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Happy New Year by Dave

2006 had dawned. One of my New Year Resolution was to change my hairstyle. I had been growing out my short businessman’s style. I wanted to go for the Mullet. My hair was way over my ears and past my collar but it had no shape so I was determined to find a barbershop that was open on New Year’s Day and get the hair shaped. I didn’t know if I would find one, but I got ready for the day. I was determined to find a shop open.

The day wore on and no shops opened. I happen to remember a shop just outside of town. I jumped in my car and went looking. The shop sat off to the side of the yard. I stopped and looked. There sitting in a rocker on the porch was a man. I got out and walked up to him and asked if he was the barber and if he was open for business that day. To my delight, the man said yes to both of my questions. He got up and began walking towards the shop. I noticed that he had to have been in the military and took great pride having done so by the way he handled himself. Even down to his voice, you knew he was all military.

When we entered, I knew I was inside of a true barbershop. It smelled just like I had remembered from my growing up days. I was truly delighted to find this place. Jon introduced himself and I in turn did likewise. Jon asked me to have a seat. I was in heaven when I sat in the chair. It was an old, old chair. One of those that is so comfortable. The cape was placed on me and then the all-important question followed as Jon was combing my hair. I told Jon that I had let my hair get a little out of control and I wanted a change for the New Year. Just then I noticed Jon’s hairstyle for the first time.

Suddenly I was brought back to reality when the clippers came to life and Jon began at the neck. He pushed the clippers straight up the back of my head and over the crown. Suddenly I realized I hadn’t finished my statement about the new style I wanted. It was much too late by the time he had made the fourth trip up the back of my head.

Jon was humming as he worked. Then he said, “I’m giving you a real man’s haircut. You are going to love it. I know you haven’t had this one before!” I said, “How do you know?” Jon came around facing me and said, “I know because you would still be with the style, once you got it.” I found my heart racing and said to myself, ‘God he looks great with that style of his. I sure hope he gives me the same style.’ Suddenly I no longer wanted the mullet. Of course it was too late anyway, but I was so excited about the mystery cut that I knew I wanted it short rather than long.

Just as soon as Jon finished with the back, he attacked my right sideburn. Sideburns were now long - down past the bottom of the ear lobe. I was following the trend. In one swift move, the entire sideburn was gone. Not only was the sideburn gone, but so was all of the hair in the path of the clippers on the ride side of my head. Boy! Jon sure worked fast. I mentioned how fast he was working and he said, “I cut hair for my buddies while I was in the service and sometimes I didn’t have too much time to give a cut, so I learned how to go fast. By the time I had a chance to look, my entire right side of my head was free of hair. In fact, I couldn’t even see any stubble. I reached up and felt my right side and it felt like the finest sandpaper. I mean the clippers were practically shaving the hair off.

To tell the truth, I was so excited watching the hair fall from the right side. Then the left side received the same treatment. There I sat and looked at myself in the mirror. I then wondered what Jon was going to do with the top. I was surprised when Jon took the same clippers and blade and ran them right down the middle of my head. ‘Big tom’ came to attention again and I knew I was safe since he had just unloaded such a mass with so much force.

In no time, there I sat with, what amounted to, a baldy. The only difference between Jon’s and my cut was shine. I sat there saying to myself, ‘I sure hope Jon takes the razor to what is left of my hair. I sure do like his haircut. It is something I had never thought of but I sure do like it.’ Sure enough, Jon tilted me back and washed my head and then while wet, applied some hot shaving lather. The warmth sure did feel great. As the lather was softening the stubble, Jon, changed blades in his Turbo razor and then began shaving my head.

Jon had spent almost a half hour on my haircut. I guess he figured out that I was enjoying myself so much he would make the pleasure last as long as he could. I sure did appreciate that. Jon put some oil on my head and rubbed it around. It was pure pleasure when Jon would massage my smooth head. Then he proceeded to put some slick gel on my head and before I knew it, I had a shine you wouldn’t believe unless you saw it.

I was looking in the mirror and completely enjoying the cut. Never would I have thought about asking for a HEAD SHAVE, but I sure do love it. I reached up to feel it for the first time. While sitting and admiring Jon’s work, I noticed that my mustache/goatee was no longer appealing to me. I guessed Jon sensed something, because he picked up a pair of small clippers and then said, “Since you don’t like the mustache/goatee, I will rid you of them. OK?”

I looked up at Jon and said, “Boy! You’re good!” Please take them both off. It wasn’t long before I got up from the comfortable chair without any hair on my head except for the brows.

I couldn’t thank Jon enough for what he did for me. I paid him and gave him a handsome tip. I told him I would be back on a regular basis for him to give me the best haircut going.

As I left, Jon wished me a Happy New Year! and then said, “I do hope you enjoy the BALDY as much as I do!” I found that as I drove home, ‘Big Tom’ came to attention each time I felt my bald, smooth head. I thought, ‘I wonder if he is going to do that each time I touch my head.’ I found myself smiling.

When I got home, I took a shower and loved the feel of the water on my smooth head. The head felt so slick with the water on it. When I got dressed, I noticed I didn’t have the shine that Jon had given me. Thank goodness he had given me some of his cards to distribute and I called him. I first thanked him again for such a wonderful day at his shop and asked him what he used to get that great shine. He told me and I went right out and purchased the products.

My best friend Jason was to stop by and we were to go to a restaurant for dinner. I thought I was going to have to pick him up off of the floor when I opened the door. His mouth dropped open and then he said, “WOW! Now that is some haircut. Where did you get that?” I smiled and told him of my discovery. Now Jason had that $40 hairstyle. He went every week to get the hair treated, cut, etc. I knew he would never part with his hair, but I gave it a shot by saying, “You know Jason, you should go to Jon and let him give you the ultimate haircut. I know you would love it. Tell you what, I will be going to Jon’s for a shave next week. How about you going along with me? I know you will ask Jon to shave your head as well.” Jason laughed and said, “There is no way I would get a haircut like that.” I thought to myself, ‘Wanna Bet? Little did Jason know, but he had just one week to enjoy that hair of his before it would be gone forever.’ I can’t wait to see Jason face after Jon finishes with him - next week. Sorry Jason, but you’re going to lose that hair - AND enjoy every moment!

The following morning I got up and began getting ready for the day. I washed my face and put on the warm lather and began shaving my face. I didn ’t have any intention of shaving my head. When I finished my face, I loved the smooth feeling so I washed my head and began to put the warm lather on it.

The following week, I took Jason with me to see Jon. Jon was happy to see me again and I didn’t have to be asked to take a seat. In no time, Jon had me shining like never before. I guess the tan I had started helped with the shine. As I was being shined, I noticed that Jason kept feeling his hair and head. I knew he couldn’t resist the temptation.

When I got up, I felt great. Jon said, “Now your friend, Jason is next.” Jason said, “I just came to watch.” “Sure you did,” said Jon. “Now that you have seen, the chair is waiting.” Jason had a silly grin on his face and got up. He eagerly sat in the chair and before Jon could get the cape on him, he said, “I want a trim, just like my buddy here, Jake.”

Jon smiled and began humming! It didn’t take long for Jon to rid Jake of his hair. In no time, he was stepping from the chair and rubbing his head. He paid Jon and we left. When we got close to the car, I reached up and massaged Jake’s smooth, shiny head. He was smiling and then said, “Oh! Oh!” I laughed and said, “You feel much better now, don’t you?” Jake said, “You know don’t you?” I grinned and said, “Wait until you shave your head tomorrow morning. You are going to want to shave you head several times a day just for the action that will result.” Jason looked at me with a strange, questioning look.

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