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Let's Just Say by Dave

Every day for the past two weeks I have been bombarded with one awesome head
shave after another. I said to myself, ‘Has this been going on for a long
time and I haven’t been aware of it or is this just a new thing?’ I have
kept my hair cut into a short businessman’s cut for many, many years. I can
’t remember the time when I had thought about changing my hairstyle. I was
comfortable with it and I felt that as the styles changed, I still would be
in style.

Last night I saw this cop with the most brilliant shine on his head. He
truly looked awesome. That one bald head got me to really thinking. I sat
in my den all night reflecting on that one haircut.

Today, I stopped in to see my friend, Chuck. He owns an auto parts store
and I ran into another good looking, shining dome. I mentioned to Chuck
about what I had discovered - the bald hairstyle. Chuck began to laugh. I
asked him what was so funny and he said, “Dave! Where have you been? The
shaved head is quite the hairstyle today. It has been going ‘great guns’
now for about 4 years. Dave! Are you thinking of trying a baldy?”

That last question really shot home to me. I told Chuck that I had no plans
on doing something like that. I told him that I found the hairstyle quite
interesting….that was all. Chuck’s parting words were, “Dave! I tell you
what. The day you go bald, I will run to my barber and do the same. I left
with my purchase and as I left, I found myself looking for more men with
bald heads. It seems I have been out of touch with the world around me.
Everywhere I looked, more bald heads kept popping up. No doubt I was
looking at some repeaters. As I saw one bald head after another, I thought
about what Chuck had said. Of course I wasn’t about to go under the razor,
as it were.

A week later, I found myself heading to see Zack about a haircut. Now Zack
is pretty much tuned on today’s hair styles. Zack has really thick, brown,
curly hair. He kept it moderately long…touching the collar and the ears
hidden underneath. On my way to Zack’s, I found myself once again looking
for bald heads. It seemed they were everywhere. When I arrived at Zack’s,
I was dumbfounded! There waiting for a customer was Zack in his full
shining glory. He had a pretty good tan going for himself also.

When I got into the chair, I asked Zack when he took on that style! He
said, “Do you like it? I did it about 2 weeks ago, right after your last
haircut.” I looked at Zack and said, “You look so different, shaved! I
keep seeing you like I have always known you! I must admit you look

After Zack put the cape on me and combed my hair, he, laughingly, said, “Do
you want one like mine?” I told him I would stick with my short businessman
’s cut. Zack put the pressure on me by saying, “Dave! You should really
try this style. You don’t know what you are missing.” I smiled and said,
“Businessman’s cut please.”

Wednesdays are slow days at Zack, so I go on that day to be assured that
Zack will take his time and do a really good job. As Zack was cutting my
hair, I found myself looking and looking at his bald, shining head. I
couldn’t keep from looking and looking. Eventually I said, “You know Zack!
I think you would look much younger and better without that mustache.” Zack
smiled and said, “I had been thinking about shaving it off. Tell you what!
Let’s take a time out and see what I can do about it.” With that, he picked
up this tiny set of clippers and in no time, the mustache was gone. He
lathered up his lip and shaved. Instantly he looked so much better. After
Zack had finished, I said, “WOW! You now look really sharp and so much
younger.” Zack agreed with me about the younger part.

Back Zack went to finish up my businessman’s cut. I did notice that Zack
was going considerable shorter than usual. I was quick to catch onto that.
Just about when Zack was finished, in walked Stan. Stan is a young man of
about 20 and he was in the Marines. He was home for 3 weeks. We began to
talk about his experiences in boot camp. Stan wore his hair quite long
before entering the military. His hair was at the stage of growing out.
Stan said that he had come to Zack to have him shave his head. I said, “Not
you too?” Stan smiled and said, “I can’t wait. I can now shave my head.
It is going to be really neat.”

Stan sat down and began reading Sports Illustrated. I was turned to the
mirror and as Zack turned me, I found myself focused on his bald, shining
head. Zack said something to me, but I wasn’t tuned in. Finally Zack got
my attention. It seems I was ‘fixed’ on his bald head. Zack walked around
to the front of me and said, “You want me to shave your head, don’t you?” I
could feel my face getting red. I was too embarrassed to say anything. I
could feel my heart begin to race.

