on Dan! Originally Dan had thought that Adam had just wanted to have a go at using the clippers on Dan's quiff when the boss asked if anyone wished to have a go, but now he realised Adam actually had planned everything with the boss. The boss had asked for Adam's help and he'd agreed!

Even worse... Adam provided the boss with the hairdressing equipment that was used to destroy Dan's quiff. The clippers, scissors, cape... everything had belonged to Adam's sister who was a barber. He had borrowed her barber tools and brought them to work that day! Yes... he was the reason that the horrible assault on Dan's hair was able to occur. Now Dan had two people who he had to take revenge out on. But he wasn't going to give any signs away yet. He would spring it on him when he least expects it. So he accepted Adam's apology and said he forgave him.... or so he claimed he did ;)

"Can I ask you one last thing Dan? promise you won't bite my head off" he asked Dan.
"Sure.... what is it?"
"I was just wondering... now that you've had time to process it, how do you feel about the new look? I'm not making fun of you. I just wanted to know if you actually like it?" Adam asked him whilst running his hands through his auburn locks, almost as if he was mocking Dan, reminding him of what he no longer had.

Dan told Adam that in all honesty... no he didn't like it. If he wanted no hair he would've gone to some barbershop or taken a set of clippers to his head himself. Not having it shaved off forcefully just after he'd spent a lot of money getting it cut.

Adam didn't say anything other than... "Well it suits you... you finally don't have the overpowering attitude that you had before when you had that hair" which was probably something he shouldn't have said. Considering he'd already just admitted that he had a key role in planning this and now had the nerve to ask him if he liked what they had enforced upon him. Oh boy would Adam be included in Dan's plans for revenge!

But how would he finally get the revenge he so badly desired? His answer finally came 2 weeks later. When Dan was purchasing groceries at the supermarket. After paying for his groceries he began to make his way to the front entrance of the supermarket when he heard a female voice ask him "Dan is that you?"

Dan turned around. It was Rebecca, his hair stylist. She was in a state of shock at what she was seeing. She barely recognised her client. "the Hair massacre" occured 3 weeks ago and Dan's hair was now a short buzz cut. It was a far cry from the thick quiff he'd left the salon with last time she saw him. She immediately wanted to know what he'd done with his hair. After all he had been nervous that she might give him the same as the customer before him when he visited the salon 3 weeks ago and now his hair was about the same length!

"If you've got time for a coffee I'll explain it to you". Rebecca infact did have time for a coffee so they set off to find a coffee shop so that Dan could tell Rebecca his story. He knew she'd find it interesting. He wondered how she'd react to it.

He told Rebecca about the boss not being pleased he came back late from work and how he punished him for it by stripping the chestnut brown locks off his head in front of everyone. And then he told her about how the walk-in that was in her chair before he arrived was a set-up to ensure they could carry out this forced haircut. As he told her the story, Dan could feel the tears coming, talking about it all over again brought the emotions he felt during the shearing and the aftermath back and he couldn't help but mourn the loss of his hair and the pain of losing the girlfriend of his dreams.

Seeing Dan so distressed and taken advantage of Rebecca was outraged. She felt guilt on her part that her time management could've contributed to the instigation of this "crime" as she described what happened to Dan's hair. She felt it was a crime to destroy her handiwork like they did for their own amusement. It upset her to see him upset too. She knew how much Dan loved his hair and seeing him without it was hard enough, but seeing the difference in the person he is socially and confidently without his hair was the worst part. He wasn't the proud, confident man she knew and had secretly had a crush on for years. Dan was her favourite client for more than just the fact he visited the salon regularly to tend to his locks (not that he would be doing that for a while sadly) and because she enjoyed spending time with him. Now he was single she thought maybe she could make her move if he was ready to move forward with his love life. Luckily for her... he was. And dating his stylist would mean when his hair did eventually grow back he would be able get her to do it from home for him, and he wouldn't need to go to the salon at lunchtime and risk losing his hair all over again. But more importantly... she wanted to help Dan get revenge. And she was going to enjoy it too.

