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Every Direction by Dave

I am the most unlucky guy in the world, at least I think so. My hair is
extremely thick and curly. It is extremely difficult to get a comb though
it - even if I use a comb with large teeth in it. If I get the hair cut
short, say several inches, you can see that the hair wants to go every
direction at once, so I have let the hair grow and grow. It is way out of
control but I can’t find a barber who can deal with it.

A friend of mine, Turk, told me of this barber, who could take care of my
problem. I decided to try him out. I arrived at Ben’s Barbershop and didn’
t have to wait. Ben’s last customer was paying when I walked in.

When Ben approached me, I introduced myself. I was invited to have a seat.
The cape was put in place and then Ben said, “OK! Jeff, what do you have in
mind for today’s cut?” We discussed the problem and Jeff smiled. I asked
him what he was smiling about and he said, “I have the very same problem.
As you can see, I have solved the problem.

It was then that I took note of his hairstyle. I took another look to make
sure I wasn’t dreaming. I noted a strange feeling coming over me. I could
feel the heart begin to race and the breathing stressed. I took a deep
breath and said, “OK! I’m ready when you are!” I no sooner made that
statement, and the clippers came to life. I have never had clippers used on
my head before - it was always scissors and comb. Ben began right at the
edge of the hair on the forehead. I almost passed out when the hair began
to fall.

Once the first pass of the clippers, I knew there was no turning back so I
relaxed and enjoyed the cut. I could tell that Ben was enjoying himself at
the expense of my hair. Just when Ben was about half finished with the
clippers, in walked Turk. He smiled and sat down. When I looked up at him
again, I received two thumbs up. I smiled back to Turk and said, “Looks
great doesn’t it?” Turk said, “Keep going Ben. Finally the clipper action
stopped and Ben brushed the hair off of my head. He then game me a good rub
with his hand.

Ben said, “How’s that?” as he turned the chair for me to see in the mirror.
Before I even saw the results of the clippers, I found myself feeling my
head and thought, ‘Oh! Lord! What have I done? This feels great.’ When I
looked into the mirror I loved the look. I asked Turk what he thought about
the cut and he said, “Looks great, Jeff. Can’t wait for the finished cut.”

Turk’s last remark brought me back to reality. Just then I knew what was to
come but hadn’t thought about it. Just then I felt the chair being turned
and lowered. I found myself getting my induction cut washed. Then I was
placed upright again and very warm cream was spread over my head. I felt
the heart racing again and the restricted breathing also began again. The
first use of the razor sent me having chills going down my spine. I couldn’
t wait until Ben finished the shaving.

Finally the shaving was complete and a warm, moist towel was used to clean
away the remaining cream. A warm, dry towel was used to dry my head. Ben
began massaging my head. I didn’t know he had applied a few drops of Baby
Oil. The massage felt so good. Then the next surprise came. Ben applied
another substance to my head. Instantly the head felt nice and cool and
slick. After Ben washed his hands, he told me how to shave my head and what
he had used to make the head shine. At that point, I hadn’t seen the head
after Ben had finished shaving it. Slowly, Ben turned the chair so I was
facing the mirror. Talk about a shine. I couldn’t believe it. Upon closer
look, I noticed that since I hadn’t been out in the sun, there wasn’t much
of a hairline.

Ben removed the cape and I stood up. I walked to the mirror to get a closer
look and I couldn’t believe how I liked the cut. Right then and there, I
knew I was hooked. I looked again and then said, “Ben! I don’t like the
mustache. Would you remove it?” Ben smiled and motioned for me to have a
seat and he put the cape back on. He picked up a small pair of clippers and
turned them on and before I knew it, the mustache was history. I had had
the mustache for over 7 years. When Ben finished shaving the area, once
again he turned me to the mirror.

Once again, I couldn’t believe I what I was seeing. I loved the look far
better than the before. I got up and paid Ben. Ben told me any time I was
tired of shaving, to drop by.

Turk got up and walked over and rubbed my head. What is it that people want
to rub a bald head? Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling when someone
else rubs my head. It isn’t the same as when I do it. I soon discovered
that when I felt my head and when Ben rubbed my head. I told Turk that he
should try one of these sometimes. His response was “maybe some day.”
Somehow I am going to talk him into it.

I thanked Ben for solving my hair problem. Ben was right, he indeed had a
good solution. The next day at work, many of my fellow workers came to me
and gave me positive responses. I think I might have several of my workers
going the Head Shave route. Time will only tell. One thing I know, I will
never have hair problems again. Thanks Ben and Turk.

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