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I Don't Know Why! by Dave

Stranger things have happened, but what I did today, I can’t explain. I
guess there isn’t any need to find a reason. I live out in the country so I
don’t go to town too often. I don’t like being around a crowd of people and
to me that is what it is all about when I go to town. I usually go only
when necessary and then stay only as long as I need to get my tasks

Today, I got up and had breakfast and then shaved & showered. I knew I was
going to town so I wanted to get on the road and into town before too many
people were stirring. I arrived in town and got to the bank and then took
care of some other items of business. I was about to go to the grocery
store and get what I needed when I thought about getting a haircut. My hair
was quite long, straight, thick, and light brown. When I say long, I mean
the hair was down about halfway between my shoulder blades and waist. I
usually have a few inches cut off each time I go to the barber so I have
maintained about the same length for these past few years.

I went to my barber to get that trim. I walked in and found no one waiting.
I noticed that the door was propped open due to the fact this was this was
the first warm day of spring. I made sure that I made the bell ring…by
shaking the door. Jess came from the back and we greeted each other. I got
in the chair and the cape was put on me. Jess said, “The usual?” Now here
is the part I can’t explain. I replied, “No! Shave it all off.” Now I
hadn’t thought about shaving my head, I hadn’t seen anyone with a shaved
head, but there I sat asking for said.

Now Jess isn’t one to question my request, so he tied up my long hair and
with a pair of sharp scissors, cut the hair very close to my head. Later I
was to find out that he was going to ship it to Locks Of Love. In no time,
the clippers were sweeping away any hair remaining on my head except for the

For some reason I couldn’t wait to be shaved. I have never shaved my head
before, so I hadn’t a clue what it would feel like but I found it was
electrifying. When Jess finished, he made my head glow like nothing I had
seen before. Jess told me what he had used for the shine. I got up and
walked to the mirror to get a closer look. I couldn’t believe what I saw.
I thanked Jess and he thanked me for the gift to Locks Of Love.

As I stepped out into the open air, I couldn’t explain how I felt, but at
the same time, I couldn’t explain what drove me to have my head shaved.
Surprisingly, the next time I came to town to have Jess give me a good
shine, I noticed dozens of men with the head shave. Then another question
came to mind. If all of these men or most of them had been bald before I
had Jess shave me, why hadn’t I seen any of them?

Here it is 8 months later and I am still enjoying my smooth head each and
every day. I doubt if I will go for another hairstyle, but then I hadn’t
planned on the head shave either and here I sit, with my head glowing. I
must say that I begin each day, asking myself what drove me to ask Jess to
shave my head in the first place. So far, I haven’t found an answer!

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