They chose to take out revenge at the office Christmas Party. It was chosen as "the haircut massacre" occured at an afterwork function, so Dan decided his revenge would also take place at an afterwork function. It was now 6 weeks since the "haircut massacre" and any expectations of revenge from Dan had long been laid to rest as they figured he would've done it by now. Dan's hair was now in a long buzz cut that was growing out at a steady rate. It was now long enough for the slightest bit of styling, which was of no comfort to Dan as it still was not the thick locks he had before. He missed them more than ever, he'd never had hair this short before, he was tired of the vulnerability, the self-consciousness and the constant questions from people about whether he liked the new look. Never ever again would he have his hair this short again, he would grow it back to how it was eventually even if it took months which he knew it would.He was just glad that soon he would have his revenge.

Rebecca and Dan had started dating and as usual, the employees were invited to bring their partners along to the Christmas party. Dan jumped at the opportunity for Rebecca to come to the office. She would turn up and help with the revenge. They would do it together... tonight. Dan would finally get the revenge he deserved for the terrible fate that became of his beloved hair. And tonight... two people would feel his wrath. It felt so good to Adam and the boss having a good time, unaware of the preperations going on in an adjacent room just for them. Adam was going around collecting compliments about his hair from the wives of co-workers. Something which angered Dan. Was he doing that to spite Dan? Pointing out something Adam had that Dan didn't have? Well enjoy it while it lasts he thought with a smile on his face.

"So Dan, what does Rebecca think of the new haircut?" Adam asked Dan.
Dan didn't answer. "She used to do a good job on your hair you know... maybe she'll do a good job on mine" Adam teased.
"You know what... maybe she would Adam. You should stop by her salon one day. She'd love that" Dan replied with a smile.

Later on into the night, the boss and Adam were called into the adjacent room. Rebecca locked the door behind them, trapping the occupants inside. Set up in the room was a mirror on top of a desk with a chair seated in front of the desk. Then both men saw the tools. Rebecca had brought her scissors, clippers, cape and straight razor! They were beginning to get nervous now that they saw these items in the room.

Now you know how I felt' Dan thought to himself

"What's.... what's going on?" A fearful Adam asked.

Rebecca told him to sit down somewhere. and then called the boss up to the chair. "Sit!" she commanded.

Rebecca decided to let Dan do the honours. After all he was the one who's hair was subject to the brutal shearing. He should be able to carry out the revenge. Rebecca drapped a cape over the boss. Who gulped realising what was now going on.

The boss was shaking all over. "What are you doing?"
"Just a little something I've wanted to do for 6 weeks you setup, lying , hair killing maniac" Dan replied angrily
"I hope you don't mind if I end your MPB for you sir do you? I think I can help you." he told him.

The boss shook his head in protest. But Dan wasn't having any of it. "Oh yes... I am going to help you. I'm going to help you by taking all of this off. It must be such a hassle for you to hide the signs of your hairloss. Imagine how easy it'll be if you didn't have to worry about hair? I think you'd like that wouldn't you?" Dan asked

"No... I want to keep my hair" the boss replied.
"And so did I. But you just sheared it off mercilessly didn't you? well now it is your turn sir... kiss goodbye to your "hair" if you want to call this bunch of thin string you call hair" he said mocking the thinning head the boss sported.

He picked up a pair of balding clippers. He turned them on and they buzzed into life. "My new girlfriend is a stylist, she leant me these. Balding clippers.... they leave practically nothing sir. It'll be good practice for having no hair in the future" Dan teased.

Without warning he plowed the balding clippers through the middle of the boss' head and thin strands of hair began to fall onto the cape. The boss' lip quivered and the sight of the thinning locks now lifeless on the cape. He began to reflect on how Dan must've felt when they shaved his head.

Soon the clipping was done on the head, but they weren't finished. Rebecca got a straight razor ready and some lather and began to shave his head completely bald! Now that hair will never grow back!.

