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It's Time by Dave

Having gone 4 months without a haircut, I found myself ‘safe.’ Before now,
I thought about a short haircut about every day. The longer I stayed away
from Blake, my barber, the more I was sure I would make it to 6 months and
achieve my goal, a long hairstyle. I actually was hoping to get the hair
down to the shoulder blades. I have always had a regular haircut, nothing
really short.

Last night I was watching a Cop Show on TV. Right off the bat, the first
two cops I saw where sporting the bald look. I mean they looked really
outstanding in their uniform and bald heads. Their heads really look great
with a great shine. I did find that my heart was racing. After the first
episode of the show, it was time for a commercial. When the program
returned, I found my heart rate was back to normal. I didn’t expect to see
another twosome with a bald heads, but sure enough, there they were, both
shining just like the first pair of cops. I couldn’t believe what I was

The entire program featured cops with bald heads. I looked again at the TV
program to see if it wasn’t called “A Night With Bald Cops.” Oh! Yes!
There were other cops in each episode, but they didn’t have the bald look.
Only the bald cops were featured.

After the program ended, I sat there reflecting on what I had seen. For
some reason I couldn’t get the bald cops out of my mind. The following
morning, I was shaving and found myself once again thinking of the program I
had seen the night before. I am sure if I had clippers at hand, I would
have clipped my hair off and shaved my head.

Today was my day to tackle the job I hated the most - shopping. I live
alone, so one day a week I go shopping for groceries. It was a beautiful
day so I decided to do my shopping early so I wouldn’t miss too much of a
beautiful spring day. I love spring with all of the beautiful wildflowers
blooming, the birds singing and busy building nests for the next generation
of my feathered friends, and of course the baby animals.

As I arrived in town, I found a nice parking place under a sugar maple tree,
near Blake’s Barbershop. The day began to warm up so Blake had his shop
door open. When I approached his shop, I saw Blake sitting in one of the
chairs that was in the sun. I bet he was enjoying the fresh air and the
warmth of the sun. Just as I stepped in, I was brought to the realization
that I had stepped into Blake’s Barbershop without even thinking about it!
I did notice that he looked like he needed some attention to his hair.

Blake smiled and said, “Well Jim! It’s been some time since your last cut.
I see we have quite a mop there. Hope up in the chair.” I got into the
chair and said to myself, ‘Why am I here? I have the hair just the way I
want it.’ I was brought back to reality when Blake said, “And what are we
going to do this time?” Actually I was thinking about the TV program I saw
last night when in walked Officer Jackson. I had to take another look to
make sure it was Officer Jackson. I thought, ‘There must be some kind of
conspiracy here.’ Officer Jackson, of the state police, stood there with a
bald, shining head. The last time I saw him, he had a regular haircut with
a part on the left side. Blake and I greeted him and then I asked him about
the new hairstyle.

Officer Jackson smiled. Then I asked him when he had taken on the new
hairstyle! It turned out that he has been with the bald head for over a
year now. I asked him how he liked it and he told me that he would never go
again to having a regular haircut. Just then, Officer Jackson said,
“Blake! It’s time for Jim to get a good haircut. He sure is in need of a
good trim.” Blake was smiling and looked at me and said, “How about it?
Instantly I thought about the cops I had seen on the TV last night and then
I looked at Officer Jackson. Suddenly I felt activity below. Suddenly I
found my heart racing like I had just finished a marathon.

I tried my best to fight it, but I finally gave in and said, “Blake! Make i
t shine!” There I had said it and before Blake began skinning me, I said to
myself, ‘Wait a minute! You have been letting your hair grow out to the
length as it is now. You have waited for this for many months. Now you are
telling Blake to shave it all off. Do you really want that bald look?’ I
looked up at Blake and saw the smile on his face and Officer Jackson was now
sitting in the warm sun and he too was smiling.

I think that had I been given another minute, I might have changed my mind.
Just as I was about to say something to Blake, I felt the first pass of the
clippers on the top of my head. The feeling was awesome. Chills ran down
my spine. All of the hair that was just cut off was tossed on the cape in
front of me. I looked at it and said to myself, ‘Now you have done it. All
of the time and effort I put into growing my hair long, is now wasted. What
have I done? What am I going to look like once this haircut is finished?’
While I talking to myself, Blake had made enough passes on the top of my
head that the pile became quite large. I couldn’t believe it all came from
my head. Just then, Blake turned the chair facing the mirror. I found my
mouth wide open. There I sat with a bald top to my head and halfway down
each side.