“Well! Don’t you?” repeated Zack. I could feel my pulse rapidly increasing
and my face getting redder! I finally got up the courage to say, “I haven’t
the guts to say the words.” Zack smiled and came in front of me again and
said, “Let’s just say we agreed on what is about to happen. You don’t have
to come right out and say the words. What do you say?” I was looking up at
his shining head, smiling and didn’t pay that much attention to Zack. I
remember hearing Zack say something like I’ll take that smile as a yes, and
the next thing I remembered was the strange, but exciting feeling as
clippers began their first trip across the top of my head. Suddenly I came
back to earth and remembered Zack saying, “Let’s just say…….!” I could feel
junior coming alive and was pressing really hard against my shorts. I
couldn’t believe this was happening.

I sat there, still looking at Zack’s shiny head and finally realized that I
was embarking on a completely new and unexpected adventure. When the
clippers stopped, I took a peek - sitting there with what amounted to a
baldy! I had to resist feeling my head. My head was washed with hot water
and shampoo and then before I knew it, I had my first encounter with hot
lather and a razor on my head. I found my heart racing and I found I was
having flashes of what I will look like without any hair on my head. Junior
was still pushing and pushing. Everything was going fine until Zack hit my
crown with the razor. Junior exploded. I was able to ‘cover’ the rapid

After the second shave, I was about soaked. I found the actual shaving most
enjoyable. Actually the most enjoyable experience I had yet to encounter.
Just when I thought Zack was finished, he began massaging my head. After
several minutes, I was turned to the mirror and my mouth dropped open. I
think you could have driven a Sherman Tank in it. I said, “Oh! My God!
OH! MYYYYY GOD!” Zack was smiling when he removed the cape and said, “Now
that look was meant for you. You look Awesome. How do you like it?”

It took me several minutes to gather my wits about me and said, “I can’t
believe I let you do this to me. I just can’t believe it.” I got up and
found myself looking closer in the mirror and feeling my head for the first
time. I couldn’t believe how wonderful the feeling was. It was going to be
difficult to keep this, not knowing what other are going to say.

As I stood there, Stan took the seat and said, “Let’s make it a double.” I
found myself sitting down to watch the transformation of Stan. In no time,
Zack had Stan shining. Stan really look great with the bald head. Zack was
able to get a great shine on Stan’s head also.

When I left, I thanked Zack for taking me to a new dimension when it comes
my hair. I still couldn’t believe I was walking out with no hair on my head
except for the eyebrows. Walking outside, I instantly noticed a number of
things. For one, air movement and then warmth of the sun on the noggin. I
couldn’t wait to get a tan on my head, but at the same time I was dreaded
facing my friends and fellow workers. That evening, I had a dinner
engagement with some friends of mine. We bowl together as well as meet and
play cards.

Much to my surprise, everyone gave me raving, positive encouragement. The
one person who I knew would be most critical, said, “Dave! Oh! How
wonderful you look. That hairstyle was made for you.” I was in shock.

Several days later, Chuck found me sitting in the park enjoying the wild
animals, the wind, and of course the interesting things my bald head was
telling me. I smiled when Chuck appeared and he said, “Now that haircut is
meant for you. You look super! How do you like it?” I smiled and said,
“You are right. This cut is me. I love it.” I was careful to not to say
anything about what Chuck had said to me in his store. I didn’t want to put
any pressure on him nor did I want him to feel uncomfortable.

I went back to Zack the following week for him to shave my head. For some
reason, I can’t explain, I find the feeling of someone else shaving my head
is awesome. I don’t get that same feeling when I do it, however, I do enjoy
shaving my head.

Just as I was getting up, in walked Chuck saying, “Now that is looking
awesome.” I had gotten some sun on the head the past week so there was some
color up there. I found myself talking to Chuck as he sat down in the
barber chair. Zack placed the cape on Chuck and while combing his hair, he
said, “What are doing today?” Without any hesitation, Chuck said, “I am a
man of my word. Dave looks awesome. I want the same look.”

I sat down to watch the transformation. I loved to watch Chuck’s hair float
down to the cape and floor. It wasn’t long before Chuck was standing and
rubbing his head. He was smiling when he said, “Dave! You and Zack have
something going here. This is great. My wife is going to kill me, but what
the heck, I love it.”

Chuck and I left massaging each other’s smooth dome. We were like two high
school chums. You would think we were kids again and in a way we were! Not
once since that special day, have I entertained the idea of growing out my
hair. I have never once thought ‘I wonder what I look like now if I had
hair.’ After all it has been 10 years since that fateful day. I have
enjoyed every day without hair.

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