"Get used to the look" Dan told his boss
"This will be the first of many shaves you will recieve and my girlfriend has kindly volunteered to give you them every week! That's right... you will never have hair again. You destroy hair as good as mine and you pay the price sir. And you'll like it! do you understand me?"

The boss shook in fear. The thought of having his head shaved weekly made him seriously regret ever thinking of shaving Dan's head. But it was nothing compared to what Dan said next.

"In addition to avoid me filing a lawsuit you will allow me an additional half hour for lunch and one day off a week. And don't protest otherwise I will sue. And you know I'd win. You practically could be up for an assault charge for what you've done".

The boss hung his head. And told him he understood.

Then Dan turned to Adam. "Now You aren't getting out of this without anything either. You had a part in this. I'd never planned on including you in my revenge plans. But your little addmission in this room a few weeks ago changed all that. You could have saved this mane of yours by never telling me about your role in this" He told him

Adam looked at Dan and pleaded. "Dan please, not my hair! It's who I am! I just got a colour put in today and you want to ruin it?"
"Exactly" Dan replied. "Where have I heard that before? Maybe before you sheared off my quiff... my precious quiff that meant everything to me. Now you're going to sit here and watch me reduce this mane of yours to stubble just like you did to me and you will like it!" he told Adam as he fastened a cape around his neck.

Dan picked up a pair of shears and combed out Adam's forelock before shearing it off right before Adam's eyes. The 7 inch long forelock landed onto the cape infront of Adam. The forelock was his most treasured part of his hair and Dan knew it. Adam was trying the best he could to hold back the tears.

"Pretty color you got put in today" Rebecca murmered
"too bad it is going to be on the floor" Dan said.

they were going to show no mercy. Tears streamed down Adam's face "I was forced into helping out... the boss threatened to shave my head too. I had to save my hair. You know how much it means to me" he told Dan.

"And now you're losing it aren't you?" Dan said. He picked up the balding clippers and fired them up again.
Adam shut his eyes as Dan began to place the clippers on Adams forehead and pushed back. Adam opened his eyes just in time to see hair showering down. Loud sobbing could be heard from Adam over the clippers as his locks were stripped from his head. Dan was enjoying this very much. He knew what it was like to have his hair shorn off his head but didn't have the slightest bit of sympathy for Adam. Adam needed to be punished for his role. The flatironed locks were tumbling down like streamers into his lap and onto the carpet and more and more tears came, much to the delight of a smiling Dan.

Soon the shoulder length Auburn locks with their blonde highlights were gone and Adam had been shorn to stubble. As Dan turned off the clippers he noticed a sobbing Adam lift his arm out from under the cape and pick up some of the shorn locks. He fingered them in his hands and looked up at Dan. "Why?" he asked him.

"Because you needed to be punished. Not only did you have a hand in this. But you have been teasing me ever since. Now you can enjoy the humiliation I've felt. And be grateful unlike the boss... this will be your only haircut you'll recieve from me" Dan told him.

Adam was relieved to find out he'd be able to keep his hair once it grew back and rubbed his hand over the top of his head. The feeling of the stubble caused him to burst into tears. He wished he'd never helped cut Dan's hair now. He couldn't believe his own hair had met the same fate. And he knew he deserved it.

"I'm sorry..." he told Dan.
"I can't believe I did it to you. But why did you do it to me? I loved my hair just as much as you loved yours"

"Don't ever try and cut my hair ever again. Or you'll get a shave like the boss got next time." Dan warned.

Adam got up off the chair and picked up his auburn locks. He wanted to keep his forelock as a reminder of the hair he had. But Dan wouldn't have any of it. he snatched the forelock out of Adam's hand and picked up the clippers. He shaved away at the forelock until it was in tiny pieces. Now Adam couldn't keep it. It might take Dan months to grow his hair back, but Adam's hair would take at least a year. How sweet revenge felt.

Eventually Dan's hair grew back to the way it was and once again he had his beloved quiff back. He finally felt himself again. The boss continued to recieve weekly shaves from Rebecca and Adam was still trying to grow his locks back. Dan finally had his hair back, he had revenge and best of all he had the best girlfriend in the world.

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