“Looking great, don’t you think?” said Blake. I reached up to feel my head.
It was a strange feeling. It felt like coarse sandpaper. Just as I was
beginning to get the idea of the cut, I was turned away from the mirror and
in no time, the rest of the hair was clipped from my head. Officer Jackson,
smiled and said, “Feels great, doesn’t it Jim? Just wait until Blake gets
finished with you.”

I sat there and found myself thinking, ‘What have I done? Is this really
happening to me? Wonder what is next?’ In no time I found out. Blake
tilted me back and began washing my head. I thought it strange, but didn’t
question anything. Finally, after the second shampooing, I asked Blake why
he was shampooing my hair. Blake explained that the shampooing served two
purposes, getting rid of any tiny bits of hair that might be there on the
head and to soften the stubble so I would have a good, shave.

SHAVE! Finally it hit me that my head was going to be shaved with a razor.
I guess that realization came to me after I was again sitting upright and
the hot lather was on my head. I really didn’t expect what happened next.
The first slide of the turbo razor over my head sent chills to my spine like
nothing had before. I couldn’t believe that I could enjoy such a haircut.
Before long, Blake was putting more hot lather on my head and began shaving
my head in the opposite direction, more chills down my spine. WOW! I
couldn’t believe what was happening. Then I thought, ‘So that is what the
head shave is all about.’ I couldn’t wait for Blake to finish so I could
see the cut.

Blake said, “Feeling great, isn’t it? I’ll be finished here in a minute or
two. The think I noticed that Blake was giving me a great head massage. He
had put something on my head that was warm. Then just as I was getting used
to the warm feeling, everything turned cool. After Blake had washed his
hands and dried them, the chair began to turn. I found myself saying, “Oh!
My God! Oh! My!” There, staring me in the face was this stranger. It was
like me watching the cop show on TV last night. I looked again and saw
Officer Jackson giving me two thumbs up. Talk about being shocked! I
couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The haircut was fantastic. I was so
excited that I finally notice that my heart was beating like I had just ran
the 100 Yard Dash!

Just when I came back down to earth as it were, I noticed something else.
There stood Blake with his head shining! After getting over that shock, I
found out that Blake had shaved his head a day or two ago and was wearing
that ugly wig to surprise one of his customer who said the day that Blake
shaved his head, he would also. I finally got up and found my legs a little
weak. Finally I found myself feeling my smooth, warm, and soft head. I
couldn’t believe how it felt.

I was paying Blake when he suddenly stopped and put the ugly wig back on. I
didn’t know what was happening until I saw Ben coming up the walk. Blake
said, “Hey you two! Have a seat and watch.” I didn’t know what was going
on, but Officer Jackson and I sat down and waited.

Ben came in and sat in the chair. His hair was on the long side, back
touching the collar and the ears were partially covered. Blake put the cape
on Ben as they greeted each other. Without asking Ben how he wanted it cut,
Blake took the clippers and turned them on and proceeded to make the first
of many trips across the top of Ben’s head. Ben was shocked. He jumped up
and said, “Blake! Have you gone mad?” Of course Blake was grinning. He
had removed the wig after he had turned Ben facing us. Ben turned to face
Blake and then he said, “Oh! My God!” It turned out that Ben was the
individual who said, “The day you shave your head, you can shave mine.”

Officer Jackson and I laughed. Ben sat back down and didn’t say a word. It
wasn’t long before Ben was sporting a shiny bald head. He reached up and
felt his head and then found himself facing the mirror. He had a slight
smile on his face. He looked like he didn’t believe what had just happened.
Finally Ben said, “Blake! That was a good one. Now what am I going to say
to the misses when I get home? We are suppose to be attending a family
reunion tomorrow. I think I am in big trouble. Oh! Well! I can only die
once. Ha!! Ha!!”
I found myself going shopping and constantly feeling my bald head. I loved
it. When I stopped at the grocery store, heads turned. I kept my smile on
my face and shopped. When I stopped at the meat counter, Jake, the butcher,
saw me and came to me. He said, “I don’t believe what I am seeing. What
made you decide to go bald? I thought you were trying for the long hair
look!” I told Jake what had happened. I told him that if he got a haircut
like this, he wouldn’t have to wear that silly looking hairnet. Jake said,
“You know Jim! I’ve been thinking about doing just that. I may well go to
Blake this afternoon and get it done. How do you like it?” I told Jake
that I was already hooked on this hairstyle. I told him that I was sure he
would love it.

For some reason, I found myself looking for other baldies in our community.
I sure did see more on the TV. I can’t wait until this weekend so I can go
back to Blake and have him give me his really comfortable head shave. I did
stop by and found out what he used to get that great shine. Needless to
say, I think I have found heaven on earth with this haircut. I won’t have
hair on my head ever again.

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